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Short Description : Skribix

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Get an idea of ​​the topics and themes related to SEO developed in the sections of the French blog Skribix.

Long Description : Skribix

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The Skribix blog is a website that offers SEO and marketing advice on its platform, as well as practical guides and tips for becoming better at web writing. With this blog, you will understand how search engines work, know new SEO tools and easily develop content marketing approaches and many other things…


Skribix blog

To create web content optimized for search engines, there are practices to adopt and advice to follow. These practices and tips are valuable resources available mostly on blogs. But not all of them always do the trick.

If you are on this article it is because you were looking for a blog that brings together tangible information concerning all the main aspects of SEO and why not online marketing.

So we can tell you that you are in the right place. Since in our blog, we offer a description of many other blogs that deal with both SEO and marketing such as the French blog Skribix.

Presentation of the Skribix blog

The Skirbix blog brings together on its web platform, a myriad of content that deals exclusively with SEO web writing, but also with online marketing.

It is indeed a French blog that covers through its content the most crucial aspects to consider in terms of web writing. Notably :

  • the functioning of Google;
  • optimizing the performance of your website;
  • SEO tools;
  • the keyword strategy;
  • mistakes not to make in SEO…

This list of aspects is not exhaustive because you will discover other interesting topics on the blog.

So, if you are new to web content writing, this is the ideal site to reach a higher level. It’s the same if you want to start in digital marketing.

By exploring the articles shared on this knowledge platform, learn how to refine your various SEO and marketing approaches. Also understand the segments that every excellent web copywriter and every good digital marketer must know to excel even more in their field.

Finally, the Skribix blog offers really smooth navigation. You actually have the ability to move from one content to another without worrying too much about the loading time of web pages. The user experience is therefore successful. But why Skribix?

Objectif du blog de Skribix

Skribix is ​​above all a web writing platform or more exactly a SAAS mode application that has a single objective. That of establishing a new standard in SEO web writing. This objective was born from a desire toMorgane Surlenet, CEO and founder of Skribix.

This desire in question is the design of a tool that could serve both the editors and the clients of the agency. The blog then supports the various skills and services offered by the professional web editors of the platform.

If this blog is a solution for writing optimized and original content then it may be known by other people other than you. It is for this reason that we invite you to discover its main metrics.

What are Skribix’s main blog metrics?

The metrics that we will present to you right after come from the SEOquake extension. These are the most important to consider in our opinion. Here they are.

  • Website Authority Score:34
  • Average length of visit:38 minutes 57 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate:69,55 %
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:6,65 k

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

These measures and mainly the duration of the visit are proof that the Skribix site enjoys a certain notoriety. But what could be at the base? Perhaps the sections available on the blog that we offer a brief presentation right after.

Skribix blog sections

Whether it is writing product sheets, blogs or creating semantic cocoons, having a detailed idea of ​​the elements to consider for the proposal of excellent optimized content is essential.

Certainly, this is the reason behind sharing the contents available on the Skribix blog platform. And not only that, this content written by the professional editors of the agency shows how much Skribix is ​​a mine of quality resources for clients and professionals in the sector.

Besides all this, these blog contents are categorized into sections. We are certain that it will be important for you to know the themes and subjects gathered in the articles covered by each of these sections.

All items


Like its name, this section can be considered the main one as it collects all the content classified in the next sections. To put it simply, this section is the result of the articles of all the other sections. Here are the sections in question:

  • SEO Conseils ;
  • Web content;
  • Marketing ;
  • Become an Editor.

These various important sections will be the subject of the rest of our brief presentations.

SEO advice

Natural referencing has several facets. Some are hidden, some are not. But in either case, advice can help you see and understand these hidden sides of SEO that you may not know yet.

Indeed, this section brings together SEO tips that will help you improve every day. Find guide content to rework your SEO strategies and attract customers to your website.

If you want to design a networking strategy and better understand its importance in your content marketing, you just have to dig and identify the corresponding content. You also have advice for your On Page SEO and your Off Page SEO.

Moreover, who talks about SEO also talks about tools, actions to be taken and algorithm updates. In this section, you can read practical advice on these essential points in the world of natural referencing. Here is the link that gives you full access to the contents:Conseils SEO — SCRIBIX.

Web content

Writing for the web is written primarily for Google robots as well as humans. Faced with this, it is necessary:

  • find good web content optimization tools;
  • identify relevant and interesting topics;
  • optimize your web pages;
  • facilitate the reading of your web content;
  • define an editorial line for the creation of web content…

These few non-exhaustive points are part of the topics proposed in the articles of this section. This gives blog visitors valuable resources to become remarkably good in the world of the web and easily establish themselves in this sector. This link :Contenu web — SCRIBIX guarantees you all the subjects proposed in this section.


This section is less rich in content than the previous sections. Nevertheless, it remains a section that addresses the key concepts to master in digital marketing. By key concept, remember the following points:

  • Inbound marketing;
  • Outbound Marketing;
  • Copywriting;
  • Storytelling…

Also in this section is an ultimate guide on how to write an effective sales page. To read all the content currently available in this section, you can click on this link:Marketing — WRITE.

Become a Writer

This section represents the last of them. She currently brings together two relevant and interesting contents to quickly become a Web Content Editor.

Indeed, the job of web editor is now important in the digital world. The competition is also so tough compared to twenty years ago.

This shows that companies have understood the determining role of these enthusiasts of French grammar. They therefore no longer hesitate to opt for the services of freelance writers for the advertising and promotion of their services or products. But that’s the whole point.

In reality, the writer is not who wants, but who can and who is passionate about web marketing and writing. It would therefore be necessary to seek training and follow advice to become the best web editor. You will discover this in this section through this link:Become a writer — SKRIBIX.

Does this blog have other useful resources? If you ask yourself this question, the following will certainly prove you right.

Other additional resources available on the Skribix blog

On the SKRIBIX blog, there are not several other resources, but rather a single and unique additional resource. This is an SEO and web writing lexicon.

More precisely, this resource brings together detailed definitions of terms often encountered in the world of natural referencing.

AT this title, if you are looking for a quick definition of any of these important terms, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the important definitions for any SEO professional. Here is the link you will find:SEO glossary and web writing. Finally, does this blog accept guest posts?

The Skribix blog and guest articles

Skribix is ​​a web content writing platform. This means that most of the shared content is supplied by various web editors from different backgrounds. However, we cannot say that this blog accepts guest posts.

In summary

The Skribix blog legitimizes the services offered by this content writing platform. This is a blog that brings together the following 5 categories:

  • All items ;
  • SEO Conseils ;
  • Web content;
  • Marketing ;
  • Become an Editor.

Therefore, if you are a beginner in web writing or if you want to become excellent in this precious digital body that companies regularly use, this blog will be of great use to you.

Also, if you are looking for new advice and are looking for new tips as a professional, you can add this blog to your favorites.ù

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Presentation : Skribix

Blog Skribix Logo

Scribbix is a content writing platform optimized and adapted to Google’s requirements. It is the result of the ingenuity of a collective of a hundred writers. The founder and Chief Executive Officer is MorganeOn the Net.

MorganOn the Net is above all a web editor and a natural referencing (SEO) strategist. Holder of a DEUG in Modern Literature, specializing in Web Writing and a professional license (communication professions), she is also an entrepreneur.

Besides that, MorganaOn the Net earned a master’s degree in business management. In 2019, she launched the Skribix project in collaboration with many other writers.

A talented strategist, she now helps companies produce quality content, exactly as Google prefers. Thanks to her dedication, her determination and the dynamism of her team, Morgane manages to satisfy many customers.

Having perfect mastery of words, she is also a trainer in the Alfie training center. Because of her expertise, Morgane is one of the most sought-after specialists in the world of web writing.

To know more about MorganeOn the Net and to obtain information concerning the services ofScribbix, you can find her on social networksLinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook AndTwitter.

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