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Short Description : Blog InLinks

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Do you want to develop or deepen your knowledge of semantic SEO? Discover the InLinks blog which offers practical resources.

Long Description : Blog InLinks

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The InLinks blog brings together on its platform a set of explanatory articles that deal with semantic SEO and internal linking. It also offers several how-to guides and helpful tips that touch on the same topic. Also, you will find relevant information on mastering the features of the InlLinks tool.

InLinks Blog Description

Entity-based SEO is a sector very little exploited by SEOs. Yet, it is filled with various possibilities even if there are still solid approaches to be developed.

To begin to better understand this sector, there are theories, techniques and tools for using entities to exploit to optimize your site. For these tools, useInLinks is highly recommended due to its great features.

On its platform, the tool has a blog and some useful resources. Today, it is the description of this blog that is important to us. So let’s start!

InLinks blog presentation

Theblog the InLinks brings together a collection of articles that focus on issues concerning:

  • Semantic SEO;
  • Internal mesh;
  • Use of the InLinks tool…

Through this blog, InLinks specialists seek to help and convince SEO professionals to adopt the semantic SEO approach.

An approach that aims to understand the meaning and intention behind the search queries of Internet users to better provide favorable answers. And this through semantic analysis.

Thus, you will find on this platform advice, but above all practical guides that will help you develop or deepen semantic SEO. Also learn all about the InLinks tool and SEO entities through the explanatory and informative content shared on this blog.

Whether you’re new to SEO or curious, InLinks’ blog resources can teach you new things about SEO. But is it a credible blog?

In order to provide an answer to this very fair concern, we have collected its main metrics. Thus, you will be able to judge its credibility.

Key InLinks Blog Metrics

The main InLinks blog metrics provided by the SEOquake extension are:

    • Authority Score: 28
  • Monthly organic traffic:14,7 k
  • Average Visitor Duration:08 minutes 26 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate:78,31 %

Accuracy: These data are approximate and we collected them during the writing of the article. At any time, they may therefore vary.

Let’s continue now with the categories of this blog.

InLinks Blog Categories

Although this is a blog whose focus is on their award-winning SEO tool InLinks, the articles published are still classified into several categories. Here they are.

Help Articles 

InLinks is a powerful SEO tool with almost complete features in terms of optimization and content planning. Its use can therefore sometimes be complicated for beginners as well as for professionals.

that’s whywithin this category, the editorial team of the blog has put together valuable informative articles and comprehensive guides that allow you to use it effectively. Understand and master InLinks by exploring the contents of the blog.

InLinks Academy 

This category brings together several guides for more efficient and continuous management of content creation. Also go deeper with concrete explanations of entity-based SEO.

You will also find how-to videos, both short and long, that will help you quickly get to grips with InLinks. Finally, the category brings together free training on topics such as internal links or semantic SEO.

InLinks News

This category allows you to read news, but also to be aware of updates to InLinks tools.

Here you will find all the news about InLinks, including the webinar schedule or the awards they have obtained.

InLinks Cases Studies

How to prove that the InLinks SEO entities tool is reliable? Are there concrete use cases? Here are two important questions to ask yourself if you want to start with InLinks tools.

If you happen to ask yourself these questions or others of the same kind, you should explore the contents grouped in thiscategory.

This is a collection of testimonials and case studies that prove the power of the tools and the amount of entity-based work that InLinks can provide.

Semantic Insights

Understanding the search queries of Internet users in order to provide search results is what semantic SEO aims for. Under these conditions, wouldn’t it be wise to be aware of news and trends related to semantic SEO?

Within thisInLinks blog category, find news and perspectives of the semantic SEO environment as well as entity search. Read guides and findother powerful tools like content optimization InLinks.

Semantic Search Guide 

It’s about acategory which brings together valuable information from specialists and experts in internal linking as well as in semantic SEO to form a complete semantic search guide.

Thus, by reading the articles in this category, you will have detailed and reliable answers for questions like:

You come across other questions and guides that cover topics like semantic search or creating digital assets.

The knowledge Panel Show 

Every month since 2020, producer David Bain and a panel of digital marketing experts join InLinks founder Genie Jones on stage to host “The Knowledge Panel” show.

So inthis category, you will find articles that talk about the challenges of digital marketing. You will also have access to detailed explanations on natural referencing and many other topics related to web marketing.

Launch Log 

Like any other tool, InLinks undergoes frequent updates. The InLinks team thus intends to offer an avant-garde tool for the semantic SEO environment.

In thiscategory, the various launches of the tool have been recorded. This way, as the tool’s features are improved and bugs fixed, you’ll be up to date in real time.


Thisheading of the InLinks blog concerns the users of the tool. This is a list of InLinks Affiliate Partners and Agencies. These will allow you to efficiently manage your InLinks account so that you can focus on other tasks.

We are at the end of the presentation of the categories available on the InLinks platform. But beyond these, InLinks provides its visitors with other resources. Let’s examine these.

Other resources available on the InLinks blog

The other resources of this blog are there to complete the previous categories.

These resources will be of great help to you if you want to effectively improve your knowledge of semantic SEO. It is :

Industry reports 

This resource helps you understand how Google understands the content published on the Internet according to each industry sector. It is precisely a complete guide whose name is:Google NLP: How does Google understand content published on the web?

Market Trend

This resource whose French translation means market trend is aInLinks page that helps you discover the topics that interest your leads. With this page, you have the power to study thematic trends in your market and design your own trending dashboard.

Internal Linking Guide 

To take your website to the next level, you can seek to acquire the internal linking skill. Thisresource gives you the means since it is indeed a complete guide on how to exploit the links to reference a website. This guide is a collection of tips and practices from 10 years of expertise from the InLinks team.

Semantic SEO Guide

If you want to have a deeper, clearer and more precise knowledge of semantic referencing, thisresource can help you get it. This guide covers all the fundamentals of semantic SEO.

Guide To Entity SEO 

Understand SEO entities and determine how they can be useful in a long-term SEO approach. Here is a little the objective of this guide proposed by the experts of InLinks in thisresource.

Now you know what other resources are available on the InLinks blog. However, do you know if this blog accepts guest articles? We responded immediately afterwards.

AT About guest posts on the InLinks blog

The InLinks blog would not accept guest contributions on its platform. This is completely normal and should not surprise you since it is a blog that can be described as a “private blog”.

In other words, this blog was designed to only talk about the toolInLinks and possibly a few other topics related to the latter such as internal networking or SEO entities.

However, if you would like to publish the guest posts or are looking for a source to get an idea of ​​blogs that would accept this, you can click here:+1156 Blogs to Publish your guest articles [FR/EN].

In summary

The InLinks blog covers in detail the most important aspects of semantic SEO, such as:

  • Semantic content analysis;
  • The creation of semantic structures for websites;
  • The latest trends in this area…

This blog is therefore a valuable resource for professionals looking to improve their SEO using a semantic approach.

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Presentation : Blog InLinks

Blog Inlinks Logo

InLinks is a company specializing in 4-star SEO with Trustpilot. She created, under the initiative of Dixon Jones in 2019, a tool of the same name which has revolutionized the world of Search Engine Marketing.

InLinks is an SEO software that is able to analyze web content. It then makes it possible to extract themes and subjects adapted to those recommended by Google’s algorithms.

This latest generation tool also allows you to create internal links automatically.

InLinks thus helps companies that use it to improve their visibility and optimize their research. It also allows them to get a Knowledge Graph of their websites.

Similarly, InLinks is an award-winning and acclaimed tool due to its functionality. It actually helps users in finding relevant and winning keywords for their pages and themes.

Separately, it should be noted that the InLinks company is based in the UK. However, it has an office in France with the CEO,Fred Laurent.

Dixon Jones, its CEO, is a Search Engine Marketing expert with over twenty years of experience.

He is also a member of the FRSA community (Royal Society for the Arts (FRSA). Dixon Jones can be reached on his social networksLinkedIn AndTwitter as well as on hissite personnel.

Above Blog InLinks

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