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Short Description : State Of Digital

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Discover the different categories of the State Of Digital blog and find relevant information on online marketing trends.

Long Description : State Of Digital

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The State Of Digital blog is a web platform that is made up of practical guides and tips that are easily usable by digital marketers. On this platform, you will also find SEO techniques and tips that can be used by all SEOs.

Description Blog State Of Digital

Digital marketing is one of the fundamental pillars of the development of the turnover of any company. This is why it is important to know and read blogs that deal with this area. These are the best way to quickly self-train, train and share experiences.

One of them is the State Of Digital blog. This one tries to bring about a significant change in the marketing that is done online and fill a gap. That of establishing a climate and a culture of trust between web 2.0 players.

Let’s find out together what this blog can bring you through its objective, its concept of creation and its different categories.

Introducing the State Of Digital Blog

The State Of Digital blog published content for the first time on February 18, 2013, thus symbolizing its creation date. Translated into French, the name of the blog literally means “State of digital”.

More precisely, it is a place if not a place where those who are protagonists in the digital scene can search and find the right content easily. By good content, we must understand the famous content that responds to:

  • their needs ;
  • their current position;
  • the state of their companies’ digital marketing focus.

These protagonists can read, learn, and share original content with the right people. Which gives them the power to unlock the latest locks as well as strategic digital marketing locks to take the next steps in this vast scene.

But why did you choose the concept of digital state? And what is the purpose of this blog? We give you a clear and concise answer to these two questions below.

Objectif de State Of Digital

State Of Digital is first and foremost a website with a knowledge platform that holds important elements within it. Notably :

  • a well-stocked blog;
  • white papers;
  • comprehensive guides;
  • important marketing and SEO events;
  • online seminars…

Indeed, State Of Digital aims to help every online professional and marketer visiting or subscribing to the website become a better version of who they are now.

In other words, he aims to make all specialists and online marketing professionals more competent through his blog. Now let’s talk about the concept of State Of Digital.

Choice of the digital state concept

State Of Digital is not just an everyday blog or website. It is a concept thought up and introduced by Bas van den Beld based on three fundamental principles of marketing and education united.

  • Learn yourself so that you can better teach others.
  • Understand each other between digital marketing players through cultural sharing and each other’s experience in order to be able to develop several other skills.
  • The principle used by Nelson Mandela and other Robben Island prisoners of having those who are taught also teach others.

Not being an everyday blog, State Of Digital enjoys a certain notoriety that is very noticeable through its different metrics. Let’s see the numbers.

Key State Of Digital Blog Metrics With SEOquake

  • Website authority score:50 
  • Average length of visit:14 minutes 04 seconds
  • Average bounce rate: 57,92 %
  • Volume of monthly organic traffic:18.6k

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different categories of the State Of Digital blog

The digital marketing environment is expanding rapidly. Thus, evolving at your own pace and following current trends in this type of marketing can be challenging or challenging for some professionals or specialists.

Under these conditions, knowing the steps and techniques to perform to improve your digital marketing becomes the most promising alternative.

This is certainly what the State Of Digital blog is trying to prove when it offers original content that covers all aspects of online marketing. This content is structured around 8 categories as follows:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation 

This category of the State Of Digital blog brings together virtually every useful segment in the world of digital marketing. This is a collection of articles that only talk about search engine optimization.

If we have to do a little calculation, we can say that this category contains more than 600 articles. These mostly deal with the role and importance of optimizing the content of company web pages for search engines.

  1. Marketing 

The Marketing category of this blog is a variety of articles. Within this category you will find:

  • useful content tips and tricks in the field of marketing;
  • comprehensive guides;
  • articles on conferences organized by State Of Digital…

This category contains enough content, but does not reach the number of content in the Search Engine Optimization category. In any case, you have valuable and very interesting information on digital marketing and its latest trends. There is something to feed your general culture.

  1. Content Marketing 

Tips, guides or tools to improve your content marketing. This is what the articles in this category of the English blog State Of Digital are about.

Indeed, content marketing concerns the creation and sharing of online resources as well as messages on social media. It is a form of marketing that does not formally advertise a brand.

It is rather intended to stimulate interest in the products or services of the user of this form of marketing. Reading the articles in this category covers all these aspects.

  1. Social Media Marketing

In this category, learn from informative articles full of tips on the different strategies to put in place to develop your activities on social media.

Also find the right tools to improve your digital marketing strategy on the main social platforms, in this case:

  • Facebook ;
  • Instagram ;
  • Twitter ;
  • Snapchat…

At least 200 articles about social media marketing currently exist in this category. Finally, you can find informative content on tools to understand your audience’s sentiment on social media. Very interesting, isn’t it!?

  1. Events

Whether it’s SEO, content marketing or even social media marketing, the articles posted on the blog in this category are the events organized by State Of Digital.

As a result, even if you have not participated in its various events, you will have the resources necessary to improve your skills. State Of Digital is truly an online digital state.

  1. Specials

This category of the State Of Digital blog gathers special content. That is to say, content that does not only talk about online marketing.

This is a special category that talks about specific subjects such as: confinement or the state of evolution of State Of Digital. The articles also cover public celebrities and interviews with digital marketers.

  1. Advertising 

The following category brings together interesting articles on the tactics and practices used to draw public attention to:

  • some products ;
  • services ;
  • opinions…

This is a category that covers advertising with Google Ad, marketing on Amazon, the usefulness and use of KPIs and many other things related to advertising. You will find hundreds of articles there.

  1. Business

How to set up a business? How to improve your turnover? What useful tips can you use to make a name for yourself in your business? Here are so many questions whose answers have been well developed in the hundred articles of this category of the blog.

The articles in the “Business” category cover all aspects of a successful business, whether it is an online activity or not.

Here is a little description of the different categories of the State Of Digital blog. By searching the posted articles, you will find your account there. That said, it is important to specify that these are the first 5 categories that represent the Top of the State Of Digital blog.

Guest articles on the State Of Digital blog

State Of Digital prides itself on its track record and visibility, which is why the management team would not accept guest posts. However, they do occasionally accept guest posts in response to solidarity among friends.

In summary

This description was able to accurately describe the State Of Digital blog. This is a blog that contains thousands of articles with important resources in the field of online marketing as well as in the field of SEO. This blog is divided into 8 relevant categories so that all professionals and digital marketers can clearly have the information they are looking for.

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Presentation : State Of Digital

Blog State Of Digital Logo

The author of the State of Digital blog is Bas van den Beld, an award-winning digital marketing consultant, speaker and trainer.

His goal with State of Digital is to provide people working in digital with great resources based on their needs and to fosterinteraction, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

State of Digital offers excellent quality marketing content for its users, regardless of their skill level and the level of digital marketing implementation in their businesses.

The content it offers ranges from blog posts and white papers to guides and events. The State of Blog site can therefore be a realfind for people looking to putin place successful marketing campaigns.

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