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TRAINING | Social Networks and Search Engine Optimization

TRAINING | Social Networks and Search Engine Optimization

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Do you want to learn how to rank a site in the best search results? Discover Hémisphère Web’s SEO training.

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Hémisphère web’s SEO Training is a complete online course that covers the basics as well as advanced SEO techniques. Ideal for beginners or professionals looking to improve their visibility.

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68 % Online experiences start with a search engine. This statistic clearly shows that search engines play an important role when people want to do something online.

The question that arises is how to take advantage of the visibility offered by search engines. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes into play.

It is a strategy through which you can place your site on search engines, so that people find you first when they search for something online.

SEO is also, it must be admitted, a complex strategy that combines several tactics. Fortunately, it can be learned and you can subscribe to training to develop your skills in this area.

In this article, discover Hémisphère web’s SEO training.

Presentation of SEO Training – Hémisphère web

SEO training offered by Web hemisphere is a turnkey solution that will allow learners to develop their skills in natural referencing.

This training will offer participants a global vision of how Google algorithms work as well as a better understanding of the factors that influence the positioning of websites within search results pages.

Thanks to an educational approach focused on concrete application, each participant will be invited to experiment with different strategies in order to maximize their chances of success in terms of SEO.

By following this complete program, you will be able not only to understand but also to effectively apply all the steps necessary to optimize your digital presence.

This training aims to:

  • Provide a solid understanding of SEO fundamentals;
  • Teach advanced techniques with which we can optimize the content and structure of websites;
  • Present the tools and software essential for monitoring and analyzing SEO performance;
  • Help participants develop an effective and sustainable SEO strategy.

The training is delivered online, offering maximum flexibility to participants. The courses consist of explanatory videos, readings, interactive quizzes and practical exercises.

Each module is designed to be completed at its own pace, allowing participants to progress according to their schedule. In addition, the training provides the right to a certificate that validates your SEO skills.

What is the content of this training?

It is structured into several modules, namely:

Introduction – The foundations of SEO

This section covers the essential basics of natural referencing. It covers topics such as:

  • Understand the general functioning of search engines like Google;
  • Identify the criteria used by them to classify websites;
  • Distinguish the main components of SEO such as on-page optimization, off-page optimization and technique;
  • Know the growing importance given to mobile first indexing and user experience design (UX).

Keyword research and analysis

Learning to find and wisely select the right keywords is an important phase when it comes to improving your SEO. In this module, you discover how to:

  • Use various powerful tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs to carry out exhaustive research;
  • Correctly analyze the SEO difficulty associated with each target keyword;
  • Evaluate the average monthly search volume and determine its relevance;
  • Define a prioritized list of strategic keywords to guide your editorial strategy.

Optimisation on-page

When you want to boost your SEO, you should also pay particular attention to the internal elements of your website. This chapter therefore covers the following points:

  • The appropriate use of HTML tags (title tags, meta descriptions, headers, etc.);
  • The optimal choice of canonical URLs;
  • Rigorous management of duplicate content;
  • Intelligent integration of rich media (images, videos, etc.) from an SEO perspective.

Off-Page Optimization Strategies

Netlinking represents an important part of external referencing. This training then focuses on:

  • The creation of qualitative inbound links using white hat techniques;
  • Regular analysis of its backlinks profile;
  • Active participation in relevant thematic communities;
  • The progressive development of solid personal branding.

Technical SEO Best Practices

Good SEO inevitably requires a robust technical architecture. Hémisphère Web addresses important aspects here such as:

  • The appropriate configuration of web servers;
  • The efficient implementation of HTTPS and CDN protocols;
  • Multi-device adaptability thanks to responsive design;
  • Le monitoring constant des performances web via Google PageSpeed Insights ou GTmetrix.

Local SEO and Google My Business listing

For businesses that have a physical point of sale, local SEO is of paramount importance. You will discover in this final part:

  • How to configure and optimize your Google My Business listing;
  • Some tips on local citations;
  • Simple tips to collect more positive customer reviews;
  • The significant impact of a well-conducted reviews management strategy.

Other Hémisphère Web resources

In addition to its SEO training, this site offers other training such as:

Formation Google Analytics

This agency trains you in data analysis tools and offers sessions on analyzing and visualizing statistics, managing and importing data, as well as analyzing user behavior.

You will learn how to interpret the results to optimize your audience and attract more visitors. Training includes integration with Google Ads, AdSense and Search Console.

Accessible to everyone, beginners or experienced, individuals or companies, this training is eligible for financing by OPCO or Pôle Emploi.

WordPress training from Hémisphère Web

This course will guide you in the creation and management of websites, whether blogs, showcase sites or e-commerce. You will learn how to use WordPress features, including installation, publishing articles, managing content and using plugins.

The training is designed for everyone, from beginners to advanced users, and can be financed by your OPCO or Pôle Emploi. If you want to optimize your time, our team can also create your site for you.

Advertising training – Ads from Hémisphère Web

They offer training on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and social media advertising. Intended for companies and individuals, this training offers individual or group coaching sessions, in agencies or on site.

You will learn how to create effective advertising campaigns to increase your notoriety. The training is eligible for funding by OPCO or Pôle Emploi.

In summary

Hémisphère web’s SEO Training is a unique opportunity to develop SEO skills, essential for any business that wants to increase its online visibility.

Thanks to a comprehensive and practical approach, this training will provide you with the tools necessary to become an SEO expert.




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Web Hemisphere is a digital agency based in Strasbourg, Alsace, specializing in gmanagement of social networks, SEO and SEA.

Founded as a dynamic start-up, Hémisphère Web quickly established itself as a key player in the field of digital marketing in the Strasbourg region.

The agency offers a full range of online communication services, ranging from website creation to management of advertising campaigns on social networks.

Their expertise covers various aspects of digital marketing, including community management, content creation, and search engine optimization.

Hémisphère Web stands out for its ability to provide personalized solutions that meet the specific needs of each client, whether they are small local businesses or large international companies.

One of Hémisphère Web’s strong points is its customer-centric approach. The agency works closely with clients to understand their business objectives and develop digital marketing strategies that maximize their ROI.

This collaborative approach allows Hémisphère Web to create effective, high-quality digital marketing campaigns that generate measurable results.

In addition to its digital marketing services, Hémisphère Web also offers online training to help businesses improve their digital marketing skills.


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