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Blog | Site Pénalisé

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If you want to avoid the various Google penalties for your website, discover the articles and guides offered by the Penalized Site blog.

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The Penalized Site blog is an online resource that offers several articles whose topics revolve around Google Penalties and natural referencing. Apart from these other topics such as content marketing and linking strategies are also covered in this blog..

Blog Description Penalized Site

Google penalties are a real nightmare for website owners. Indeed, these penalties most often lead to a drastic drop in their site’s organic traffic and can also harm their online business.

It is therefore necessary to avoid these penalties at all costs. To get an idea of ​​how to do this, the right approach is to explore blogs that frequently address the subject. At your complete disposal, these blogs offer practical guides to guide you on the right steps to follow.

You will also discover remarkable tips and advice to get out of it in a professional way. One such blog is Penalized Site. Let’s discover this one together.

Presentation of the Penalized Site blog

TheBlog Penalized Site brings together a number of contents that primarily address issues related to these topics:

  • Google penalties;
  • SEO and
  • Content marketing.

Contributors to this blog frequently share practical advice, valuable tips, and some solutions to help website owners:

  • Improve their online notoriety;
  • Avoid Google penalties;
  • Rank higher in the Google SERP…

This blog has a few metrics that better distinguish it from other blogs of the same genre. Let’s take a look at all of this.

Core Blog Metrics Penalized Site

The metrics you will soon see have been brought together with the SEOquake add-on. These are:

    • Authority Score: 22
  • Monthly organic traffic:1,34 k
  • Duration of visit: —
  • Average Bounce Rate: —

It should be noted that these measures were proposed during the writing of the article. Over time, the values ​​of these metrics may vary. They therefore remain approximate.

You might want to get an idea of ​​the categories that make up this blog. We have listed them so you can see the other aspects covered in the blog.

Main Blog Categories Penalized Site

The main categories of this French blog are:

Google Penalties

This category includes informative articles that explain the various penalties that Google can inflict on a website in the event of non-compliance with quality guidelines. But also discover the tips and tricks to avoid these penalties from Google.

This way, if you own websites or want to become one, you have content that will allow you to put in place the right actions to avoid penalties.


This category of articles explains the best practices to put in place in terms of SEO for your website. In addition, you also have content that addresses mistakes to avoid. To these are added opinions on the tools to use if you want to work better on your SEO.

In addition, a large majority of the articles gathered in the category discuss the different SEO techniques that you can use to obtain a good ranking in the SERP of Google. You are also entitled to simple, but very valuable tips that will help you optimize your website effectively.

Local SEO

AT Through this section of the Penalized Site blog, find SEO techniques for local businesses. Indeed, the articles of the latter show you the steps to follow to make your online presence effective in order to effectively attract local customers.

Tips and advice for designing a remarkable Google My Business listing remain available for you. As such, if you are new to the world of local SEO, you have valuable information to do it well. Finally, you will discover good tactics for developing a successful local SEO strategy.

Content Marketing

This category brings together articles that discuss content marketing techniques. Learn by reading the articles grouped within it how to create content that meets the needs of users. Also learn how to promote this content and measure its performance.

Also in this category are practical tips and mini-guides that orient you on how to become an ace in the content marketing sector. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, you will not regret anything if you explore the category.

Link strategy

Links, whether incoming or outgoing, have a powerful impact on the SEO of a website. But how to create good qualities? Besides, how can you avoid bad links? Why and how to assess the direct impact of these links on the SEO of your web pages?

Well, all the answers remain grouped in the informative articles and guides of this category. Thus, you have all the pieces of the puzzle in hand to create links or develop good linking strategies.


With this category, be aware of the latest trends or news about the world of Google and marketing. Discover lots of helpful guides that are sure to help you:

  • To attract traffic to your website;
  • Optimize your e-marketing strategy;
  • Effectively develop your business strategy…

Many other content remains available within this category such as informative articles that better explain to you how to market with Google.


HubSpot, Valic or Eskimoz, better understand how these companies work or show the interesting aspects of some of their tools: this is one of the reasons to explore this category. Apart from that, you have practical guides that talk about commercial prospecting and digital auditing.

Other articles that talk about interesting topics such as e-reputation or the creation of websites remain available in this category. In fact, you have at your disposal all the necessary elements to better manage your online business and be more productive than ever.

These are roughly the main categories that make up the Penalized Site blog. But is he one of the blogs that accepts the publication of guest content? Let’s discover this together.

Does the Penalized Site blog accept guest posts?

The French blog Site Pénalisé is one of those blogs that does not accept the publication of guest posts. At least, this blog does not allow that for now.

That said, if you are looking for blogs in both French and English that accept the publication of guest posts, we recommend our platform. This brings togethera blog list that allows guest posts

In summary

The Penalized Site blog represents an informative source that allows you to avoid the various penalties that your website can obtain. It also offers informative content that addresses many aspects of SEO and content marketing. If you are new to the writing world, reading this blog would be a great recommendation.

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Presentation : Site Pénalisé

Blog Site Penalise Logo

L’SEO agency « Penalized Site » was founded byPatrice Krysztofiak in 2012 following an NSEO attack on its main e-commerce site.

From the age of 12, he taught himself programming and was able to create his first shareware software on the Amiga.

He then developed applications for PC and MAC and acquired knowledge in natural referencing, in particular in the field of shareware marketing at the time of its heyday.

Patrice Krysztofiak is a veteran of the digital marketing industry, in which he has worked since 1998. He is currently an SEO consultant and digital marketer.

Despite the rapid evolution of this field, he stays up to date and shares on his blog practical tips, tricks and solutions for website owners looking to improve their Google SERP rankings.

you can followPatrice Krysztofiak on these different social platforms, namely:

LinkedIn : Patrice Krysztofiak

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