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YouTube channel | Frederic Plisson

YouTube channel | Frederic Plisson

Short Description : Frédéric Plisson

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Would you like to learn web marketing? Discover Frédéric Plisson’s YouTube channel.

Long Description : Frédéric Plisson

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Frédéric Plisson’s YouTube channel is a space full of videos on SEO and web marketing topics. Frédéric shares tutorials on SEO tools and the use of social media in your online strategy.

Description of Frédéric Plisson’s YouTube channel

If the notions of webmarketing seem intimidating, professionals like Frédéric Plisson work to make this field accessible to anyone wishing to develop their activity on the web.

We discover on online platforms detailed resources that help to understand the different concepts without difficulty. Today, I am going to introduce you to Frédéric Plisson’s YouTube channel and his videos.

Presentation of Frédéric Plisson’s YouTube channel

Frédéric Plisson’s YouTube channel, created on December 24, 2011, currently has 4.98 k subscribers. This channel aims to address different aspects of web marketing, including:

  • SEO referencing;
  • Google Adwords SEA ;
  • Social networks.

Frédéric Plisson offers informative and educational videos in which he shares his knowledge and expertise in the field of online marketing.

The channel’s videos offer practical tips, tricks, and strategies to help entrepreneurs, marketers, and website owners improve their online presence.

Playlists from Frédéric Plisson’s Youtube channel

To find the people of videos you are looking for on this channel, you just have to browse the playlist dedicated to it. Among the playlists available on the channel, we have:

Shop analysis

This playlist includes 3 videos in which Frédéric Plisson analyzes three online stores. The SEO expert highlights issues on these stores, including:

  • Absences of meta-description;
  • Tree problems;
  • Inappropriate description sheets;
  • The invisible CTAs;
  • Etc.

By following these videos, you can learn how to identify problems on an online store in order to improve its performance.

SEO referencing

In this playlist, you have more than 35 videos focused on SEO, where Frédéric Plisson explains different techniques and strategies to improve the visibility of websites.

If your goal is to learn how to optimize sites for search engines, this playlist will help you achieve your goal.

Google Analytics

With its 6 dedicated videos, this playlist is dedicated to Google Analytics. Frédéric Plisson guides users through these videos on the use and interpretation of the data provided by this web analysis tool.

YouTube SEO

If you have a YouTube channel, in this playlist you will find tips and advice on how to optimize videos and improve their ranking in YouTube search results.

Google Ads Adwords

The Google Ads Adwords playlist includes 9 videos that deal with online advertising with Google Ads. Frédéric Plisson explains how to create and optimize advertising campaigns on Google.


This playlist offers 27 videos on Magento, an e-commerce platform. Frédéric Plisson covers different aspects of Magento, from installation basics to advanced features.


The Débunkage playlist includes 8 videos where Frédéric Plisson demystifies and critically examines certain common beliefs or theories in the field of digital marketing.


With 13 videos, this playlist is dedicated to WordPress, a content management system widely used today. Frédéric Plisson explains how to create, customize and optimize websites with WordPress.

Social networks

This playlist includes 30 videos on social networks, where Frédéric Plisson gives advice on managing company profiles, creating engaging content and optimizing the presence on social platforms.

Web marketing and the web project

This playlist contains 29 videos covering various aspects of web marketing and web project management. Frédéric Plisson discusses topics such as marketing strategy, project planning and industry best practices.

Popular videos from Frédéric Plisson’s YouTube channel

Do you want to watch Frédéric Plisson’s popular videos directly? We discover them in this section.

1. SNAPCHAT tutorial for beginners

This Snapchat video describes the features of this popular mobile application created in 2011 to send photos and videos with effects.

This video provides an overview of Snapchat, explaining its key features and showing viewers how to use the app.

It focuses on uploading photos and videos, adding effects, finding friends, and sharing content on the platform.

2. TikTok tutorial for beginners

This video is similar to the previous one and Frédéric describes the features of TikTok, the Chinese application that has caused a stir since its creation.

It covers creating and editing videos, sharing on social networks, managing sounds and effects, as well as the possibility of connecting with friends on Facebook.

In addition, you will also discover how to be creative to gain subscribers on TikTok.

3. SPOTIFY et Playlist Push un bon plan ?

This video dedicated to Shopify analyzes the Push Playlist system, which consists of being paid to promote a playlist on Spotify.

Frédéric makes an analysis at the end of which he warns against the fact that it is not as simple as it seems and such a playlist requires active subscribers.

She also warns against scams and points out that earning big money through this system is complicated.

4. Google AdSense TUTORIAL: make money with your site

In this video, Frédéric explains how to set up Google AdSense on a website to make it profitable, by creating an account and configuring the ads.

This video gives instructions on how to use Google AdSense to generate income from a website. She explains that setting up AdSense is relatively simple with a Gmail account and the Quick AdSense plugin.

The video also discusses moral aspects of adding anti-ad blocking code. She also cautions against relying solely on AdWords or display ads to make money.

5. THIS Google Analytics

You certainly already know that we cannot analyze the data of a site without the Google Analytics tool. It is on the strength of this that Frédéric presents this tool, in particular how to use it for the analysis of traffic and the behavior of users of a website.

It shows how to set up your tracking code and highlights key concepts such as:

  • User sessions;
  • The bounce rate;
  • Management of new sessions.

Types of videos offered on the channel

On this channel, you will mainly find tutorials on the use of tools and social media to boost the visibility of a website.

However, the channel also publishes interviews with Frédéric Plisson and other SEO professionals.

In summary

It should be noted that Frédéric Plisson’s YouTube channel is loaded with tutorial videos that can help any professional develop their online website using SEO.

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Presentation : Frédéric Plisson

Chaine Youtube Frederic Plisson Logo

Created in December 2011, the YouTube channelFrederic Plisson hasstarted posting videos only in December 2017. Frederic Plisson is the creator of his own YouTube channel. He had a rather unique journey full of experiences.

After obtaining his license and his master’s degree in business law, Frédéric Plisson decided to follow his passion by turning to the field that fascinated him the most.

He thus chose to enroll in a master’s degree in film and audiovisual production at the University of Caen, where he brilliantly obtained his diploma with honors.

During a period of 4 years, Frédéric acquired a solid experience within feature film production companies.WAS Films and ELIA Films. He successively held the positions of Production Assistant, Production Manager and Executive Producer.

He stands out in particular by producing shorts- footages. In 2019, he then created the cinema production companyMacagna Productions.

Frederic Plisson is available to discuss with you on:

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