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Podcast | Le Rendez-Vous Marketing

Podcast | Le Rendez-Vous Marketing

Short Description : Danilo Duchesnes

Podcast Le Rendez Vous Marketing Mise en avant

If you want to master advanced marketing techniques, listen to the Podcast in French Le Rendez-Vous Marketing.

Long Description : Danilo Duchesnes

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The Le Rendez-Vous Marketing podcast provides easy and free access to expert advice, innovative marketing ideas and industry best practices. It is an audio library that brings together a large number of content that covers almost all aspects of web marketing. It remains available on famous audio streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Podcast.


Description of the podcast Le Rendez-Vous Marketing

Are you looking for an enriching and captivating experience to improve your knowledge of web marketing? Try streaming on the Le Rendez-Vous Marketing podcast.

Through a wide range of topics covered by marketing experts, this podcast is ideal for offering you practical advice and the inspiration you need to develop effective web marketing strategies. Also, you will be kept up-to-date with the latest breaking news in almost all forms of marketing. Good reading !

Presentation of the podcast Le Rendez-Vous Marketing

Launched in 2022 by Danilo Duchesnes, CEO and founder of DHS Digital,The Marketing Meeting is the go-to podcast for your online acquisition. Through this French podcast, Danilo has made it his mission to help you improve your lead acquisition and make you a remarkable marketer.

Already with at least 400,000 downloads, Rendez-Vous Marketing is published twice a week. Several topics remain covered, but mainly revolve around:

  • Social Ads;
  • Copywriting et
  • Content Creation.

By following these episodes, you will find rather intense interviews with recognized experts and successful entrepreneurs in their online businesses. Whether it’s a topic such as online advertising or content, you will find on this podcast several tips, engaging advice, healthy habits and approaches applied by:

  • specialized consultants;
  • successful brands;
  • advertising and marketing agencies.

To this end, if you are a beginner or want to find new techniques if you do not master advanced marketing techniques, this podcast will guide you on how to do this effectively. In this series of episodes of Le Rendez-Vous Marketing, here are some topics covered.

Themes covered by the Le Rendez-Vous Marketing podcast

Among the themes covered in the Le Rendez-Vous Marketing podcast series, some have a significant impact. These include:

Online Marketing Strategies 

This recurring theme of the podcast allows you to acquire useful knowledge and skills in terms of online marketing. Thus, you can based on audio content that addresses it promote your own business.

In addition, if you are a professional in e-marketing or if you are just starting out, you will discover new strategies and approaches through the inspiring stories of certain experts and digital project managers. Better, you will have resources to improve your online presence and successfully reach your target audience.


The adventures told by SEO consultants to Danilo Duchesnes can help you learn new tips to learn how to better optimize your content. This way, you can leverage them to rank highly in organic search results.

Moreover, if you are a website owner, you can benefit from advanced tips and techniques to improve the SEO of your site. A situation that will allow you to attract more quality traffic.

Marketing d’influence 

Less used than many other marketing techniques, influencer marketing is underrated. By listening to this podcast, you will find episodes that will help you understand how to leverage influencer marketing. Besides, you will learn how to work with them.

Conversely, if you are an influencer, certain episodes of the podcast will provide you with information on how to manage your partnerships more effectively. Of course, you will also be able to assess their impacts.


Careful reading of certain Le Rendez-Vous Marketing podcasts will allow you to obtain knowledge on the creation and management of paid advertising campaigns on Google. So you can reach your target audience faster and get more conversions.

Through this series of podcasts, if you are a marketer, you are going to get tips on optimizing your paid search campaigns. In this way, you will improve your advertising ROI.

Content Marketing 

Engaging your target audience with quality content is not always so easy. However, when the right approach is implemented and certain practices are followed, hiring becomes easier.

Discover in the episodes of this podcast by Danilo Duchesnes advice and strategies put in place by certain specialists in the sector. And if you are a content creator, you will discover lots of tips to increase your visibility and extend your reach.

E-mail marketing

Email marketing is a powerful channel for acquisition, but above all for customer loyalty. Some industry experts lay out their methods in the podcast. By listening to them, you will discover the secret of their success and their expertise.

Tips and tricks on how to design engaging and personalized email campaigns are waiting for you. You will also learn advanced email marketing techniques.

Social media

This podcast also provides information on the effective management of certain social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, but especially Facebook. So, if you are a social media manager, this list of audio content will teach you lots of new things. Each social media has its specificity, learn to distinguish them and exploit this for you and your customers.

These themes are the most recurrent on Le Rendez-Vous Marketing. Thus, by listening to these inspiring stories from Danilo Duchesnes’ guests, you will easily be able to improve your results in digital marketing. Let’s see some examples from this podcast series.

The recent podcasts of Le Rendez-Vous Marketing

There is no doubt that this podcast hosted by Danilo has a large number of episodes. In fact, when I decided to post the description of this podcast on my blog, it was on its 86th episode. So here are the last 3 shared on the site at this time.

The state of Facebook advertising in 2023 (just 2 years after iOS 14!)

In this podcast, Danilo received Antoine Gagné, founder and CEO of J7 Media, a Canadian agency specializing in Facebook and Instagram ads. During this 45-minute episode, he and Danilo did, as the title suggests, an inventory of the state of Facebook advertising in 2023.

To do this, they went back to the period during which Meta experienced some trouble in 2021 and 2022. Thus, they noted what worked, what did not work. They also discussed the differences between the good media buyer and the expert and many other things.

 Created it on Facebook ads? It’s overrated! Here is the recipe for success on Facebook in 2023

In this episode, it is the personal opinion of Danilo. He tried to prove in 27 minutes that success on Facebook Ads isn’t just about creating them as many think. To do this, he shared:

  • the results of a Facebook study concerning the elements having the most impact on the effectiveness of your Facebook/Instagram ads campaigns and
  • the three must-have skills used by cream of the crop marketers within Facebook.

This way, you will be able to test other Facebook Ads techniques apart from creatives.

1-click payment to boost your mobile conversions by 30%

This episode represents the second part of the subject. During this one, which lasted 37 minutes, you can hear Jeremy Pinto explain what 1-click payment actually is. It should be remembered that Jeremy is the co-founder of Just, a one-click payment solution. He also calmly answered a series of interesting questions on the subject.

If you want to know where to go to find all the episodes, I bet the following will interest you.

Le Rendez-Vous Marketing podcast subscription platforms

It is still possible to listen to and subscribe to “Le Rendez-Vous Marketing” podcasts for free on several popular subscription platforms. Here are some where you can find these podcasts and subscribe to them.

Apple Podcasts

Being one of the world’s largest podcast platforms, it allows you to easily search for Le Rendez-Vous Marketing audio series, subscribe to it and listen to the 100% free episodes.


It is arguably the most famous audio streaming platform that offers a variety of podcast collections. If you are looking for Le Rendez-Vous Marketing, you will undoubtedly find it. Just download the app, search for the podcast and subscribe to receive new episodes.

Google Podcasts

Developed by Google, it is a platform on which you can search for Le Rendez-Vous Marketing and subscribe to it to listen to episodes of Danilo Duchesnes.

Finally, you should know that you also have the option of listening directly to the podcast on the site. So do not hesitate, if you do not feel comfortable with the previous platforms.

In summary

The Le Rendez-Vous Marketing podcast is a veritable treasure trove of information and useful resources for enthusiasts and marketers. Whether it’s exploring new approaches or techniques, keeping up to date with current marketing trends, this podcast will accompany you on your journey to e-marketing success. Better if you are looking for inspiration for your own business, do not miss the opportunity to stream this Podcast.

Videos : Danilo Duchesnes

Images​ : Danilo Duchesnes

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Presentation : Danilo Duchesnes

Podcast Le Rendez Vous Marketing Logo

Danilo Duchesnes is the CEO and Founder of DHS Digital, a highly recognized agency specializing in Facebook advertising.

In addition, it offers online training tailored to entrepreneurs and consultants who want to independently manage their Facebook ads and hone their copywriting skills.

Every week, Danilo imparts his most valuable digital marketing knowledge through his widely read blog, which attracts 1.2 million readers annually.

In addition, he recently launched a podcast called “Le Rendez-vous Marketing”, in which he engages in captivating conversations with inspiring entrepreneurs and digital marketing experts.

Danilo’s expertise as a digital marketing consultant and trainer is mainly in advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

He dedicates his daily efforts to helping entrepreneurs, online retailers and SMBs improve their visibility and drive sales through the power of Facebook.

One of the outstanding aspects of Danilo’s approach is his outspoken nature and sense of humor, which sets him apart in this field. Danilo is available on social networks by:

Facebook : Danilo Duchesnes

Above Danilo Duchesnes

Social Network : Danilo Duchesnes

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