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Do you want to increase your visibility through writing web articles? Discover the Editor’s blog, a specialist website in this field.

Long Description : Blog Ré

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As the name suggests, the Redactor platform is primarily intended for web writers as well as anything related to writing on the net. However, who says web writing, also says optimization, because the written content must appear quickly in the query results. The Redactor blog then intervenes with the aim of helping Internet users to have a better understanding of web writing and the optimization practices related to it.

Editor’s Blog

Web writing consists of producing specific content to meet one or more needs of Internet users.

The written content must however be optimized in order to be more remarkable on the search engines. Web writing is therefore an area that goes hand in hand with that of optimization.

The Editor platform was set up with the aim of helping website owners gain more visibility through quality content that is also optimized. Want to learn more about this website? Discover our presentation of this blog.

Presentation of the Editor’s blog

Ré is a platform that allows users to place text orders for their website. Its founders are Serge Roukine and Sébastien Peltey.

As for theeditor’s blog, it was designed to provide visitors with all the information they need. These relate to the operation of the platform and the various services offered there.

There are various articles on the Editor’s blog that relate to both content writing and optimization. You will also find content that relates to digital marketing and news on the Net.

Moreover, designing an online blog that is successful with Internet users is not a foregone conclusion. This is all the more difficult when said blog must also be fed on a regular basis in order to remain active.

For this reason, creators usually call on various experts to help them with their tasks.

However, the Editor’s blog is not part of this lot. All articles have all been written by the designers of the blog.

Editor blog metrics

Website authority score:51

Average length of visit:14:25

Average bounce rate:73,31 %

Volume of monthly organic traffic:348K

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different categories of the Redactor blog

The Editor’s blog has a multitude of articles. In order to help site visitors find each other more quickly, the platform’s blog section has been split into 5 distinct categories:

  • The news,
  • Le Content Marketing, 
  • web writing,
  • The SEO strategy,
  • The lexic.


This section gathers all the new articles of the Editor’s blog. Thus, we generally find content on almost all the subjects of the said blog as well as news on the Net.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a strategy that consists of creating interesting, useful and informative content in order to gain visibility. Then you have to distribute it.

The Content marketing category allows you to deepen your knowledge in this area. Also, you will discover some tips to successfully implement such a strategy.

Web writing

It should be noted that the Web Writing section includes content relating to writing on the Internet.

You will then find guides for writing different types of articles as well as advice on the criteria to take into account when recruiting a freelance writer.

SEO Strategy

Improving the SEO of a site is not a simple task. Several factors must be taken into account. Also, you need to establish an action plan. The SEO Strategy section presents everything you need to improve the optimization of a website.

You will find tips for carrying out a platform audit, effective tips for boosting your SEO score and lots of other information. These will be useful for you to establish an optimal strategy to improve the referencing of your site.

SEO glossary

This is the last category of articles on the Redactor blog. It presents a detailed list of all the keywords and definitions of the essential concepts to really understand what SEO is.

Indeed, it is impossible to improve the referencing of a site if one does not first understand to whom this notion refers. The glossary section is therefore there to fulfill this objective.

Other resources on the Redactor site

Ré is in fact a full-fledged website that has many resources accessible to all users.

SEO content strategy

This service allows you to call on the experts of to assist you in setting up an SEO strategy. The platform experts will take care of developing the best optimization strategy for your website.

Writing articles

The platform allows you to place orders for texts to be written. Whatever the volume or the desired theme, the specialists of the site will be able to satisfy you in record time.

Translation is not dedicated exclusively to writing articles. The company also offers translation services. These are helpful to people who are in need.

The tools

Finally, the platform has more tools to manage customer files, establish quotes and generate invoices. Moreover, they are certified tools, which are simple to use. Not to mention that they are all free.

Some tools will also be used for counting words and calculating the hourly rate. The business name generator is also one of the most popular on the site.

We do not forget to mention the keyword cloud tool and the different models of specifications to download, available on the site.


Are you interested in graphic design? Well, Writer blog creators also provide you with professionals who are ready to give you quotes.


If you also want to design a website, you can use the freelance developers that the founders of this blog make available to you.


Want to receive in your mailbox, the various advice of the experts of Ré Sign up for the blog newsletter!

Does it accept guest posts?

Guest posts are a common marketing strategy, becoming increasingly popular today.

However, the Redactor platform is not one of the sites that appreciate this practice. The Redactor blog therefore does not accept any articles other than those published by the creators of the site.


The Ré blog is ideal for anyone who wants to learn about web writing and SEO optimization.

Despite the informative aspect, the platform also offers various services for ordering texts. They also offer the possibility of entrusting experts with the implementation of an SEO strategy for your website.

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Presentation : Blog Ré

Blog Redacteur Logo

Ré belongs to, a company founded towards the end of 2006 bySerge Roukine andSebastien Peltey. This world-renowned company is an independent website that connects project leaders free of charge and directly.

Serge Roukine is an entrepreneur, an author and a techno-enthusiast. He is also the founder of the conference of mobile application developers whose name is AppDays in 2012.

Roukine not only founded and AppDays, he is also the founder of Post-Clic, a company involved in the significant and constant improvement of the economic performance of websites.

He is a conversion expert and an engineer who graduated from HEC Paris in 2009. The latter is the author of the book Improving your web conversion rates, Eyrolles, 2009. In addition, he leads courses at the Grenoble School of Management and in MBA at the University Léonard de Vinci. Here is his LinkedIn profile:Serge Roukine.

About Sébastien Peltey, apart from being the founder of, he is also the founder of, a community that brings together textile enthusiasts. He is an entrepreneur who likes to offer web services that promote networking. His LinkedIn profile is as follows:Sebastien Peltey.

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