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PODCAST | #utpca

PODCAST | #utpca

Short Description : Muriel Wandermeulen

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Want to get more acquisitions? Learn content marketing best practices with the #utpca podcast.

Long Description : Muriel Wandermeulen


One Train Can Hide Another is a podcast hosted by Muriel Vandermeulen and produced by the Wearethewords agency. It essentially deals with themes related to strategy and content marketing. The objective of the author of this podcast is to introduce listeners to content marketing in all its forms, by offering honest and enriching conversations.

To do this, the podcast addresses various topics such as SEO, emailing, social networks, content creation and many others. Over nearly half an hour, today’s guest shares valuable advice for combining theory with practical cases. The podcast is hosted by Ausha, but also available on several platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Radio France and Deezer.

Podcast One Train Can Hide Another

The marketing and communications industry is constantly evolving. Today, podcasts have become a popular way for listeners to gain knowledge and stay up to date with trends. The podcast A Train Can Hide Another remains one of the safe references to recommend if you are passionate about everything marketing.

Description du podcast

“A Train Can Hide Another” often abbreviated by the hashtag #utpca is a French podcast launched in 2021 with an editorial line focused on the strategies ofcontent marketing and customer relations.

The podcast stands out for its ability to combine theory with practical cases thanks to the quality of the speakers who are used. Experts in digital marketing, business leaders, influencers… the host takes care to invite experienced people with proven expertise.

Auditors can thus benefit from concrete advice, reliable feedback and good practices to implement in their own content marketing strategy.

Presentation of the Facilitator

Muriel Vandermeulen is the host of the podcast “One Train Can Hide Another”. She is a recognized expert in content marketing, with over 20 years of experience in the field. Solid experience that she has acquired by collaborating with companies of all sizes, startups and multinationals.

She is also known thanks to Wearethewords, a multilingual B2B and B2C content marketing agency that she created and manages. Concretely, the agency aims to help entrepreneurs record more acquisitions, make more conversions and build customer loyalty.

The idea for the #utpca podcast was born from Muriel Vandermeulen’s passion for content marketing and her spirit of knowledge sharing. Its episodes are very popular with guests with interesting profiles.

Frequency and format

Episodes of “A Train May Hide Another” are often published once a month. Each issue has an average duration of 40 minutes, giving speakers time to fully develop their ideas and positions. It’s also a fairly reasonable length of time for practical listening during a car journey or a break at work.

The format remains quite classic like what we are used to listening to from other podcasters. The host sets the scene, introduces herself and her people before beginning the discussion phase. With her rich background in the field, Muriel Vandermeulen demonstrates a certain aptitude for asking the right questions. Added to its capacity for synthesis, the #utpca episodes are always interesting and very easy to listen to.

Themes covered

One Train May Hide Another provides a fairly extensive editorial line with themes such as:

The customer relationship

Therelation client designates all exchanges and interactions between a brand and its audience. Generally, these interactions cover prospecting, the sale itself, after-sales assistance and loyalty approaches. This is an important aspect in marketing which aims to create a business-customer relationship well beyond the act of buying and selling. Having a strategy on the subject can benefit you to improve your acquisition rate and retain your customers.

Le native content

Also called native advertising, native content is a form of advertising that is specifically integrated into the editorial content of a website or social media platform. The concept was created to publish content that adapts to the style and tone of each platform. This provides a better user experience and the method is less intrusive than traditional advertising.

Native content is usually presented in the form of articles, videos, photos, games or polls, and can be distributed on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, and many more. ‘others. It is often used to promote products, services, brands or even to defend causes.

E-commerce strategies

Ae-commerce strategy is a detailed action plan that allows a company to develop and properly manage its online presence with the aim of selling products or services. It is generally composed of several key stages which aim to ensure the success of the e-commerce activity.

If you are an e-retailer, the Un Train Can Hide Another podcast hosts experts who tell their success stories and the strategies they adopted to get there.

Accessibility and subscription

If you would like to listen to episodes of the podcast “One Train Can Hide Another”, you can go to the usual listening streaming platforms such asDeezer, Ausha, Spotify orRadio France. All episodes are published there in full. The podcast is also accessible on the agency’s official websiteWearethewords.

In summary

The “One Train Can Hide Another” podcast is an excellent resource for content marketing professionals who want to discover strategies and best practices to improve their communication and customer relations. If you run your own business or are a marketer, following this podcast regularly can be very rewarding for you.

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Presentation : Muriel Wandermeulen

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Presentation of the facilitator

Muriel Vandermeulen, the host of the One Train Can Hide Another Podcast, is a renowned content marketing expert with over 20 years of experience. Her rich background has seen her collaborate with companies of all sizes, from startups to multinationals. She is also recognized for Wearethewords, a multilingual B2B and B2C content marketing agency that she founded and runs. This agency aims to help entrepreneurs increase their acquisitions, conversions and customer loyalty. The #utpca podcast was born from Muriel Vandermeulen’s passion for content marketing and her desire to share her knowledge. Its highly appreciated episodes welcome guests with captivating profiles.

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