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Blog | Lorelle

Short Description : Lorelle WordPress

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Do you want to master WordPress correctly and manage your blog effectively? Discover the different resources available on Lorelle’s blog.

Long Description : Lorelle WordPress

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Lorelle’s blog is a space dedicated to writing enthusiasts and WordPress users. Within this space, you will find valuable articles and tutorials to improve your productivity when using WordPress. Also discover practical advice and explanatory articles to become an excellent blogger. Also, learn through courses and exercises how to effectively succeed in web writing.

Description of Lorelle’s blog

Becoming a successful blogger doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience, a good general knowledge and experience to reach this level.

This assumes that you must be on the lookout for quality, useful and practical resources. On the web, you will inevitably find some. But, what you need to look for are the most reliable ones like Lorelle’s blog.

What topics are covered in this blog? What categories and resources does this blog offer? Does he enjoy a good reputation? All the answers to these questions are just below.

Introducing Lorelle’s Blog

Lorelle’s blog is a personal website with a host of articles that cover a wide variety of issues related to WordPress, blogging, and web writing. His blog is arguably an important resource if you’re a WordPress beginner or want to deepen your knowledge.

Through her website, Lorelle VanFossen helps you learn even more about blogging and WordPress management. She publishes tips, practical advice and techniques to help you blog more easily.

Besides that, she shares guides as well as tutorials to master and effectively use WordPress, and So, does his blog have a large number of visitors?

If you are curious to find out, the following will be useful to you. Indeed, we have collected some main metrics that will give you a clearer answer of the notoriety of this blog.

Key Lorelle Blog Metrics

Before listing the metric data, we would like to point out that the said data was provided to us by the SEOquake plugin. These include:

    • Authority Score: 27
  • Monthly organic traffic:5,27 k
  • Average length of visit:27 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate:91,90 %

Noticed: The measurements you have read above are approximate. From time to time, they can change. These were taken during the creation of this content.

Lorelle’s blog, like many sites and blogs, has several categories in which a myriad of articles are classified. Here are the main categories of Lorelle VanFossen’s blog.

Main categories of Lorelle’s blog

The main categories of Lorelle’s blog are:

WordPress Tips

Understanding the functionalities of WordPress, knowing how to secure it, knowing how to choose the right themes and optimizing its use is naturally complicated when you start with this CMS. Even professionals often struggle to truly use WordPress.

Within this category of Lorelle’s blog, discover tips, tutorials and articles on WordPress themes, WordPress add-ons and many other segments that relate directly or indirectly to WordPress.

Develop and deepen your knowledge of web publishing with WordPress with Lorelle by exploring this category in depth. You will be more than satisfied.

Blogging Tips

Keeping a blog is a practical way to improve your online visibility. It is also a professional way to show your expertise and reliability in this or that field. Lorelle writes extensively on blogs as well as web publishing.

And in this category, it brings together articles that deal with how to write for the web on blogs or websites. You will also find useful tips and advice on content management and writing blog posts.

Finally, you will discover through really educational explanations how to promote and monetize a blog profitably.

Blog Exercises 

This category was formerly called “Blog Challenges”. In effect,Blog Exercises brings together a frequent collection of exercises to better understand WordPress, especially when you are starting out.

These are exercises that you can tackle from the beginning or in any order. Either way, the goal of this blog category is to teach you how to use WordPress in a practical way.

Thus, you will be regularly confronted within the category with instructions that you must carry out to deepen, understand and master WordPress. These famous blog exercises, tips, tricks and techniques are offered to you for free.


As the name suggests, this Lorelle’s blog category is about writing. Specifically web writing. Within it, you will find loads of content related to:

  • Creative writing;
  • Writing quality articles;
  • The development of web content writing plans;
  • Etc.

It should be added that most of the content gathered in this category is web writing tips and techniques that will allow you to stand out quickly. You can also find in this category a large number of tips to experiment with.

Web Design

The design of a website is a guarantee of a good user experience.In this category from Lorelle’s blog, you can explore topics related to:

  • Website design;
  • The creation of models;
  • The use of website typography…

The contents of this category are formost of the advice and practical guides to read to properly manage the beauty and format of your website.

Here are a few ways we can introduce you to the main Lorelle blog categories. For your information, this blog has other resources. And just like the case of the main categories, we thought it would be interesting to describe these resources to you.

Other resources available on Lorelle’s blog

Lorelle’s blog has a multitude of additional resources, the vast majority of which relate to WordPress. Here they are.

Classes and Workshops 

Withinof this resource, Lorelle offers a range of WordPress courses, web publishing, blogging, web writing…all in one online school.

In this virtual school, you will learn a lot about the management and functionalities of the WordPress CMS. You will also discover quality information and several tutorials that will guide you for a better use of WordPress.

Finally, you will find in this resource some course documents on WordPress, but also a Google + community from the WordPress school of Lorelle.


In addition to being a WordPress expert, Lorelle VanFossen is a writer. She has already published some books and articles on blogging, web development, nature and travel photography…

If you want to learn more about the art of blogging and web programming, you can use the books she offers inthis resource.

WordPress Resources 

This resource is very beneficial for WordPress beginners. Indeed, if you have no knowledge of this CMS or if your knowledge is very limited, you can go to a higher level with this present resource.

Complete guides, advice, tutorials and tools to master WordPress in its entirety and this for free. This is what is collected in this resource. From theory to practice through step by step steps to set up without much knowledge a WordPress site is available within this resource.start here.

Managing Multiples Bloggers

If you are already experienced with using WordPress, this resource may provide further support. In fact, it is aresourcewhich brings together advice and tips for effectively managing several bloggers at the same time.

Apart from these main Lorelle blog resources, there are many others that can further deepen your knowledge, blogging and web writing. Just understand that this blog is a plethora of useful resources. But on her blog, does Lorelle accept guest contributions?

Does Lorelle VanFossen accept guest posts on her blog?

Lorelle’s blog is a website that in its early days did not accept guest posting on its blog. At first, she was reluctant to accept guest posts, as she wanted to keep her blog personal.

But on the famous blog’s second anniversary, she finally allowed some people to post guest posts. This is’handpicked authors.

In addition, it provides these students and visitors with articles tosuccessful guest posts

Finally, if you are looking for other blogs for guest posting, you can explore our platform which includes at least1100 English and French blogs who would accept guest posts.

In summary

Finally, Lorelle’s blog focuses on topics and themes like:

  • WordPress;
  • Content creation;
  • Blogging
  • Website management…

This is a blog that offers informative articles as well as practical advice to help WordPress beginners, bloggers, and website owners do better in terms of their online presence.

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Presentation : Lorelle WordPress

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Lorelle VanFossen, creator of the blog ofLorelle on WordPress, is a speaker, trainer, writer and web writing consultant.

Often referred to as a digital evangelist, she writes and teaches content on her blog that relates to how all of her social publishing businesses work.

She also offers training programs on digital storytelling and web publishing. Targeted entities are businesses, schools, universities, associations, non-profit organizations and government agencies worldwide.

A blogger since 1994, before the term “blog” was even developed, Lorelle is also involved with WordPress as a volunteer. She helps write the WordPress Codex and assists others on the WordPress Forum.

She has written over two thousand articles and was particularly recognized for her pioneering early explorations of the possibilities offered by web design elements with her CSS Unleashed – Experiments with CSS Designs series.

Lorelle also acts as a consultant and educator to improve their web standards, policies and practices.

Always at the forefront of emerging technologies, Lorelle organizes several events on Alt Space, one of the most popular virtual reality (VR) social platforms. She thus pushes the limits of interactive and immersive social, academic techniques.

Join Lorelle on her networksFacebook, Twitter AndLinkedIn.

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