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Podcast | EDGE of the Web

Podcast | EDGE of the Web

Short Description : Erin Sparks

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Are you interested in digital marketing? EDGE of the Web is a podcast so you don’t miss the latest SEO news and trends.

Long Description : Erin Sparks

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Podcasts are a convenient way to learn digital marketing, a field known for its constant evolution. They provide easy access to advice and tips given directly by experts in the field.

Thanks to the relevance of the debates and the quality of the guests, EDGE of the Web is undoubtedly among the best current SEO podcasts. Discover the host, the themes covered and on which platform to listen to it.

General description

EDGE of the Web is a weekly podcast show dedicated to digital marketing and which covers a wide range of related topics. The show deals in particular with SEO, social networks and content marketing. In his episodes, the host receives major personalities who share their opinions on current events and new trends in digital marketing.

Each issue of the podcast is an opportunity to discover innovative strategies to stay competitive in the digital landscape.

With quality production and an engaging format, EDGE of the Web is a valuable resource for web marketers who want to deepen their knowledge and improve their online strategies.

Presentation of the Facilitator

With her rich experience in web technologies and SEO, Erin Sparks is one of the important figures in digital marketing. He is best known for his position as founder and president at Site Strategics, a digital marketing agency.

Erin is also the creator and host of the EDGE of the Web podcast. His show has gained notoriety thanks to the quality of the speakers he receives, but also his ability to ask the right questions.

Frequency and format

The EDGE of the Web podcast releases new episodes weekly to keep listeners up to date on digital marketing news.

Episodes last on average 40 minutes. A duration that allows participants to address topics in depth while maintaining listener engagement.

Each session typically begins with an introduction that sets the stage for the main topics to be covered. This is followed by a segment called “News from the EDGE,” where the latest updates and trends in digital marketing are discussed.

During the main part of the podcast, guests provide their opinions on the issue of the day with expert analysis.

At the end, the presenter summarizes the main points that were discussed so that listeners leave with usable information.

Accessibility and Subscription

The EDGE of the Web podcast is available on major streaming platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer, etc. A website is also dedicated to podcasting and all episodes are published there.

To not miss any new publications, you can follow the podcast on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook with the mention @edgewebradio.

What are the themes covered?

The EDGE of the Web podcast covers a wide range of topics related to digital marketing. Here are some of the main topics covered:

Le SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO brings together a set of techniques and strategies with the aim of improving the visibility of websites on search engines like Google.

Among these strategies, the most essential are on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO and content strategy.

By combining these different techniques, you can improve your ranking on the SERPs, attract more organic traffic and achieve your marketing goals.

Social networks

Social networks have today become essential marketing tools for businesses. They are an effective way to interact directly with your target audience and promote user engagement.

These platforms provide multiple opportunities to promote products, share relevant content, answer customer questions and build a lasting relationship with them.

To maximize engagement, it is essential to adopt a strategy adapted to each social network. This involves creating attractive and diverse content (visuals, videos, stories, etc.) and encouraging interactions.

Content marketing

Content marketing involves creating high-quality content to attract and retain a target audience.

This strategy relies on producing various types of content, such as blog posts, videos, infographics, white papers, and social media posts.

The goal is to provide useful and engaging information that meets the needs of the audience, while building brand credibility.

With valuable content, businesses can capture the attention of qualified prospects, convert them into customers and retain them over the long term.

Some episodes of the podcast

To get an idea of ​​the quality of the debates, here are the latest issues of the EDGE of the Web podcast:

« News from the EDGE | Week of 5.6.2024 »

In this episode, listeners are invited to discover the latest news for the week of May 6, 2024.

The session focuses on recent events that are significantly impacting the world of digital marketing. These include updates to search engine algorithms, new content strategies and social media trends.

Over nearly an hour, the host presented relevant analyzes and perspectives on all the marketing news from the week of May 6.

« Authentic AI w/ Michel Fortin »

This session takes on a fascinating discussion about artificial intelligence (AI) and its application in the world of digital marketing.

Today’s guest for this issue is Michel Fortin, a recognized expert in the field. He shared his knowledge on how AI can be used to improve marketing and content strategies.

He presented the different innovative solutions that exist today to enrich the user experience and create more interactions between brands and their audiences.

In summary

EDGE of the Web remains a benchmark podcast in the field of digital marketing. With over 550 episodes already released, the show continues to share practical tips and tricks. Whether you’re an expert or a novice, this podcast is a great program so you don’t miss out on the latest trends and news in digital marketing.

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Presentation : Erin Sparks

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Presentation of the facilitator

EDGE of the Web is hosted by Erin Sparks, the owner and president of Site Strategics, an Indianapolis-based digital marketing agency founded in 2004.

He has a career of 31 years in web technologies and 25 years in SEO. Several years of experience which allow him to successfully lead his company towards omnichannel marketing strategies.

In addition to her responsibilities at Site Strategics, Erin Sparks is a host on EDGE of the Web. Thanks to his understanding of digital marketing concepts and his ability to ask the right questions, he manages to retain his increasingly growing audience.

Since its launch over a decade ago, the podcast has produced over 550 episodes and is recognized as one of the oldest and highest-ranked podcasts in the SEO space. Erin has interviewed many thought leaders in the industry, such as Britney Muller, Robert Rose, and Aleyda Solis.


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