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Informative articles, tips and tutorials on the Express Writers blog can help you improve your knowledgeand content marketing.

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Blog de Express Writers

The Express Writers blog is an extensive online library with topics covered primarily around SEO, content marketing, and copywriting. Most of the articles that cover these topics are informative, very detailed and provide advice. You will also find interesting guides and very useful tips on the subjects in question. Finally, there are other resources on this blog such as e-books and tutorials…

Description du blog de Express Writers

On the Internet, several blogs address topics related to SEO, content marketing and digital marketing.

If some are not rich in content, others are and allow you to have good information, advice, guides and valuable tips. This is the case of the Express Writers blog. Regarding it, here is the essential thing to remember.

Introducing the Express Writers Blog

Theblog de Express Writers positions itself as an authoritative source for practical content marketing advice. Hosted by a team of experts, this blog offers a diverse perspective on the industry.

Through this blog, founder Julia McCoy aims to help SEOs improve their writing and the quality of their content.

She also seeks to provide e-marketing professionals with ideas and strategies to deepen their knowledge of the industry.

On the blog, you will discover practical advice, important tips and proven strategies to stand out from your competitors.

Does this very inspiring blog have a good rating in terms of authority score? What are the behaviors of blog visitors? Let’s find out all this.

Key Express Writers Blog Metrics

Here are the scores this blog got for the main metrics:

    • Authority Score: 40
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:96,1 k
  • Duration of visits:42 minutes 37 secondson average
  • Average Bounce Rate:62,67 %

It is time to specify that this data was collected using the SEOquake plugin in full writing. These data may therefore vary at any time and are therefore approximate.

For this blog, the articles published by the editorial team are classified into several categories. Let’s examine them more closely.

Express Writers main blog categories 

Admittedly, this blog is classified into several categories, but the main ones are the following:


Within thisExpress Writers blog category, you will have at your disposal informative and explicit articles. You will find practical advice and guides to improve your SEO efforts.

The contents gathered in the category are also excellent tips that can help you effectively improve the visibility of your site on search engines.

Indeed, SEO is not limited to quality content. It is also a matter of search engines, their updates and backlinks.

Content marketing 

Do you know why you should linger to explore thearticles of this category? Well, it is because of the detailed explanation aspect of the category contents.

Not only are the articles about the latest news, they are guides that allow you to understand all segments of SEO and marketing. Discover the right step-by-step process to develop or revise your web marketing strategies.

In addition, you are sure to find advice from SEO or marketing experts to improve your skills if not to refresh your knowledge. Believe me, we never stop learning and the digital world has many surprises in store.

Social media

Here are some interesting questions:

  • For social media content optimization: what are the best platforms to optimize and how?
  • How to write the most engaging messages on social media?
  • How to see ideal examples of social media optimization?

If you wish to have really detailed answers to these questions and besides well illustrated, it will be necessary to think of exploring thiscategory. As you will have understood, there are guides and tips for establishing the right social media strategy.

Thought Leadership

Very interesting as a blog category name, isn’t it? Yes, the French translation givesThought Leadership. Thus, in the latter, you have tips and tricks for a remarkable management of your SEO or marketing projects.

You will have quality content at your disposal to be more productive as a freelancer or entrepreneur. Finally, informative articles on managing your time and your work are also waiting for you.


Unlike other blog categories that deal with SEO topics like marketing, thiscategory speaks overwhelmingly of the Express Writers brand. More exactly changes concerning the team.


Thiscategory brings together several articles that obviously address SEO and marketing. But it’s not just that.You will also find videos and tutorials that will allow you to free yourself in SEO and web marketing.

Also, are there testimonials that can inspire you so that you can be motivated in managing your projects.


Copywriting is different from simple writing by their respective contents. If the first makes the choice of words to persuade the reader to carry out an action, the second is broader and can be carried out by many.

But what are the best practices for being a good copywriter? What should be understood about this skill? If you want to understand everything on the subject, you will be happy after exploring the articles collected in thiscategory.

Above are the main categories of the Express Writers blog. But did you know that beyond these resources, there are others that are available on the website? Let’s examine these.

Other resources available on the Express Writers site

The other resources of the site are those which will follow.

Content Resources

Let’s call this insteadonline bookstore category for marketers. In fact, this resource brings together a variety of books that only cover topics related to:

  • THIS;
  • Copywriting;
  • Marketing digital…

These books are free to download. Seeing this library, for sure you will no longer need training to get by in the world of digital marketing. Just a little reading and it’s all done.


Thisresource is a group of questions that users ask very often when they are on the site. And these questions in turn have clear and precise answers which make it possible to ensure that you have a good understanding of your subject which calls for concern.

Here are some of the other resources available on the site. Without a doubt, the blog is very rich in content. But does he accept the publication of guest articles?

Express Writers Blog: Guest Posts or Not 

The Express Writers blog is very impressive. Unlike other blogs that do not accept the publication of guest content, this one allows the practice of guest blogging. So don’t be surprised to see guest contributions on the blog.

By the way, if you want other blogs that allow guest posting, you can easily click on this link:+1156 Blogs to Publish your guest articles [FR/EN].

In summary 

The Express Writers blog is a handy online resource for SEO, marketing, and copywriting professionals. The latter provides them with advice, tips and strategies for improving the quality of their content and their visibility.

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After graduating from Oregon State University, Adam Oakley focused on leading great teams. His work ethic and character have helped him gain a reputation as a trusted partner.

In2021, Adam became CEO at the agency Express Writers, where he brought a new era of growth. The team is made up of writers, editors and content marketers, all professional and handpicked.

The Express Writers blog is an extensive online library with topics covered primarily around content marketing and copywriting.Express Writers is full of resources and tips illustrating the expertise and knowledge that content marketing strategies and tips bring together.

You can reach the agency by:

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