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YouTube Channel | Thomas Cubel

YouTube Channel | Thomas Cubel

Short Description : Thomas Cubel

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Want to learn natural referencing? Thomas Cubel’s YouTube channel offers you exciting videos.

Long Description : Thomas Cubel

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The Thomas Cubel YouTube channel is the official channel of the SEO consultant of the same name. With his channel, he seeks to help people build effective and long-lasting websites. To this end, he shares videos on SEO topics as well as about SEO tools.

Description of Thomas Cubel’s YouTube channel

Are you looking to build a site in an efficient and sustainable way to develop your online business? This is Thomas’ promise with his YouTube channel, where the SEO consultant often posts videos on natural referencing and online business in general.

Through this description, we will discover this channel and the captivating videos it offers.

Introducing Thomas Cubel’s YouTube channel

Thomas Cubel’s YouTube channel, created on November 4, 2012, currently has 2.11k subscribers. The main purpose of this channel is to facilitate the use of SEO tools.

Thomas Cubel, expert in natural referencing and digital marketing, shares his knowledge and advice through informative videos and practical tutorials.

His channel offers a variety of content, such as:

  • SEO watch videos;
  • Tutorials on using popular SEO tools;
  • Advice on good SEO practices;
  • And in-depth discussions on key topics in the field.

With this channel, you will be able to improve your understanding and use of SEO tools through the resources it provides.

Playlists from Thomas Cubel’s YouTube channel

Videos on Thomas Cubel’s channel are listed in several playlists, including:

Playlist “”

This playlist features videos from, where Thomas Cubel shares tech tips, tricks and strategies.

“SEO Watch” Playlist

In this playlist, Thomas Cubel shares videos with you on:

  • The latest search engine algorithm updates;
  • SEO best practices;
  • Emerging trends and advice to improve the SEO of your website.

In other words, this playlist keeps you up to date with the latest developments in SEO.

Playlist “Learn SEO”

Want to learn the basics of SEO? This playlist is perfect for you! Thomas Cubel shares his knowledge and advice to help you understand the fundamental principles of natural referencing. You will discover techniques:

  • Keyword research;
  • D’optimisation on-page ;
  • Creation of backlinks;
  • Etc.

Playlist “Business”

The “Business” playlist focuses on the entrepreneurial aspects of the digital world. Thomas Cubel addresses topics such as:

  • Business creation;
  • Project management;
  • The development of marketing strategies and the growth of online businesses.

If you’re keen to grow your business online, these videos will provide you with practical tips to get started right away.

Playlist “Marketing”

Although marketing is a vast field, Thomas Cubel deals in this playlist with each aspect of this field. Thus, you will discover videos on related topics:

  • To social media;
  • In emailing;
  • advertising campaigns;
  • Etc.

Playlist “SEO”

The “SEO” playlist includes a collection of videos dedicated exclusively to natural referencing. In the videos in this playlist, Thomas Cubel discusses advanced SEO topics, from auditing to data analysis and technical optimization.

Playlist “” 

This playlist is dedicated to the site analysis tool With the videos in the playlist, you can use this exclusive tool to analyze the different aspects of your site, namely:

  • Its internal architecture;
  • The attraction of your content;
  • The semantic cocoon;
  • Etc.

Playlist “Podcasts”

In this playlist you will find a collection of podcasts hosted by Thomas Cubel. It covers various related topics:

  • digital marketing;
  • SEO;
  • To technology;
  • And to entrepreneurship.

Playlist “SEO tools”

This playlist highlights a selection of SEO tools recommended by Thomas Cubel. The referrer reveals in his videos demonstrations, tutorials and advice on the use of the tools he shares. These include, among others:

  • Keyword analysis tools;
  • Ranking tracking tools;
  • Backlink monitoring tools;
  • Etc.

Playlist “Tutorials”

In this playlist, Thomas Cubel offers two practical tutorials that will guide you step by step in carrying out some specific tasks related to digital marketing.

You learn with these videos new skills to implement effective strategies in your online projects.

Popular videos from Thomas Cubel’s YouTube channel

Now let’s see which videos got more views on the channel.

1. How to make an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy?

Thomas talks about creating a sustainable and effective digital marketing strategy that includes your target audience, goals, and strengths.

Indeed, the SEO expert recommends developing your marketing strategy on a long-term vision. It also gives advice on the use of different levers of the digital marketing strategy which are nothing other than:

  • Copywriting;
  • marketing content;
  • Etc.

2. Yooda Insight – Keyword Research and SEO Performance Audit

This video is dedicated to the Yooda Insight tool, including how to use it for various operations such as: keyword research and site auditing.

It is a powerful tool for keyword research and competitor analysis. Thomas shows you in his videos how you can use the tool to improve the performance of your site.

3. How to create Quality Content?

Through this video, Thomas Cubel highlights the importance of creating quality content adapted to the target audience. It also highlights the need to create quality, readable content with impeccable formatting.

It also gives tips on writing a captivating introduction and inserting images to encourage visitors to read your content.

4. [Podcast EP.15] Kévin Richard – WP Backlinks, SEObserver & Co

This episode of the podcast features Kevin, a consultant specializing in training, consulting and tool development. The episode covers a range of SEO-related topics, including extending:

  • WP Backlinks pour WordPress ;
  • The Observer tool for tracking and analyzing backlinks and ranking factors;
  • The importance of backlinks for local websites;
  • The impact of AI on the future of SEO.

Additionally, the episode discusses the importance of keeping up to date with SEO trends and algorithm changes, as well as learning to code and mastering the English language to be successful in this field.

5. How does a search engine work?

This video explains that search engines, like Google, work by pre-analyzing and storing information available on the web.

Even before a query is entered, Google crawls and indexes web pages, organizing them like a virtual library.

When a query is made, the search engine uses algorithms to provide relevant results based on the query match, user behavior and page popularity.

Google also penalizes low-quality content and manipulation, using filters to ensure the quality of results.

Types of videos offered on the channel

This channel offers two main types of videos, namely:

Tutorials: It offers tutorials on SEO tools as well as tips on content creation and many more.

Podcasts : If you like podcasts, know that the channel offers more than 38 podcasts on natural referencing. Sometimes other SEO experts appear in his podcasts to share their experiences as well as questions.

In summary

The Thomas Cubel YouTube channel is a space where you will find videos that can help you learn natural referencing if you are a beginner or learn how to use SEO tools.

Videos : Thomas Cubel

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Presentation : Thomas Cubel

Chaine Youtube Thomas Cubel Logo

Thomas CUBEL is the creator of his own YouTube channel. He is an SEO consultant with ten years of experience.. 

She first encounter with natural referencing was at the age of 12-13 when he joined his friends to create several sitesIinternet at the time.

Two years later, he started training in the design of automated systems and computer logic.

Subsequently, Thomas Cubel joined the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM) to learn the job of webmaster. He was able to tour several areas such as:

  • Lweb development;
  • Server administration;
  • web design;
  • Project management.

At the same time, he specialized in natural referencing in order to eventually become an expert in SEO consulting.

Today,Thomas Cubel supports all kinds of companies in various B2B and B2C fields in order to develop their visibility on the web thanks to SEO and digital marketing.

Thomas Cubel is available on the following social networks:

Twitter : Thomas Cubel

Above Thomas Cubel

Social Network : Thomas Cubel

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