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YouTube Channel | l’association SEO CAMP

YouTube Channel | l’association SEO CAMP

Short Description : SEO CAMP

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Would you like to master the most essential aspects of SEO through audiovisual content? Discover the SEO CAMP YouTube channel.

Long Description : SEO CAMP

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Get ready to explore the world of SEO thanks to the secrets of experts in the field through the SEO CAMP YouTube channel. In this media library, discover a myriad of conferences and presentations on various SEO and digital marketing topics. Watch the inspiring interviews offered by the channel’s hosts and become a must in the digital jungle.

SEO CAMP YouTube Channel Description

Creating good online visibility remains the key to progressing serenely in the world of SEO and digital marketing. Thus, learning advanced natural referencing techniques and adopting the best marketing practices can help you improve your web visibility.

In this sense, the SEO CAMP YouTube channel is a sufficient resource for such learning. With a multitude of instructive and inspiring videos, this renowned association provides you with all the elements that will allow you to rank yourself as an expert in SEO and web marketing. Let’s explore this channel together.

Presentation of the YouTube channel of the SEO CAMP association

Functional since November 7, 2014, theYouTube channel of the SEO CAMP association founded in 2008 has 5.4k subscribers so far. She has already made available to these subscribers and the YouTube audience at least 382 videos as we publish this content on our blog. In addition, it harvests, still at the time of publication, 322,985 views.

Through the association and the channel, the SEO CAMP wishes to provide access to information on the professions of SEO and Search Marketing. And beyond that, wants to federate the SEO community.

Thus, on the channel, a large number of SEO and digital marketing topics are covered, including:

  • Google ;
  • online commerce;
  • netlinking;
  • le marketing digital…

Indeed, if you have no skills in SEO and web marketing and want to develop them, this channel is an ideal resource to do so. Likewise, if you want to refresh your knowledge or understand how these two industries have evolved, you have come to the right place. His playlist is proof of that.

SEO CAMP YouTube Channel Playlist

The channel has several playlists, each as great as the next. Here’s what you need to know.

SEO CAMP Day Strasbourg 2023

For the moment, within this playlist, you will find only one video. This is nothing more than a presentation of the Linksgarden company by Guillaume Pracht, off-site SEO project manager.

You will have an idea of ​​the most significant details of Linksgarden, a recurring partner of SEO CAMP on many events and who is a Bronze sponsor of the SEO CAMP Day edition which took place in Strasbourg on February 10, 2023 at Le Vaisseau.

SEO CAMP Day La Rochelle 2022

With 5 videos so far, this playlist is a great resource for marketing and SEO professionals. Explanations from experts in these sectors revolve around the following topics:

  • The link anchor: its importance in SEO;
  • Search Marketing: its place in innovative companies;
  • AI and its impact on SEO in the years to come…

Lasting 25 to 45 minutes, the audiovisual content of the playlist is well explained. In this way, in front of these subjects, you will not have to worry too much.

SEO CAMP’us Paris 2022

This playlist remains for the moment a set of two short videos. These two videos represent in a way the introduction and the conclusion of the Search Marketing event organized in Paris during this year.

Since the first video is called Teaser SEO CAMP’us Paris 2022 — the Search Marketing event and the second Back in image on the Search Marketing event. You will therefore understand why we were talking about intro and conclusion.


This playlist currently only contains one video. A 49-minute video that is just a replay of the SEO CAMP Talk of June 9, 2022. In fact, Olivier Andrieu, Mickaël Challet and Didier Sampado, these big names in SEO give their opinion on a question: “How well choose your SEO information sources in 2022?”. Note that the host of the event was Patrick Valibus.

Discover the speakers of the SEO CAMP’us Paris 2022

Rather instructive, this playlist currently includes 25 videos of 1 to 3 minutes. Concretely, it is a series of interviews which allows you to discover the subjects which were discussed during the SEO CAMP’us Paris 2022. You will know through this series of videos who are also the speakers. Here is a snippet of some of the topics they covered.

  • Exponentially increase its keyword coverage in e-commerce;
  • The qualities of a good SEO consultant;
  • SEO local;
  • Agence SEO ;
  • Data science ;
  • Google NEWS…

The list of topics covered is quite long, but undoubtedly by taking the trouble to follow their conferences, you will learn more about SEO and web marketing.

SEO CAMP’us Paris 2021

This playlist is a replay of all the conferences of the 2021 SEO CAMP’us Paris event. It should be noted that you will be entitled to conferences of 17 to 45 minutes. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • SEO and JavaScript in 2021 ;
  • SEO Black Hat;
  • E-commerce content;
  • Deploy GA4 on a large scale;
  • Dropshipping et SEO…

If we continue to list topics, we risk filling a whole page. Be aware that even though this is a 2 year replay, there is still some interesting material.

SEO CAMP’us Paris 2020

Like the previous playlist, this is a replay of the 2020 conferences. Just that these were made public half a year later, so 6 months after their first broadcast. These talks of at least 17 minutes revolve mainly around Google, its updates and upcoming SEO trends.


This playlist is made up of two videos, at least for now. These 39-minute and 47-minute videos cover Green Search by Nicolas Audemar and Linksgarden’s step-by-step backlink strategies (remember?) by Jacky Giang.

SEO Camp Day Online Event Juin 2020

This playlist also serves as a replay of the SEO Camp Day Online, June 2020 event. It includes 10 videos over 20 minutes long that address several issues related to SEO natural referencing and marketing strategies.

This is pretty much the entire playlist of the SEO CAMP association. Their videos talk about many topics and answer useful questions for web 2.0 professionals. Of these, which were the most viewed? Let’s examine this more closely.

The first 07 popular videos from the SEO CAMP association channel

When we decided to offer a description of the channel, here are the videos from the channel that had the most popularity.

1. Start Log Analysis in 30 Minutes with Kibana

This is the conference of JEAN-Benoît MOINGT, SEO manager of the Solocal group and developer of log analysis tools. It has accumulated 19k views so far. The 17-minute video made a case for the importance and implementation of logging.

These represent an important source of data for SEO referrers. In this sense, they facilitate the study of Google’s behavior on your web pages so that you can act accordingly.

2. Semantic cocoon & SEO with Laurent Bourrelly

This 45-minute video hosted by Laurent Bourrelly covers in detail everything you need to know about the semantic cocoon. Thus, this audiovisual content which obtained 17k views teaches you how to set up and operate a semantic cocoon.

3. Small treatise on netlinking for the use of honest people

With 13k views, this 38-minute conference hosted by Paul Sanches and Kevin Richard, SEO consultant for more than 10 years, appears like a concrete practical guide to establishing an effective netlinking strategy.

4. How to set up a strategy with Growth Hacking — Grégoire Gambatto — SEO Camp’us Paris

As you will have understood, in this video, discover how to implement an approach with Growth Hacking. It is part of the top 7 by the fact that it has accumulated 11k views. It is a 40-minute video that explains the topic in detail.

5. Netlinking techniques by Julien Jimenez

The title of this video is quite representative. This video has accumulated 10k views and is an explanation of the role of netlinking in SEO. It lasted 32 minutes, but remains enormously detailed for a beginner to understand.

6. UX: 10 commandments to retain your users

This is another conference of the SEO CAMP association led by MC Casal, UX Strategist, Managing partner at Relax In The Air. In this video she explicitly demonstrates how UX and analyzing the understanding of your potential customers’ goals can facilitate customer conversion. The 44-minute video achieved success with 8.6k views.

7. Study the netlinking strategy of your competitors — Kévin Richard

If you are looking for tips to analyze the netlinking approach of your competitors, you will certainly approve of Kévin Richard’s explanations. Having accumulated more than 7.3k views with a duration of 52 minutes, this video which ends the list of the top 7 popular videos of the SEO CAMP channel will undoubtedly be very useful to you.

What types of videos are offered on the YouTube channel of the SEO CAMP association?

Although it is not really possible to have a precise idea of ​​all the types of videos that the channel offers, here are the recurring ones.

Replay of conferences and events

The SEO CAMP association frequently organizes conferences and events around SEO. You are entitled to replays of these conferences. These replays allow professionals who were unable to attend the SEO camp directly to access the various presentations of these web marketing experts.

Interviews d’experts

Apart from these conferences and events, it is also recurring to notice interviews with experts in these two fields. These offer interesting solutions and engaging advice on the latest SEO news.

In summary 

The YouTube channel of the SEO CAMP association is a very instructive source of audiovisual information. Many of the essential aspects of SEO and digital marketing are covered by experts in these industries. It is led by the association’s reporting team.

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Presentation : SEO CAMP

Chaines Youtube SEO CAMP Logo

Founded in 2008, the SEO CAMP association has more than 500 members and hundreds of supporters. Its members include:

  • Des webmasters ; 
  • SEOs;
  • Independent consultants;
  • SEO enthusiasts. 

The SEO CAMP aims to promote information on SEO and Search Marketing, while bringing the community together.

For this, it organizes events throughout France and animatesthe program “News Web” where experts discuss tech and digital news every week.

To join the SEO Camp association more easily and quickly in order to join the community, you can contact them byemail-SEO Camp


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