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Consult all the latest SEO and digital marketing trends on the blog.

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First known as a platform that connects service providers and advertisers, the Codeur platform is also known through its blog. There are articles dealing with topics related to marketing, graphic design and website development. In each category, several articles are published regularly. They are well structured and very rich in information, which allows anyone who wants to get tips to further increase their online presence.

One of the secrets to succeeding online probably lies in the ability to find true and useful information, but also in the ability to have access to a number of resources. For this, there are a number of platforms.

Among them, we cannot fail to mention theblog of the site Indeed, this site through its blog makes available to these users a variety of articles that are both well nourished and rich in information. They cover almost all aspects of digital marketing and will undoubtedly be very useful for you to further improve your skills in the digital sector.

It is right that in the following lines, I propose to make you discover this blog and to present to you all that you can find interesting there.

Description of the blog

Online since 2006, is a French platform that provides these users not only with a set of marketing solutions, but also gives them the opportunity to get in touch with freelancers or service providers who can support them throughout the realization of their various projects. marketing.

So, whether it’s graphic designers, web editors, or even translators, gives you the opportunity to get in touch with thousands of professionals.

The platform also has its ownblog on which tips, advice, tutorials, information and various other news are published on a regular basis.

As you will realize, this blog covers a number of topics related to:

  • Le business ; 
  • Development ;
  • Graphics ;
  • And marketing.

Who is the coder blog intended for? how?

With its many articles that cover almost all aspects of digital marketing and online presence management as well as SEO and others, the blog presents itself as the ideal base for all those who are interested in digital marketing and want to learn something new.

What are the strengths of the blog? 

With thousands of articles in various categories, the blog addresses different aspects of digital marketing, but also presents very impressive metrics.

Traffic analysis allows us to see the following metrics as of December 6, 2022:

  • The authority score is estimated at 60;
  • Lhe number of unique monthly visitors is 1.09 M;
  • The average visit duration is estimated at 17 minutes 58 seconds;
  • The bounce rate is 81.01%.

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

These metrics reflect the effectiveness, but also the usefulness that the blog represents for Internet users.

Besides that, it should be noted that the blog has a newsletter which gives users who wish to register the possibility of receiving advice, tutorials and tools published on the blog directly in their mailbox.

There are also follow buttons on social networks that allow users to follow the various news of the coder site. com.

What will you discover on the blog? 

As I have already mentioned, the blog offers content relating to topics such as business, development, graphic design and marketing. Each of these categories has subcategories.

Thus, as you will discover, the business part offers many articles relating to themes such as:

  • La communication ;
  • entrepreneurship;
  • freelancing;
  • Management ;
  • Project management;
  • The legal;
  • The productivity ;
  • Human resources ;
  • Client service ;
  • The translation ;
  • As well as the sale.

Development content is related to:

  • La blockchain ;
  • Le CMS ;
  • Website creation;
  • The framework ;
  • Accommodation;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • languages;
  • Linux ;
  • The cellphone ;
  • Networks;
  • And security.

On the graphics side, you will find articles related to:

  • Le branding ;
  • Photoshop;
  • The video ;
  • And web design.

Finally, with regard to marketing, it is fakr that the content offered here is related to the subject relating to:

  • Analytics ;
  • Blog ;
  • Advice ;
  • Le content marketing ;
  • The Dates ;
  • E-commerce ;
  • L’emailing ;
  • Google ;
  • Le Growth hacking ;
  • Podcasts;
  • And that;
  • The social media ;
  • Ux ;
  • And internet marketing.

Beyond the blog

Beyond the blog, the platform offers a number of free resources, services and tools. Indeed, with the platform, you can estimate the price of your various web projects.

Whether it’s the price of a website, a mobile application, software or web design, the platform provides you with all the information you need to get an idea. . And as if that were not enough, it also offers you the possibility of receiving free quotation proposals.

As for the tools, the platform also offers a set of tools to use for free. These tools include:

  • online invoicing : This is atool developed by codeur and which allows these users to manage their customer files, but also to establish quotes and produce invoices;
  • The specifications : With this tool, the coder platform allows you to download specifications for your various web projects;
  • The hourly rate calculation tool : This is an application that allows you to determine your hourly rate from a set of information that you provide;
  • The business name generator : This is an application set up to find the name that corresponds to your company;
  • The color palette : This is a tool that makes available to you. As you will see, this is a site that offers its users very interesting and well-matched color sets that can match your various designs. Thus, whether it is a logo, graphic charter, illustrations, catalogs and others, the toolcolor palette will no doubt be useful to you. 
  • The word cloud generator : As its name suggests, thekeyword cloud generator is a tool that gives you the opportunity to design a cloud of keywords in record time from the text of your choice. The tool also offers you various features to customize it.

The other thing that seems interesting is that the platform also provides these visitors with real tutorials to help them perform certain technical tasks much more easily.

Thus, a tour of the tutorials page allows you to see that various tutorials are offered to you about platforms such as:

  • WordPress ;
  • Shopify ;
  • Pretashop ;
  • Magento ;
  • WooComerce ;
  • Joomla ;
  • Wix. 

You will also find tutorials relating to the creation of a website or the use of programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS or Boutstrap.

Now that you have just discovered all that the blog has to offer, do not hesitate to visit it to take advantage of these numerous resources.

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Presentation : Blog Codeur

Blog Codeur Logo is a company that was founded towards the end of 2006 bySerge Roukine andSebastien Peltey. This world-renowned company is an independent website that connects project leaders free of charge and directly. The idea of ​​creating a company comes from an observation.

The initiators believe that anyone with a skill or passion in the digital field should be able to work and sell it regardless of where they live. And conversely, anyone looking for expertise in a particular sector should be able to find it quickly and easily. Here is what you need to know about the journey of the founders.

Serge Roukine is an entrepreneur, an author and a techno-enthusiast. He is also the founder of the conference of mobile application developers whose name is AppDays in 2012.

And he not only founded and AppDays, he is also the founder of Post-Clic, a company involved in the significant and constant improvement of the economic performance of websites.

He is a conversion expert and engineer who graduated from HEC Paris in 2009 and is the author of the book Improving your web conversion rates, published by Eyrolles in 2009. In addition, he leads courses at the School of Management of Grenoble and in MBA at the University Léonard de Vinci. Here is his LinkedIn profile:Serge Roukine.

About Sébastien Peltey, apart from being the founder of, he is also the founder of, a community that brings together textile enthusiasts. He is an entrepreneur who likes to offer web services that promote connection. His LinkedIn profile is as follows:Sebastien Peltey.

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