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Podcast | SEO 101

Podcast | SEO 101

Short Description : Ross Dunn et John Carcutt


Marketing player or business manager? Find out how the “SEO 101” podcast can help you rank on Google.

Long Description : Ross Dunn et John Carcutt


Podcast SEO 101

In 2024, SEO podcasts have become an essential tool for professionals and businesses looking to improve their online visibility and achieve their marketing goals. They offer an opportunity to discover expert opinions on the key themes of the moment. 

If you are an online marketer or business owner, the “SEO 101” podcast will certainly be of great use to you. Let’s find out how? 

Description du Podcast SEO 101

The “SEO 101” podcast is an audio program that gives listeners access to expert advice on search engine optimization (SEO). With more than 12 years of existence and more than 3 million downloads, the podcast is one of the oldest to continue over time. This is due to the quality of the guests and the relevance of their analyses. 

It is a very enriching meeting for many marketers and business owners who share the same desire to improve their online presence.

Who is the host of the podcast? 

“SEO 101” is hosted by Ross Dunn and formerly co-hosted by John Carcutt. For over 12 years, they created a show that was not only informative, but also entertaining. They have a certain ease in demystifying SEO concepts, making them accessible to everyone. 

Today the podcast is hosted by Ross Dunn, CEO of StepForth Web Marketing and co-founder of First Dentist. 

With over 24 years of experience in SEO, he has helped numerous businesses, including small local establishments and large brands (Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, etc.) succeed online. 

Publication frequency and episode duration

Every week, at least one new issue of the “SEO 101” podcast is published. A fairly frequent calendar that allows listeners to keep up with SEO news. 

Episodes are typically 45 minutes long, with a few exceptions which may be slightly shorter or longer depending on the topic and guest. 

On which platform(s) can I follow the podcast? 

The SEO 101 podcast is available on various platforms, including RedCircle, Apple Podcasts, Spotify And Deezer. To not miss any new publications, it is possible to subscribe to the podcast. Also find all the episodes published in video format on YouTube or visit directly site de StepForth to discover more content. 

What are the themes covered? 

On “SEO 101”, several topics around digital marketing are covered. For example, we have: 

The fundamentals of SEO 

The fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) involve several key elements. Among other things, we have on-page optimization to ensure crawl access, meta tags and internal links. 

Content creation also plays an important role. To do this, you need to understand user intent and choose relevant keywords to optimize for before moving on to the actual creation phase. The idea is to have engaging content with real added value for the reader. 

Google’s algorithmic changes

Keeping up with Google updates and the latest trends is important to stay competitive on search results pages. One of the criteria that the search engine asks for is that websites offer high-quality content to users. 

This is a decisive criterion that the search engine does not fail to emphasize with each significant change to its algorithm. The question is all the more topical, especially with the advent of artificial intelligence-based tools

Some recent episodes 

On Spotify, here are some summaries of the latest episodes that have been published: 

« Episode 467: Insider’s Guide to Google’s SEO Updates: Strategies for Ranking Success »

In this episode, participants discuss Google’s latest SEO updates by sharing valuable strategies for achieving good rankings on the search engine. They explain how to combat low-quality content, take advantage of AI tools and maintain a good online reputation. 

They also explore navigating Google’s evolving search landscape. On this point, they mainly focus on the signals of a good user experience, notably page loading speed, interactivity and visual stability.

« Episode 466: Chapter 9 of the SEO 101 Learning Series »

This edition of the podcast highlights essential SEO tactics, including user experience, adaptive rankings, and strategic metrics. The participants of this episode discuss the simplicity of optimization and at the same time the need for an expert. 

They also discuss the value of quality links, effective site management, and AI trends. Finally, the discussion covered competitor insights, SEO trends and digital marketing fundamentals.

« Episode 465: Testing Generative AI for Search and Other SEO Essentials »

In this episode, the guest examines the use of generative AI for search and other SEO essentials. They discuss the potential benefits and challenges of AI-generated content, including its impact on search engine rankings and user experience. 

The episode also covers other essential SEO topics, such as keyword research, technical SEO, and content optimization. So many practical tips to improve the visibility of your brand online and attract new customers. 

In summary

The “SEO 101” podcast undoubtedly remains a valuable resource for professionals looking to improve their understanding of search engine optimization. With down-to-earth concepts explained, the podcast is also accessible to beginners. 

Hosted by Ross Dunn and John Carcutt, two web marketing experts, in this podcast you will discover practical tips that you can start applying now to improve your ranking on the SERPs

Episodes cover a wide range of topics, from on-page optimization to mastering local SEO to using AI for content creation.

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Presentation : Ross Dunn et John Carcutt


Presentation of the facilitator

Ross Dunn is a web marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) expert with over 24 years of experience in the field. He is the CEO of StepForth Web Marketing and co-founder of First.Dentist. Dunn is known for his down-to-earth approach and passion for helping others improve their online presence. He has helped many businesses, from small local businesses to large brands, achieve search success. Dunn is also the host of the SEO 101 podcast, where he shares his knowledge and experiences with a wide audience.

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