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PODCAST | Growth Experts

PODCAST | Growth Experts

Short Description : Dennis Brown

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Do you want to establish excellent SEO strategies without breaking the bank? Find out how to make it happen with the Frugal SEO: Website Traffic on a Budget podcast.

Long Description : Dennis Brown

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The “Frugal SEO: Website Traffic on a Budget” podcast is essential for digital marketers and SEO specialists who want to improve their skills. It provides them with practical and applicable advice on various topics related to SEO and digital marketing. The hosts of this podcast, Gautam and Kieran, share their knowledge and expertise in an engaging and accessible way.

Description du podcast Frugal SEO : Website Traffic on a Budget

In our digital age, digital marketing is essential for any brand that wants to expand its online visibility and reach its target audience. The “Frugal SEO: Website Traffic on a Budget” podcast fits this reality perfectly.

It offers a valuable resource for digital marketing and SEO professionals, as well as brands wanting to optimize their online presence without breaking the bank.

Presentation of Frugal SEO: Website Traffic on a Budget

« Frugal SEO: Website Traffic on a Budget » constitutes a podcast in English, designed to help digital marketing professionals and brands increase their web traffic. But this, by controlling their expenses.

As the name suggests, this podcast focuses on cost-effective SEO strategies, offering tips and tricks for improving online visibility without breaking the bank.

This podcast is a valuable resource for anyone looking to optimize their website without investing heavily in expensive advertising campaigns.

It is run by specialists in SEO and digital marketing, who share their knowledge and expertise accumulated over the years.

Additionally, co-founders Gautam and Kieran, lead facilitators, remain experienced entrepreneurs who themselves have used frugal SEO strategies to grow their online businesses.

They fully understand the challenges that marketing professionals and brands face every day. So they also share practical and applicable tips to help.

The main objective of this podcast is to democratize SEO. But above all to show listeners that it is not just reserved for large companies with unlimited marketing budgets.

ANDepisodes of the Frugal SEO podcast: availability and listening time

The “Frugal SEO: Website Traffic on a Budget” podcast is available for free at:

This way it remains easy to access for listeners around the world. New episodes are released regularly, ensuring a continuous flow of fresh and relevant content.

Additionally, each episode follows a consistent and well-organized format. Episodes typically begin with an introduction to the topic of the day, followed by a detailed discussion of which SEO strategies to tackle.

Presenters often present real-life case studies and share their own experiences, making the content relevant and engaging.

Additionally, episodes of this podcast typically last between 10 and 45 minutes, making them perfect for daily commutes or coffee breaks. The concise format ensures that listeners can absorb the information without feeling overwhelmed.

Finally, the publication frequency is biweekly. So, listeners can expect new episodes every two weeks. However, episodes are sometimes available weekly.

Topics covered on Frugal SEO: Website Traffic on a Budget

The podcast covers a wide range of topics related to SEO and digital marketing, in particular:

The basics of SEO

This theme covers the fundamentals of SEO, focusing on how search engines work and the ranking criteria used by Google.

So, if you are looking to better understand the fundamental concepts of SEO, you are certainly in the right place. Indeed, episodes may include discussions on:

  • the importance of keywords;
  • URL structure;
  • meta tags and
  • optimizing titles and descriptions.

Facilitators also provide advice on carrying out an initial SEO audit to identify a website’s strengths and weaknesses. To do this, they invite specialists for detailed explanations.

Content strategies

In what ways can you create content thatI attract and engage? This is a fairly broad question that covers several sub-themes. If you are looking for useful information or updates that address any aspect of this question, you will find Frugal SEO very valuable.

Facilitators share tips on:

  • keyword research;
  • writing optimized content and
  • using techniques like the Skyscraper method.

In effect, it is necessary to produce high-quality content in order to attract and maintain visitor interest. This theme explores different content strategies such as the creation of blogs, articles, videos and infographics.

Link building

Are you looking for steps to obtain quality backlinks?

Link building remains a key component of off-page SEO. This theme focuses on the various techniques for obtaining quality backlinks, which represent links from other websites pointing to yours.

Episodes can cover implementing strategies like:

  • le guest posting ;
  • participation in forums and online communities and
  • using influencers to promote content.

In addition, if you want to discover how to analyze competitors’ backlinks to identify link building opportunities, the podcast is definitely for you.

Competition analysis

Understanding what your competitors are doing is crucial to developing an effective SEO strategy. This topic covers tools and techniques for analyzing competing websites, in particular:

  • the identification of the keywords they target;
  • the sources of their backlinks and
  • the performance of their content.

Hosts share tips on using tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs to conduct competitive analysis and adjust your own strategy accordingly. Via this podcast, you will know how to monitor and outperform your competitors.

SEO Tools

This section examines the SEO tools the most popular ones, whether free or paid, that are available to help improve the performance of a website.

  • carry out SEO audits;
  • search for keywords;
  • analyze backlinks and
  • monitor website performance.

They also share tips for getting the most out of these tools on a budget. For an audio review of free and paid tools to optimize SEO, you’ve come to the right podcast.

Frugal SEO Podcast: Website Traffic on a Budget: recent audio content

The “Frugal SEO: Website Traffic on a Budget” podcast continues to provide valuable insights and practical strategies for digital marketing and SEO professionals. Here are the last three episodes discussed at the time of writing this content.

« My Blog is NOT Showing in Google Search (2020)—How to fix it? »

The audio content with the title “My Blog is Not Showing in Google Search (2020)—How to Fix It” translated into French is: My blog is NOT showing up in Google Search (2020) — How to fix it?

This one covers common issues that prevent a blog from appearing in Google search results. In the episode, the hosts explain possible reasons for this invisibility, such as:

  • technical errors;
  • content issues or
  • Google penalties.

They also provide practical solutions and steps to follow to diagnose and fix these issues, to improve the blog’s visibility and ranking on Google.

« SEO for Game Studios: Level Up Your Company »

SEO for Game Studios: Scale Your Business : This episode focuses on SEO strategies specific to video game studios. Facilitators discuss techniques for:

  • improve the online visibility of games;
  • attract more players and
  • increase downloads.

They cover topics like optimizing game pages, using relevant keywords and creating engaging content.

This episode offers practical advice to help game studios stand out in a competitive market.

« Why Local SEO Matters for Web Designers »

Why is local SEO important for web designers? : This episode focuses on the importance of local SEO for web designers working with local clients.

Indeed, the hosts explain why local SEO remains crucial to help small businesses stand out in their region and attract new customers. They cover topics like:

  • l’optimisation des listings Google My Business;
  • the use of geo-targeted keywords and
  • creating relevant content for a local audience.

The episode provides practical tips to help web designers effectively integrate local SEO into their strategies.

What to remember?

« Frugal SEO: Website Traffic on a Budget is a must-have podcast for digital marketing and SEO professionals. It offers practical advice and effective strategies for increase web traffic profitably.

Hosts share their expertise and experiences to help listeners improve their online visibility without spending a fortune. This podcast is a valuable resource for anyone looking to optimize their SEO and succeed in digital marketing.

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Presentation : Dennis Brown

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Presentation of the facilitator

As host of Growth Experts, Dennis Brown shares his passion for growth marketing and entrepreneurship. Every week, he receives experts, CEOs and business founders who reveal their secrets to successfully growing their business.

With a casual yet professional tone, Dennis conducts in-depth interviews to uncover the best strategies and tactics used by his guests. From innovative promotion ideas to creative content approaches to monetization methods, Growth Experts explores every aspect of podcast growth and marketing.

The show stands out for its ability to go beyond generalities to really dig in and understand what worked concretely for each guest. Whether you’re looking to grow your audience, engage your listeners, or monetize your content, the insightful advice from Dennis Brown and his experts will inspire you and help you reach new heights.


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