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Short Description : Blog Oncrawl

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Discover on the Oncrawl blog quality articles that will allow you to make interesting SEO decisions.

Long Description : Blog Oncrawl

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Oncrawl is an SEO agency that offers the most flexible SEO platform for websites in the competitive market.

She has a blog that provides information on the new perspectives put in place in the world of SEO. In fact, the Oncrawl site was designed to help SEOs and marketers achieve their technical SEO goals.

In this description, let’s discover Oncrawl’s blog and the resources it has on its SEO site.

Presentation of the Oncrawl blog

Oncrawl is aSEO platform which allows thousands of companies to develop SEO projects. Thanks to its interface, these companies can improve theircontent strategyand identify the problems that preventtheir ranking in the SERP

Furthermore, the oncrawl blog was developed by a technical SEO team.

With the help of the articles on this blog, you can easily:

  • Increase your traffic;
  • Improve your SEO performance;
  • Develop your activity;
  • Have new prospects;
  • And attract your customers to your content for the success of your SEO strategy.

Additionally, leveraging the site’s academic curriculum, SEO trainers offer courses in technical SEO.

Oncrawl blog metrics with SEOquake

The Oncrawl site metrics are as follows:

  • Website authority score: 39
  • Average duration of visit: 1min 74s
  • Average bounce rate: 63.55%
  • Monthly organic traffic volume: 4.89k

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.
These quantifiable values ​​from the Oncrawl blog provide an idea ofcontent quality shared on the site.

Presentation of the different categories of the Oncrawl blog

On the Oncrawl blog, you will have categories of articles that give you tips and strategies to optimize your website:

The Technical SEO category

In the category SEO Technique, the articles presented discuss the best resources for the technical SEO of sites. With these contents, visitors can have a good understanding about:

  • The way search enginesindex web pages by the JavaScript programming language;
  • Methods to get noticed on the web;
  • Innovative techniques in digital marketing;
  • And other digital and SEO related topics.

In all, the articles in this category can help SEO experts optimize the technical part of their website.

The SEO Thoughts category

Content published in the category SEO Thoughts highlight the views of some managers on the importance of SEO. These include, among others:

  • Kristina Azarenko, founder of the agency MarketingSyrup : It emphasizes the role of SEO specialists in a company;
  • Emmanuel de Vauxmoret, founder of the company Uplix : It shows that each agency has different objectives to achieve;
  • Jess Peck, Learning software operations engineer in the Local SEO Guide agency: He presents strategies for good SEO.

Apart from these various SEO experts, there are others who have also given their opinion. This allowed site visitors to better understand the concept of referencing a site.

The case study category

The categoryCase study contains articles that may allow users to:

  • To ensure the quality of their website;
  • Optimize their site using an effective SEO strategy;
  • To perfect a media site with thelog analyzer ;
  • Etc. 

In short, in this category, the themes covered focus on the strategies that readers can use to reach a higher level in their fields of activity.

The ebook category

In this category of the Oncrawl blog, topics related to technical SEO are covered in the form ofEbook. Thus, you will have the guide for:

  • Maximize your company’s site;
  • Identify and solve problems related to the SEO of your site;
  • Make SEO audits actionable;
  • Monitor the performance of a site;
  • Etc.

Like the technical SEO category, the content published in the Ebook section contributes to improving the technical referencing of a website.

The product update category

On the Oncrawl platform, the category Product update discusses new developments in the world of digital and SEO. It can be thechanges made to the site, recentupdates, of thenew solutions, etc. 

The infographic category

The different contents arranged in the categoryInfographics address theGoogle algorithm updates as well as the tools andtechnologies du Data Science for SEO.

The events category

In the category Event, you will have articles on the SEO conferences of the year. So we have the events:

  •  SEO Square in France precisely at We Love SEO;
  • Award ceremony for Best SEO Tool in the United States;
  • European Search Awards in Hungary in Budapest;
  • Etc.

These different SEO events presented in this category expose innovations in the field of SEO. Additionally, the top award-winning search marketing agencies are featured in this category.

The webinar category

The Oncrawl Blog also contains the category of Webinar. In this category, the topics covered summarize:

  • The new perspectives foravoid duplication of contenton a site;
  • The secrets of indexing a page on the web;
  • The way in which indexed pages have an impact on the referencing of a site;
  • And much more.

With the articles in this blog category, you will be able to better understand the concept ofindexation

The subject library category

The category Subject of the blog discusses technical concepts relating to SEO and digital. Among these we have:

  • Response engines that provide precise answers to Internet users;
  • Theneural matching, an algorithm that allows you to change SEO content writing methods;
  • Themachine Learning, machine learning focused on creating software;
  • Theheatmap in digital marketing which provides an overall view of customer behavior on a site;
  • And other technical matters.

Altogether, these topics help you understand marketing strategies, increase sales, and reduce page bounce rates.

Identity of the Oncrawl blog creation team

In 2013, the Oncrawl site was founded by a team that puts in place all the technical elements for:

  • Good indexing;
  • Better ranking;
  • And a good management of web content.

This team is made up of:

  • François Goube, serial entrepreneur, founder of four SEO agencies and SEO consultant;
  • Tanguy Moal, specialist in Natural Language Processing (NLP) for companies and technician in SEO (data science);
  • And integrators and partners from Cdiscount, a French e-commerce agency.

These SEO specialists have also set up aSEO crawl tool. This tool offers SEOs a log analyzer to obtain a precise diagnosis on the parameters that can affect the optimization of their website.

Content writers on the Oncrawl blog

Articles arranged in Oncrawl blog categories are written by writing experts including:

Darren Matthew 

This web content creator is passionate about technology. Darren Matthew is a content marketing specialist at GoodFirms.

It is a platform designed to help companies in choosing providers that are suitable for their services.

Alessio Pomaro

He is an SEO expert and voice technology manager. Alessio Pomaro has always been interested in webmarketing and IT. This had motivated him to become an engineer in artificial intelligence.

Deepak Sharma 

Digital Marketing Specialist, Deepak Sharma is also a web editor and likes to share his ideas on technical SEO and marketing.


In the 2000s, aude-brunel was a site designer. She is currently an SEO consultant and supports companies in the creation and management of digital marketing strategies.

Damien Garaud 

SEO technician in the Oncrawl agency, Damien Garaud is a digital enthusiast. He has developed SEO tools as well as new programming languages ​​to improve work strategies as an SEO technician.

Jose Gris

Consultant SEO freelance, Jose Gris is responsible for positioning business sites on the web. He is also a specialist inaudits SEO and in local SEO.

Jessica Day 

She is responsible for collaborating with teams that are responsible for maximizing the marketing efforts of companies. Jessica Day is also director of marketing strategy in the communication company Dialpad.

Rebecca Berbel

As product marketing manager in the Oncrawl agency, Rebecca Berbel works on thecomputer models of language

Morgan Lorenat

Morgan Lorenat was a marketing intern and web content creation manager at New Evolution Video. This agency actually takes care of the creation of videos and their online marketing.

Sina Afkham

For a while, Sina Afkham is an expert in technical SEO. It helps companies improve their online presence.

Danielle Escaro

Passionate about learning about the SEO industry, Danielle Escaro is an editor on the Oncrawl agency platform.

In short, you should know that these authors are all editors who regularly publish articles on the Oncrawl blog.

Other resources on the Oncrawl site

Apart from the blog, the Oncrawl site has other resources:

Help Center 

On the blog Help Center, the members of the Oncrawl team gave the tips and advice forimprove the SEO of a site on the Web.

Documentation API

In the resource Documentation API, the application programming interface (API) of Oncrawl is presented. In fact, you can use this computer program to manage your SEO projects. 

To have access to this API documentation, you must necessarily have a OnCrawl account

Webinars and Events

On the resource webinars and events from Oncrawl, you will have past and upcoming events on SEO and digital. Similarly, you will discover the services broadcast during the conferences.

data and technology

In the resource data and technology, Oncrawl offers asoftware service software (SaaS) to meet your SEO needs.

With its use, you can combine the power of technical SEO, artificial intelligence and data science tocreate quality content

Guest articles on the Oncrawl blog

Oncrawl accepts guest posts on its blogging. These articles generally address:

  • The criteria to follow to improve the visibility of a website;
  • The content of French-speaking blogs published on a web page;
  • SEO analysis tools;
  • Etc. 

These guest articles focus on SEO techniques to improve your site traffic and grow your business on the web.

In summary

The Oncrawl blog provides its visitors with content that can help them make effective decisions in the field of SEO.

In addition, with its articles you can perfect thepositioning and conversion rateof your site. So, do not hesitate to consult the Oncrawl site to have new ideas on the indexing of your site.

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Presentation : Blog Oncrawl

Blog Oncrawl Logo

The Oncrawl blog belongs to the French company Oncrawl which was founded in 2013 by François Goube and Tanguy Moal. The first founder is a serial entrepreneur while the second is an expert in NLP (Natural Language Processing) and data geek.

Indeed, this company has its head office in Bordeaux and more precisely at this address: 3 b impasse Rudolf Diesel 33700 Mérignac. To reach them, you can call them using the following number: +33 (0) 535 542 081.

In addition, through its web platform, its blog and its various other resources, Oncrawl intends to promote more rational decision-making in terms of natural referencing. It has therefore made it its mission to build the next generation of data and technical SEO solutions.

A mission that seems really realistic and achievable as shown by the number of customers (+1000) who trust Oncrawl around the world. It should be understood that this web platform is reliable enough to bring advanced SEO solutions to its users who can be:

  • web marketing agencies;
  • SEO consultants ;
  • e-commerce aces;
  • referrers…

Finally, thanks to the SEO services and tools offered by this web platform, we can no longer speak of a simple SEO crawler. The Oncrawl company through its website has rather become one of the pioneers of the digital world of the future.

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