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Podcast | The Digital Marketing

Podcast | The Digital Marketing

Short Description : Ciaran Rogers et Daniel Rowles


Business manager or marketing player? “The Digital Marketing” is a podcast to optimize your strategies, boost your creativity and stand out from the competition.

Long Description : Ciaran Rogers et Daniel Rowles


The Digital Marketing Podcast

In an ever-changing digital world, digital marketing podcasts have become an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration for industry professionals. 

“The Digital marketing” is one of the reference podcasts for staying at the forefront of the latest trends, acquiring new skills and benefiting from valuable advice from recognized experts. 

Description du podcast “The Digital Marketing”

“The Digital Marketing” is an ad-free digital marketing podcast with listeners in over 180 countries worldwide. The podcast combines interviews with global experts, along with the latest trends, tools, strategies and techniques to give your digital marketing an edge.

The podcast aims to be both entertaining and informative in order to make digital marketing accessible to everyone, especially beginners. 

Presentation of the facilitators

“The Digital Marketing” is co-hosted by 3 well-known figures in the industry. They are Ciaran Rogers, Daniel Rowles and Louise Crossley. 

Ciaran Rogers is a digital marketing and e-commerce expert. He brings his experience to the show by sharing practical tips with listeners that they can apply.

Daniel Rowles is the CEO of Target Internet, Program Director at Imperial College Business School and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. 

As for Louise Crossley, she is an Australian scientist and environmentalist who was closely involved in the creation of the Tasmanian Greens and the Global Greens. She also contributed to the success of “The Digital Marketing Podcast”. 

Publication schedule and distribution platforms 

“The Digital Marketing” is a weekly podcast. Every week, a new episode is released on most audio streaming platforms. 

The episodes last on average around thirty minutes, but certain formats can be longer depending on the theme or the guests. 

“The Digital Marketing” is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify And Deezer. To be notified when a new episode is released, you can subscribe to the platform of your choice. You can also find the episodes on the site Target Internet   and on the podcast YouTube channel

Themes covered on the podcast 

On “The digital Marketing”, several topics are discussed. We have among others: 

Natural referencing (SEO)

The podcast covers a wide range of SEO topics. Hosts and guests reveal strategies on how to improve a website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages. 

In several episodes, we discover discussions on SEO factors such as keyword research,optimisation on-page, link building, the latest trends and algorithm updates in the SEO landscape.

Social media

Another key theme of the podcast is social media marketing. Hosts and guests share their expertise on using various social media platforms to reach and engage target audiences. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. They cover topics like content creation, social media advertising, influencer marketing, and the changing social media landscape.


The podcast also delves into the topic of email marketing. Facilitators share strategies and best practices with listeners for build effective email campaigns. Their main focus is on email list building, segmentation, personalization, automation, and measuring the success of email marketing efforts.

Some recent episodes 

On Spotify, here is a summary of the latest episodes that have been published: 

« Digital Marketing Trends for 2024 »

This episode explores the key trends that will shape the digital marketing landscape in 2024. Hosts Daniel Rowles and Ciaran Rogers discuss the growing importance of AI and automation in marketing strategies. 

They also address changing consumer behaviors and the need for brands to adapt. They also highlight the emphasis on personalization, video and user experience as key elements for success in 2024.

« New Year’s Resolutions for Marketers in 2024 »

In this episode, Daniel and Ciaran offer a series of New Year’s resolutions to help marketers set ambitious goals and stay motivated throughout the year. 

They cover topics such as improving data and analytics skills, optimizing processes and workflows. They also emphasize well-being and work-life balance. The episode is a true guide to help listeners implement these resolutions successfully.

« Dangers of attribution modeling »

This edition of the podcast looks at the potential pitfalls of attribution modeling, a key tool for understanding the impact of different channels and touchpoints on conversions. 

Daniel and Ciaran warn against common mistakes. They talk in particular about the use of overly simplistic models, the lack of consideration of interactions between channels and the risk of over-attributing credit to certain touchpoints. 

The episode’s participants share tips on how to set up effective attribution modeling. They especially focused on the collection of quality data, experimentation and continuous analysis of performance.

In summary 

“The Digital Marketing” is one of the reliable podcasts dedicated to digital marketing professionals. Thanks to its expert hosts, Ciaran Rogers and Daniel Rowles, the podcast offers rich and diverse content that covers essential topics in digital marketing. 

These include SEO, social media marketing and email marketing. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, “The Digital Marketing Podcast” is a go-to resource for developing your skills and boosting your marketing performance.

Videos : Ciaran Rogers et Daniel Rowles

Images​ : Ciaran Rogers et Daniel Rowles


Presentation : Ciaran Rogers et Daniel Rowles


Presentation of the facilitators

The faces that represent the podcast “The Digital Marketing” are Ciaran Rogers et al Daniel Rowles. 

Ciaran Rogers is a digital marketing and e-commerce expert. As co-host of “The Digital Marketing” podcast, he shares his experience and insightful advice with listeners, helping them optimize their digital strategies.

Daniel Rowles is an award-winning author and renowned speaker in the field of marketing. As CEO of Target Internet and Program Director at Imperial College Business School, he also brings expertise to the podcast.

Louise Crossley is an Australian scientist and environmentalist. She also contributed to the success of the podcast.

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