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Discover the useful resources and the different categories of the Short Pixel blog to improve the performance of your website.

Long Description : Short Pixel

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Short Pixel is a website that brings together articles that revolve around how to optimize your WordPress website through good image management. It also offers helpful tips and how-to guides to speed up the loading speed of your web pages.

Short Pixel blog description

The loading time of the pages of a website is one of the elements that contribute to the performance of this site.While many users know this, some still fail to properly optimize the loading speed of their pages.

Under these conditions, the right approach would be to read guides, identify tips and seek advice from experts. One of the information channels that can allow you all this is the Short Pixel blog. Find out.

Introducing Short Pixel’s Blog

Short Pixel is an image compression and optimization service, the use of which improves the web performance of any site. Their platform has a blog that regularly posts articles, how-to guides, and helpful tips related to:

  • WordPress;
  • ShortPixel ;
  • Optimizing website performance…

Through this blog, the Short Pixel team aims to help website owners increase the page speed of their sites with ease.

In order to provide useful information related to this blog, we have taken the trouble to list some metrics.

Top Short Pixel Blog Metrics

Shown below are the Short Pixel metrics that were taken using SEOquake.

    • Authority Score: 39
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:224 k
  • Average length of visit:05 minutes 18 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate:43,81 %

It should be noted that these figures remain imprecise. In fact, we have themrated while writing content. They may therefore change in the future.

Pursuing the objective of correctly describing the blog of Short Pixel, we invite you to discover its categories.

Short Pixel Blog Categories

The articles of this blog are classified exactly in 4 categories which we took the trouble to present briefly. So here is the main thing to remember about it.

 1. World of WordPress

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that no longer says its name. It is a software that is used by many bloggers and companies. So, to stand out from the crowd, you should make your WordPress site more efficient than ever.

Thanks tothis category from Short Pixel’s blog, find out how to do it effectively. Complete guides, very practical, explanations and essential advice, these are the elements thatYOUmeet in the section.

2. Image Optimization 

By optimizing the images you include in your content, you are sure to increase the speed of the loading time of your web pages. However, it is essential to have some understanding of the subject and to find the right methods for successful optimization.

To help you, Short Pixel has collected in the this section, useful guides and valuable information. So, if you are facing a slow loading problem on your blog or showcase site, you can find a solution by reading the articles in this category.

3. Website Speed Optimization

According to Alioze, websites that appear on the first page of Google’s SERPs have an average load time lower than2000 milliseconds. This means that page load speed is one of the ranking factors considered by Google.

You must therefore optimize the speed of your web pages at all costs to hope to obtain a good ranking. If you don’t know how to go about it, you canread articles which are classified in this category of Short Pixel.

You will find guides, explanations on the usefulness of speed optimization, practical advice and reviews of tools that will help you improve your web performance.

4. ShortPixel updates & news

In this category, get news about Shot Pixel tool updates. Discover all the ways to use it through precise and detailed content. Therecategory also gathers practical use cases of the Short Pixel tool with WordPress.

Now that you have an idea of ​​the resources available in the Short Pixel blog categories, it’s time to introduce the other resources available.

Other resources available on the Short Pixel blog

Short Pixel est un tool that works great with several WordPress services. The other resources available on the Short Pixel service blog concern WordPress plugins and the CMS itself.

This resource is therefore a list of some of the best WordPress themes and plugins that can be used for free on your website.

Apart from this, another resource available on the Short Pixel website would be the Short Pixel products. A collection of website tools, client tools, and web development tools that allow you to:

  • speed up websites;
  • effectively reduce the size of images and certain documents;
  • save space on your disk.

Here is a bit of what we can bring you in terms of other resources available on the Short Pixel blog. But does the blog accept guest posts? Let’s find out about that next.

The Short Pixel blog and guest blogging

Guest blogging is an SEO practice that aims to publish an article written by you on another blog in order to promote your own blog. Some blogs accept guest posts. And it is in this same way that others do not allow it.

In the case of Short Pixel’s blog, you should know that the latter does not practice guest blogging. Not very surprising since this blog only deals with optimization and compression services. It is a blog that is more focused on its own offers, because remember, Short Pixel is an image optimization and compression tool.

That said, if you wish to publish guest articles, you can do so on our platform which brings together alist of blogs that accept guest posts.

In summary

Short Pixel is a blog with enough content that most often deals with image optimization and compression to improve the performance of your website in WordPress.

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Presentation : Short Pixel

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ShortPixel is an open-source image analysis and encoding software optimized for optimal compression up to 90%, with no difference visible to the naked eye in most cases.

The platform also offers a blog, which serves to inform visitors and potential customers about the various collaborative resources and their applications.

The blogShortPixel is full of articles and guides that mainly refer to techniques for the proper optimization of the loading speed of a website. It is a very informative Blog through which it interacts with its users.

In fact, it was in July 2014 thatAlex Florescu & SimonDuduica, the creators of the platform, decided to developShortPixel and made it available to the public. At first, it was just a simple API with a manual process of processing millions of images for a long queue.

It was not until April 2015 that the co-founders launched the first paid version of the service. Thanks to the great success that their company has had, since 2018 they have started adding new services to makeShortPixel essential in the market.

ShortPixel has been able to improve the quality of its services over the years in order to retain its users. This after more than eight years and the optimization of more than 9 billion images for more than 500,000 customers, of which nearly 400,000 are plugin users.

You can joinAlex Florescu & SimonDuduica to their respective email addresses

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