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YouTube channel | WebrankInfo

YouTube channel | WebrankInfo

Short Description : WebrankInfo

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WebRankInfo’s YouTube channel videos revolve around SEO with Google. Check out her playlist and popular videos.

Long Description : WebrankInfo

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The WebrankInfo YouTube channel hosted by SEO consultant Olivier Duffez brings together useful videos that cover SEO, marketing and Google. It is an audiovisual online portal that shows several SEO and marketing tutorials that offer practical tips for managing your website, having visibility and a good ranking in the Google SERP.

Description of WebRankInfo’s YouTube channel

Are you interested in SEO and digital marketing, but because of the complexity of these two ever-changing industries you feel overwhelmed? However, the solution lies in the quest for relevant information.

On the Internet, blogs dedicated to SEO or marketingcan lighten this burden. However, if you’re not a big fan of textual content, maybe you should consider another approach: reading audiovisual content that addresses these topics.

These exist onsome chains Serious YouTube specializing in these industries. One of them is WebRankInfo. What should we know about it? Good reading !

Introducing the WebRankInfo YouTube Channel

Active since February 22, 2008, theWebRankInfo YouTube channel has 2.29k subscribers. At the time of this presentation, she has only posted 41 videos. But, it has accumulated a number of views, 294,161 views at the time of our description of the channel.

More precisely, the channel appears as an audiovisual information portal on SEO and web marketing. It is hosted by OlivierDuffez. This one addresses on this channel:

  • Google Analytics ; 
  • Google AdWords ;
  • SEO natural referencing;
  • Social networks…

They approach them through tutorials and by providing useful advice through clear, precise and practical explanations. Maybe you want to have a certain representation of his playlist. Let’s explore this together.

Playlists created from WebrankInfo’s YouTube channel

His playlist at the time of writing this content you are reading was 5 in number. They are:

1. Google Analytics 

For now or at least at the time of writing this description, this playlist only has one video. This one is 4 minutes long and talks about Google Analytics. If you view it, you will know the steps required to set up a GA4 property when using Universal Analytics.

2. SERP Google 

Just like the channel’s previous playlist, this one also only has one video. But it addresses the Google SERP and mainly the searches associated with a particular query and result. Short, 2 minutes 26 seconds, it is intended to be concrete.

3. Mobile SEO

SEO on Google does not only concern the performance of a website when browsing with a PC, it also concerns the mobile. In this playlist of two videos at the time of this description of the WebRankInfo channel, discover some realities relating to SEO on mobile.

4. Google Search Console

The Search Console helps measure the performance and search traffic of your website. This playlist is dedicated to its management and use. At the time of writing this channel description, it has 5 videos with an average length of 5 minutes. Each of the videos in the playlist offers useful tips and tricks to better optimize the SEO of your web pages.

5. Easter Egg Google 

Very short, 15 seconds to 2 minutes, this playlist gathered around 5 videos for the moment deal with demonstrations of Easter Egg Google. These are some hidden and fun Google features. By reading them, you are sure to discover new things or refresh some aspects related to Google Easter Eggs.

As you have read, the WebRankInfo YouTube channel is only interested in Google, if not SEO with this search engine. But do the channel’s popular videos also address this? Find out about it next.

Top 7 popular videos from WebRankInfo’s YouTube channel

WebRankInfo doesn’t really have many videos since its inception, but of the ones that have been uploaded, here are the 7 that are successful.

Easter Egg Google Gravity: démonstration 

This is a demonstration of an easter egg, a hidden feature of Google. With the latter, all the characters on your screen fall under the effect of gravity. In this video with 62k views, find out how to access this feature followed by its demonstration.

Do a Barrel Roll: Rotate Google Results 360° (Easter Egg)

This second popular video from the channel, which has already accumulated 46k views, features another easter egg demonstration, in this case Do a Barrel Roll. In this video, learn how to rotate 360° the Google results of a query.

Tutorial: Add a site in Google Search Console

This video which had 30k views, 7 years ago of this description is a tutorial that shows you step by step the easiest way to add a site in Google Search Console.

easter egg google chrome dinosaur game

It has accumulated 29.k views and this is another Google Easter egg demo. You will understand the ways not to get bored if the connection status is weak or not working.

Use Keyword Planner without a full AdWords account

In this popular video which has accumulated 14k views, discover an easy to apply trick to use Keyword Planner without having an Adwords account. Up to you.

How to see the pages indexed by Google?

This video remains useful to all web professionals. Within it, discover different tips to be able to see the pages that the Google search engine has indexed. This is a 09 minute video that has amassed 14k views, 7 years ago from the posting of this description.

Google Search Console #SEO analysis

With 7.8k views, this video walks you through how to use the Search Analytics pane in Search Console to improve your SEO. So, by watching this 12-minute video, you can better manage your research analytics side.

Types of videos offered on the WebRankInfo YouTube channel

WebRankInfo regularly shares the following types of videos on its channel:

SEO Tutorials

This is a type of video that provides some guidelines on various aspects of SEO, including:

  • Tag optimization;
  • Keyword research;
  • The analysis of the competition…

The largest number of videos in the channel belong to this category of videos.

Interviews and conferences

Sometimes WebRankInfo offers interviews with certain SEO and online marketing experts. Interviews and conferences that provide interesting insights into best practices, effective strategies and trends in these industries.


Another type of videos that end up on this channel are YouTube Shorts. This type of video offers a fun side to SEO, Google and e-marketing.

In summary

Ultimately, WebRankInfo’s YouTube channel is an informative and entertaining audiovisual source for SEO, Google, and digital marketing. However, it is not very rich in video content when compared to other channels. The channel remains hosted by Olivier Duffez, a French SEO consultant, creator of the WebRankInfo platform.

Videos : WebrankInfo

Images​ : WebrankInfo

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Presentation : WebrankInfo

Chaines Youtube Webrankinfo Logo

Olivier Duffez is the initiator of the Youtube channel Webrankinfo created in 2008, six years after setting up his digital agency Webrankinfo in 2002.

He is a computer engineer by training. For his first job,iHe started by working for the space group in Toulouse on the compression of satellite images.

When Google arrived, Olivier Duffez noticed that most, if not all, of the suggestions were in English.

He then decided to create his own site in order to remedy this problem by offering information mainly in French.

This is how he was able to set up the WebRankInfo site in April 2002 in order to explain for free in a very educational way how Google works, as well as the associated SEO techniques.

In order to improve the presentation of his ideas, he then decided to create his own YouTube channel to carry out demonstrations and become more familiar with the practice, with the aim of satisfying his subscribers.

You can find Olivier Duffez mainly on:

Facebook : Olivier Duffez

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Social Network : WebrankInfo

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