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Blog Definition SEO | Twaino

Blog Definition SEO | Twaino

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Discover in the SEO Definition section of the Twaino site the very detailed definitions of SEO terms.

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Definition SEO is a glossary of SEO offered by the Twaino site for people who are interested in SEO. It includes more than 200 common terms that you are sure to hear if you want to build an online business or that you absolutely need to know during your SEO career.

SEO Definition – Twaino

SEO is a very broad field whose terms are most of the time ambiguous. Like any industry, SEO has its own terminology and definitions.

If you’re considering using a digital marketing and SEO agency to grow your online business, you need to know basic SEO terminology to stay on top of the ins and outs of your site.

Twaino offers a section entirely dedicated to SEO definitions for this purpose. We discover this section in its details as well as other resources offered by the site.

Introducing the Twaino SEO definition section

Twaino is a site entirely dedicated to natural referencing that helps companies and individuals increase their online visibility in order to generate traffic and leads.

The site has a blog where I share the methods and techniques that skyrocket your rankings. This blog offers a category called “SEO Definition” which includes definitions of SEO terms.

Each definition is well-detailed content that clearly addresses every aspect of the term. These are not short articles, but carefully written and well-structured content in several chapters to help readers understand SEO terms.

The SEO Definition category of the Twaino blog is intended for all beginners or anyone wishing to immerse themselves in the jargon of natural referencing.

And since SEO is essential to the growth of a site on the Internet, all site owners, regardless of their sectors, should seek to browse this SEO definition page to appropriate the various terms.

Thus, they will be able to understand the services of SEO professionals and choose the one with whom they can collaborate.

In addition, they will be able to appreciate the efforts made in the context of SEO and appreciate the results obtained.

For example, someone who understands the fundamentals of SEO will not be able to expect miraculous results, as people like to ask, to become number one on Google overnight. 😄

She will also be able to understand, for example, that appearing in position zero is just as important as becoming first on Google.

Twaino Metrics

Twaino is a site that enjoys a good reputation online and whose metrics are as follows:

Website authority score : 44

Average length of visit: 4 min 14 s

Average bounce rate : 90,03 %

Monthly organic traffic volume : 118K

How to find and browse the SEO definitions of Twaino’s blog?

As we mentioned before, SEO Definitions is a category on Twaino’s blog, which means you can access this section from the blog.

The definitions are listed in alphabetical order, so you can click on a letter to view all SEO definitions starting with that letter.

For example, if you are looking for the definition of “Featured Snippet”, all you have to do is click on “F” to display all the definitions that start with F, and therefore Featured Snippet.

All the definitions are available on this page, you can also scroll to discover the definitions if you do not have a particular term in mind.

This technique will allow you to find terms that are unknown to you in order to enrich your vocabulary in terms of natural referencing.

But if it turns out that you cannot find a particular term you are looking for among the definitions available on this page, this does not mean that the definition in question does not exist on the blog.

You will only have to go through the search engines to find a specific definition. For this you will need to use search operators to find exactly what you are looking for.

To find, for example, the expression “algorithm change” in Google using a search operator, we will type in the search engine: algorithm changes

In other words, to get the definition of a specific SEO term, you just paste the previous line into Google replacing “algorithm change” with your term.

Other resources on the Twaino site

Twaino also offers other equally important resources.

Blog de Twaino

This blog offers you absolutely everything you need to know about SEO. Whether you’re looking for beginner tips and tricks, the most comprehensive SEO guides, or a deep dive into technical SEO, theblog de Twaino provides you with everything.

As an ideal platform to learn SEO, it is organized into several categories apart from SEO definitions.

The first category is “SEO”. Articles in this category are written to educate people about what SEO is and how it works.

This is content about how the search engine ranks individual web pages based on specific keywords.

If SEO definitions come second, the third category is “webmarketing”. Articles in this category will help you improve your online visibility.

You will find how to use social media and other marketing tools to promote your business.

Next comes the category “website creation”. It includes resources to not only create a website from scratch, but also to develop your site to its full potential.

Twaino’s blog also has a “Startup” category. This section aims to help beginners start their business the right way and avoid common mistakes.

The “SEO Gallery” category comes in sixth place and offers a great selection of free images and illustrations that you can use on your site.

In last place comes the “SEO Video” category, which provides videos showing which tools to use and which best practices to follow to obtain optimal results.

Twaino’s tools

Twaino offers its users various tools to perform different types of operations.

This free audit tool is user-friendly and auditing your site only takes one click. All you need to do is enter your site URL and your email address. The tool will then analyze your site and provide you with a detailed report of its findings.

These are two free tools with no subscription or fees required to get about any text you enter or web page:

  • Number of words ;
  • Number of paragraphs;
  • Reading time ;
  • Number of characters ;
  • Oral expression time;
  • Word density.

With this “People Also Ask” tool from Twaino, you can effortlessly find a variety of questions on any topic that have been asked by other internet users.

Twaino’s SERP Simulator is useful for considering the adaptability of your meta tag across all screen resolutions, whether on mobile devices or computers.

The free image embedding tool allows you to easily share your visual content on other sites and improve its visibility.

It generates an image embed code that you can use under your images (infographics) so that third-party sites can embed your content and cite you as the source.

Twaino offers a platform with more than 1156 French blogs that are favorable to guest posts.

So, if you’re looking to write guest posts to increase your site’s traffic, authority, and reputation, look no further!

SEO tools platform

Tools that aren’t part of Twaino are in a platform designed to help you find SEO tools faster.

With over 400 SEO tools available, this Twaino platform aims to make it easier for people looking to improve their site’s ranking and traffic.

Boutique SEO

On Twaino’s SEO Store, you can buy different types of resources that will help you improve your online business ranking in search engines. These include ebooks, checklists, SEO calculator, and more.

Accept guest articles or not

If you want to write for Twaino, the site accepts guest posts. This is an excellent opportunity to make your site known to the audience of this well-established site in the world of SEO and to take advantage of the many advantages that result from it.

The site is particularly interested in guest posts that cover SEO-related topics and will teach its readers how to improve their online presence.


In short, the SEO Definition category page of Twaino’s blog offers SEO enthusiasts well-detailed content on SEO terms.

These contents are organized in alphabetical order and will allow you to enrich your vocabulary and understand the fundamentals of SEO.

The Twaino site also offers other resources that you use to improve the visibility of your site.

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I amAlexandre Marotel, SEO consultant and founder of Twaino, an SEO agency that specializes in natural referencing. With a rigorous and methodical approach, my agency supports you in your web projects by offering you a quality SEO service.

Passionate about natural referencing, good SEO practices and Internet traffic, I regularly share various relevant information relating to SEO and Internet traffic on my blog.

I also own a channelYouTube dont l’main objective is to support entrepreneurs and the SEO community to create and make their websites more efficient in order to be better referenced in Google.

My agency helps companies to have a better online presence and quality traffic on the Internet. To achieve this, we strive to understand the different business challenges of client activities with a single goal: to provide significant SEO results.

Finally, I hold a Master’s degree from the SKEMA Business School. Prior to the creation of Twaino, I had the opportunity to work for several international groups such as IBM, Danone, General Electric…

To have all the details on my professional experiences, you can consult my LinkedIn profile via this link:Alexandre Marotel.

I also had the chance to stay for at least 3 years abroad as part of my missions. It was after my return to Paris, Île de France that I chose to embark on the world of entrepreneurship. Here is my twitter profile:@Alex_Marotel.

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