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Do you want to master social networks, SEO or the Google search engine? Go to the platform.

Long Description : Blog Arobasenet

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The Arobasenet blog is intended for all fans of social networks Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter.

It is also aimed at entrepreneurs who wish to succeed on the internet, who want to sell better or who are thinking of acquiring more qualified traffic on their website thanks to SEO natural referencing, social networks or content marketing.

You will learn through its contents how you should use Google’s SEO tools to better reference your website, applications and web content.

Blog of Arobasenet

No real success can arise in your online business if you fail to use the possibilities offered by the social networks on which your targets navigate as well as SEO natural referencing.

This description is devoted to the detailed presentation of the blog, which, through thousands of contents arranged in very specific categories, addresses all these pre-mentioned subjects.

It is divided into three main parts, namely:

  • The blog;
  • Blog metrics;
  • The presentation of the different categories of the blog.

So keep reading.

Presentation of the Arobasenet blog

Mastering social networks adapted to your online activity and applying good SEO practices are steps to take to really achieve good results on the web.

This is justified by the fact that social networks and SEO are, nowadays, essential levers that must be used to succeed in any project, activity or online business.

You must use them to drive qualified traffic to your website, to interact with your target audience, to convert Internet users into customers, to promote your products or services, and to attract your customers to your physical business.

Thus, the valuable resources available onthe blog will help you:

  • Promote the pages of your website in the best results of Google;
  • Use social networks to acquire more traffic on your website;
  • Make more sales or better communicate with your targets;
  • Get in touch with your targets and get them to take action either by discovering you or by buying from you;
  •  Improve your online conversion rate;
  • Optimize your notoriety on the web;
  • Improve customer loyalty and maintain a close relationship with them;
  • Understand and tame the algorithms or robots of social networks in order to obtain good results during your communications with your target audience;
  • Be kept informed of news related to SEO and the universe of each social network in order to adapt your communications according to new changes. blog metrics

Ergonomic and structured, the blog displays quite exemplary metrics in terms of natural referencing and notoriety. Here are the most popular:

  • Website authority score: 49
  • Average length of visit: 12 min 16 s
  • Average bounce rate: 85.6%
  • Monthly organic traffic volume: 46.9k

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different categories of the blog

The Arobasenet blog is made up of eight sections located in its main menu (SEO, Google, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube) then three sections located at the bottom of the blog page (“Contact”, “CGU” and “About”).


This section contains informative and entertaining content on topics related to SEO natural referencing, content marketing, Google’s “Googlebot” indexing robot, Ranking, AMP, Amazon and WooCommerce.

It also answers questions relating in particular to the tools Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google PageSpeed, Google Page Experience, Google Ads, Google Search-Essentials, WordPress and Semrush.

Applying the advice presented to you in some of this content will help you to better reference your website, web applications or online stores via search engines, depending on the content you read.

They will allow you to discover step by step the procedure to follow to properly write the content of your web pages, their titles and meta descriptions so that they attract Internet users and please search engines.

You will also learn through other content on this blog to solve problems related to indexing, but also the tools to use to push the pages of your website in the SERP of Google.

In short, everything you need to know to succeed in your SEO referencing can be found in this specific category.


In this section of the platform are classified blog articles dealing with tools, extensions, methods and applications implemented by Google.

Parmi ces outils, on note : Google Search, Google Lens, Google Meet, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Discover, Google One Vpn, Google Chrome, Google Docs, Google Business, Google New Showcase, Google Audio Ads, etc.

Most of the content in this category is well illustrated with videos and images for better understanding. The authors regularly publish news content related to the giant Google, its announcements and its news.

This blog currently contains more than 5,260 pieces of content carefully written by knowledgeable professionals on issues related to the Google universe.


If you are passionate about the TikTok social network, then the content that is published in the “TikTok” section of the blog will be of great use to you.

They discuss several aspects of the TikTok social network, including TikTok Live features, video editing tools, SEO for TikTok videos, TikTok Music, TikTok Avatar, and TikTok Pulse.

Reading these blog posts will greatly enrich your knowledge of the TikTok social network and allow you to better use your account once it is created.


This leading social network after YouTube helps many entrepreneurs achieve better results in their business. Whether you are a professional, an individual or a simple user of this social network, the blog will be of great use to you in obtaining information allowing you to better benefit from it.

The contents that are posted in this section will teach you how to create a Facebook page for your online business, how to optimize it, personalize your news feed and succeed in your advertising campaign so as to obtain an optimal ROI.

You will learn (from A to Z) how to use your Facebook business page well and how you can increase your sales through the content you post there.

In this same section, the authors regularly publish content with high added value on updates, new features and features of the social network without forgetting the process to follow to get the most out of it.

If you are just a fan of social networks or Facebook in particular, this content will greatly enrich your knowledge in the field.

Many people are already using it to start an online business or to find their dream job.


To follow the news of the Twitter social network, go to the “Twitter” section of the platform. At the same time, if you are an entrepreneur, the contents of this section will help you carry out your business, unite your community and keep them informed about the news of your business.

You will understand how the Twitter algorithm works, which will allow you to communicate better on this social network, to reach a large part of your target audience and to use it to achieve your ends.


LinkedIn is the social network par excellence for recruiting new talent or finding a job that really matches your skills, talents, assets and experiences.

In the “LinkedIn” section of the blog, the authors have prepared a set of qualitative content to make it easier for you to use this social network on the web, but also through its mobile application.

This content instructs you on the methods, tools and features to use to increase your visibility, to land a job or to recruit new talent within your company.

You will learn everything you need about the LinkedIn algorithm, which will allow you to improve your communication on this social network in order to achieve your various objectives on time.


In this section, the authors and contributors of the blog frequently post qualitative content with high added value for readers. These affect all the news regarding the social network YouTube, Google Ads on YouTube as well as web referencing via YouTube.

You will discover all the tips, advice and best practices to successfully create your account, develop your audience, build loyalty, sell better and monetize your channel.

With its content, you will also be able to learn all the features and possibilities that this social network offers to companies as well as individuals. This section has almost 1,470 content published at the time of writing this description, this to tell you that it is a complete collection of everything you need to know about this social network.


If you have chosen Instagram to develop your online business, to make ends meet for the month or to achieve purely personal ends, the contents of the blog will help you enormously.

You should know that like other social networks, posting content on Instagram is not enough to get results. This content must respect a certain number of rules so that it can be seen, read and shared by your targets.

These are the rules that the managers of the platform have taken care to teach in detail in the “Instagram” section of their blog. Nevertheless, you should know that Instagram keeps evolving over time.

This is the reason why the authors of Arobasenet have also seen fit to frequently publish content in the direction of the news on Instagram. By visiting this blog section, you will be informed about all the new Instagram features, gadgets and applications.

In summary

Ergonomic and enjoying a good reputation with Google, the blog is divided into twelve pages, each as instructive as the next.

Its content rich in lessons will help you enormously to carry out your activities on the web and to obtain a better ROI (Return on Investment) following the implementation of your actions.

They are treasures in disguise for all SEO and social media enthusiasts, but also for all entrepreneurs who are thinking of being successful on the web.

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Presentation : Blog Arobasenet

Blog Arobasenet Logo

Noel Nguessan is the founder of the website. This name was the domain name of its business site since the year 2017. It began to exist as a blog from the year 2010. And it is a blog that addresses SEO information in its published contents fully fledged.

He started in the internet world in 1997 as a website designer. It was on the strength of this first experience that at the beginning of the year 2000, he became a programmer of web applications and software.

After working as a freelancer in several startups until 2010 as a web developer, he found the way to SEO. What motivated this shift or rather the one who allowed this change is Olivier Andrieux who shared on his web platform his first SEO articles related to SEO.

These articles are clearly the ones that would have motivated N’guessan to create his own blog. Since then, has 8175 articles shared so far and 34 million page views so far. His Linkedin profile:Noel Nguessan and twitter@arobasenet show its activities concerning SEO and digital.

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