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Want to know all the workings of e-commerce? Discover tips, guides and tricks available on the WiziShop blog.

Long Description : WiziShop

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The WiziShop blog is a must-have online library in the e-commerce industry. Within it, you have complete guides, engaging tips and tricks to create, develop and manage your merchant site. Remarkable tips, strategies and ideas remain available to make a good turnover and allow you to impose yourself in your activity. Finally, apart from the blog, other elements of interest such as the e-commerce Glossary or the WiziShop Store are also available to perfect your art.

Description you blog WiziShop

Do you know that at the end of 2022 in France, the field of e-commerce has reached€146.9 billion, an increase of 13.8% over one year? While this rise is good news for e-commerce professionals, this rapid growth poses some significant challenges.

One of the best known remains the competition between sellers to attract and retain customers. Faced with this, e-merchants must constantly seek new strategies and then offer functional websites to stand out and provide a user experience.commendable and exceptional.

The best way to do this is to follow tips, tricks, and read guides from some blogs that really know the stuff. Among the multitude found on the Internet, some like that of WiziShop remain unavoidable.

Presentation of the WiziShop blog

Theblog de WiziShop brings together a plethora of articles that highlight all the important aspects of e-commerce. More precisely, it is an e-commerce blog regularly updated by WiziShop experts in the industry.

They also share several interesting tips on a variety of topics, the main ones being based on the following themes:

  • Creation of e-commerce sites;
  • Online marketing;
  • SEO ;
  • Etc.

Additionally, frequent postings each week make this blog a dynamic resource for merchant site owners. Apart from these tips, you will find excellent tricks to make a good turnover.

Through this blog, the WiziShop team aims to facilitate e-commerce and help business owners implement e-commerce best practices for their own business. Even if you are new to this industry, you have resources at your fingertips

A priori, this is a blog that seems reliable, but what do its metrics show? To form your own opinion, we have presented de facto some data.

WiziShop Blog Main Metrics

AT About the data in question, here’s what to see:

    • Authority Score: 46
  • Monthly organic traffic:164 k
  • Duration of visit:15 minutes 05 secondson average
  • Average Bounce Rate:86, 71 %

Accuracy: These metrics were collected with SEOquake during the blog description. They remain reliable, however, they are approximate since the next hour, these data may vary.

Now that you have an opinion of the notoriety of this blog and the behavior of visitors, if we move on to the categories that form it.

WiziShop blog categories 

The informative articles, the practical guides and the many advices and tricks of the blog are classified in several categories of which here the enumeration.

Create your store

Within this category, you will have access to practical advice and valuable tips or techniques to effectively create an online store. Also, you will discover step-by-step guides on how to do it quickly.

Indeed, if you decide to do e-commerce, you must have a functional sales website available. But if you don’t know where to start if you don’t know how to create the website in question, you should also read the informative articles in the category.

In this way, you will not only know how to design the sales site, but you will learn how to develop and manage it effectively.

Generate turnover

AT through this category, discover the many tips and effective strategies to guarantee the profitability of your sales site. Moreover, ultimate guides to make your site appear on Google remain available for your greater good.

In addition, you will find tips and informative articles to quickly get sales and grow your turnover. Therefore, if you are struggling to generate a good turnover, the category serves as an ideal excuse to stop struggling. Up to you !

Resources and Training

This category remains so interesting? Do you know why? Indeed, within it, you will find useful resources to train you in the levers of e-sales. Resources like:

  • Infographics;
  • Feedback from industry professionals;
  • Invitations to free online workshops…

Well, now you see what makes this category in particular and the blog in general so stimulating. Indeed, if you are an e-merchant, mastering areas of industry expertise remains the basis for progress. By attaching particular importance to reading the articles in this category, you will evolve quickly.


In this section of the blog, discover free advice from WiziShop experts in e-commerce SEO to get traffic to your e-store. You will also find SEO tips to better reference your merchant website.

And by the way, if you are looking for free tools to manage your e-commerce SEO, welcome to the right category. Interesting articles and guides that address the use of Artificial Intelligence in the management of the SEO of your sales site complete the category.


You probably know it or maybe not. But, to allay any concerns, know this. Indeed, WiziShop is an all-in-one tool, that is to say all in one, which gives you the possibility of launching an e-commerce site in a short time and therefore in just a few clicks.

It is regularly used by certain brands. The latter gave testimonials on the performance of this tool. And it is these testimonials that are grouped in this category. In this way, if you are still hesitant to use it, these testimonials will convince you of its reliability and its valuable features for your e-business.

Groupe WiziShop 

This category talks about updates and the evolution of WiziShop in the world of e-commerce. Indeed, you can read in this list of articles some customers’ opinions on WiziShop.

In addition, the conferences to which the WiziShop team has been invited remain at your disposal. So you can see for yourself the dazzling progress of the company with its flagship tool WiziShop.

Well, we are at the end of the short presentations of the sections or categories of the blog. You can decide to go visit the categories for more details or continue reading to get an overview of other resources outside of the blog.

Apart from the WiziShop blog, what other resources are available?

Other important resources aside from the plethora of blog posts are:


This resource, whose full name remains WiziShop e-commerce news, brings together the latest trends and current news relating to WiziShop. Within these, you have regular releases of e-shop builder tool updates, including:

  • Training ;
  • The designs;
  • Fonctionnalities ;
  • The partnerships…

As such, if you are an e-merchant, these new features may be useful to you. Because the e-commerce scene is constantly evolving, staying informed is not always easy.

Expert Partners 

This blog resource brings together expert partners whose offerings can significantly benefit your online store. More precisely, it is a certain number of partners who are specialists in their sectors of activity. Thus, if you are new to creating your store, you can enterpartnership with them.


This resource goes to all users of the WiziShop tool. However, even if you are not one, the help center will benefit you. Indeed, it brings together advice and answers from the WiziShop team on all the frequent questions that many new and new e-merchants ask themselves.

Finally, the resource also provides guides on some interesting topics such as entrepreneurship or AI technology.

WiziShop App Store

The WiziShop Store resource remains so essential that if you were to take a look, you can only thank the team. Indeed, it is a store that brings together apps that adapt to your needs. This resource provides tools that anyone can leverage for your:

  • Marketing ;
  • Store management and
  • SEO.

Clearly, you will see that WiziShop wants to make the world of e-commerce in France easier and more accessible.

E-commerce glossary

You already know what a glossary is. Except that here, it is a glossary for e-commerce. With this resource at your disposal, you will discover all the terms related to selling on the web.

This will allow you to develop your activity in these last entrenchments if not to the top. You have lexicons categorized:

  • Trade glossary
  • Marketing Glossary
  • Entrepreneur Glossary
  • Logistics glossary

With these key concepts defined with simple and easy to remember words, no choice, they will take you for an expert.

Advice from Grégory Beyrouti 

Grégory Beyrouti is one of the co-founders of WiziShop, he has 14 years of experience in the e-commerce industry. In this resource, you will be entitled to these daily tips to boost your sales and therefore your turnover. However, you must notify your email address once to start receiving his advice, which remains free.

Now you have some idea of ​​the other items of interest available outside of the WiziShop blog. Perhaps you would like to propose guest posts? Or maybe not? Finally, here is what you need to know about WiziShop and guest posts.

Guest posts on WiziShop: is it possible? 

The WiziShop blog is one of the French blogs that allow guest posts on its platform. For all the details on the conditions for publishing guest posts on this blog, you can contact their customer service.

Moreover, if outside of WiziShop, you are looking for other blogs that allow the publication of guest content, you will have to look into our platform. It provides you withnearly 1400 other blogs that accept guest posts.

In summary

The WiziShop blog remains very abundant in articles. The vast majority cover almost all subjects and themes concerning e-commerce and the creation of merchant sites. If you are new or want to start in e-commerce, this blog is for you. By reading it, you will not regret anything, on the contrary, you will gain more knowledge.

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Presentation : WiziShop

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Gregory Beyrouti created the WiziShop e-commerce solution in 2008 with the help of two partners, René Cotton and Cédric Piazza. He shares his knowledge of e-commerce on his blog to help those who want to develop their online business.

Thanks to his youtube channel,Gregory Beyroutipublishes videos in which he discusses the topics discussed  in these blog posts

As a serial entrepreneur since 2004 and CEO of WiziShop, an SEO-oriented Ecommerce solution,Gregory Beyroutihas made a name for himself as an expert in his field by constantly sharing valuable information on his LinkedIn page.

To learn more about him and the content he shares, you can now follow him on:

YouTube : Gregory Beyrouti

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