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Podcast | Du Marketing

Podcast | Du Marketing

Short Description : Estelle Ballot

Podcast Le Podcast du Marketing Mise en avant

To discover new approaches and deepen your knowledge of marketing, listen to Le Podcast du Marketing.

Long Description : Estelle Ballot

Podcast Le Podcast du Marketing Ressource 1

The Marketing Podcast brings together several varied episodes covering several topics relevant to both entrepreneurs and marketers. The guests of Estelle Ballot, the host of the podcast bring their expertise, share their experiences, practical advice as well as marketing tips and tactics to help those interested. Several topics that include content marketing or e-marketing approaches are regularly discussed.

Description of The Marketing Podcast

Are you looking for an exciting and instructive experience to deepen your knowledge and skills in digital marketing? I would advise you to follow Le Podcast du Marketing.

In fact, the various themes that are covered in the episodes of this podcast provide you with practical advice and interesting tips. In addition, it can help you find inspiration for the development of your marketing approaches. Good listening !

Introducing The Marketing Podcast

Hosted by Estelle Ballot, an expert in digital marketing,The Marketing Podcast aims to help brands, marketing professionals and especially women entrepreneurs to better develop their marketing knowledge. And their skillssimilarly. This podcast in French covers several topics that mainly revolve around:

  • Digital marketing strategy;
  • Entrepreneurship and
  • Emergence in a competitive market

For this, it offers through its series of episodes, practical advice, tips and various practical approaches so that marketing professionals can achieve their business objectives.

But where to go to access this Podcast? The answer to this perfectly logical question can be found in the following section.

Availability and structures of Le Podcast Marketing episodes

Le Podcast Marketing episodes remain available on certain audio content streaming platforms. Among them, the main ones where you can subscribe to follow this podcast outside the chartable website are:

  • Apple Podcasts ;
  • Google Podcasts et 
  • Spotify.

It should be noted that each episode focuses on a specific aspect of marketing and provides very instructive tips, tricks and strategies. In addition, some episodes include interviews with certain experts in the field or in-depth discussions on relevant topics.

Others, on the other hand, offer mini-courses in marketing. These explain some key marketing concepts and provide learning paths for putting them into practice.

In Le Podcast du Marketing, several themes are discussed. Let’s see what these can do for you.

Topics addressed on The Marketing Podcast

Among the diversity of themes available in this series of audio content, some are specific and include many related concepts and topics. I refer in particular to:

Marketing digital 

Offering a unique opportunity to acquire new knowledge as well as valuable tips in the e-marketing industry, the episodes addressing this theme remain quite numerous. Through these, you can effectively promote your brand by making good use of the tips and lessons offered.

In addition, by paying particular attention to listening to the inspiring stories of Estelle Ballot, you will know the different ways to reach your target audience effectively. This will make it easier to grow your brand to new heights.


This is the second recurring theme addressed in Le Podcast du Marketing. The audio content that talks about it focuses on the approach and the development of effective strategies for the success of its marketing objectives.

This content provides advice that will allow you to establish a major marketing approach adapted to your needs or those of your customers. The topics that revolve around the theme are:

  • Creation of unique value propositions;
  • Innovation marketing ;
  • Customer loyalty ;
  • Competition management…

The goal in these episodes remains to help professionals and beginners alike determine how to create and implement approaches that promote the growth and success of their brand.


The series of episodes that address the theme Business aims to support both professionals, but especially beginners to make their brand prosper. For this, Estelle Ballot frequently offers practical advice and some useful information. These episodes explore topics such as:

  • The expansion of a business;
  • The growth ;
  • Resource management;
  • Optimizing business performance…

In this way, these entrepreneurs or solopreneurs will know how to strategically develop their business. Better still, they will be able to easily identify new opportunities and efficiently manage their resources to generate a good turnover.

Conseils marketing digital 

The episodes that highlight this theme focus on the exploitation of online tools and platforms for the effective promotion of a brand’s products or services. These podcasts feature helpful tips, practices, and tricks for harnessing the power of:

  • THIS;
  • Social media platforms;
  • Online advertising;
  • Online business…

For this purpose, whether you are a brand or a specialist in one of the online marketing sectors, you can acquire useful knowledge on best practices. Likewise, you will discover how to improve your digital presence to reach your target audiences.

Formation and marketing 

The podcasts that deal with this theme provide marketing mini-courses to allow professionals to deepen or refresh their skills and knowledge.

The episodes indeed offer practical advice as well as instructive information to stay up to date with the latest trends and approaches of the moment. This theme allows professionals not only to gain skills, but also to strengthen their expertise in order to better develop their business to achieve their objectives.

Market visibility

This theme, which is also covered in Le Podcast du Marketing, explores strategies to increase the notoriety of your brand in the market. The various episodes that make the case provide engaging tips for promoting your products or services.

Moreover, through this series of Podcasts, you will discover relevant and innovative approaches to reach your target audience and distinguish yourself from your main rivals. Also discover inspiring stories that will give you concrete lessons on the role of visibility in the development and success of your brand.

Market and competition

The audio content that highlights this theme assesses the approaches and tactics to stand out from the competition in a competitive commercial universe.

Most episodes feature several handy tips and interesting tips on how to:

  • Position yourself in a unique way;
  • Identify opportunities;
  • Develop its value proposition;
  • Build trust with leads…

Apart from these tips, topics such as creating a strong brand or establishing an effective marketing approach to stand out from the crowd are also available.

Now let’s talk about recent podcasts released.

The recent podcasts of Le Podcast Marketing

As I was writing this description, here are the latest 3 episodes that have been shared on the podcast:

How to be visible without social networks – episode 180

The episode focuses on alternatives to notoriety on social media platforms. Having lasted 40 minutes, it challenges the idea that social media remains the only essential tool to reach an audience.

For this, Estelle Ballot presents alternatives to have visibility without going through social networks. The episode therefore offers engaging advice, practical tips on how to improve one’s online presence outside of social media and create relevant content without sharing one’s personal life.

How to emerge in a competitive market with Camille Jullien Gilardi — episode 179

In this 52-minute episode, Estelle discussed strategies that allow you to stand out in a competitive market. For this, her guest Jullien Gilardi, co-founder of the EPC champagne house, told how she went about creating a Champagne brand in an environment that was nevertheless closed to long-established competitors.

By listening to this story, you will be guided step by step to develop effective strategies and position yourself without fear or stress in a saturated market. It represents an interesting resource for anyone who would like to succeed in a competitive environment.

Infobesity and organization — episode 178

This 38-minute episode is about infobesity. If you don’t know what this concept means, well, know that it is about the information overload that we face every day hence the word infobesity. In the episode, Estelle Ballot invited Julien Gueniat, specialist in information management and author of soon four books on the subject.

Together, they explored the various strategies that will make it possible to deal with this problem which is coming very very soon and how to organize themselves effectively. Moreover, Julien highlighted the need to identify appropriate methods to stand out in a crowded market, especially when you have a small budget.

So here are some of the most recent audio content of this podcast. Apart from these, other equally interesting ones are available.

Forto summarize

The Marketing Podcast is a remarkable wealth of information and valuable resources for marketing enthusiasts, beginners and professionals. So, if you want to discover new marketing approaches or deepen your digital culture, this series of audio content will certainly help you. It can also be an authentic source for finding inspiration for the benefit of your business.

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Presentation : Estelle Ballot

Podcast Le Podcast du Marketing Logo

Estelle Ballot, through her Marketing Podcast, gives men and especially women the means to develop their businesses and lead them to make good choices.

While initially envisioning a career in consulting and business, Estelle’s professional journey took an unexpected turn.

Looking for her first job in marketing, Estelle turned to a temp agency, which led her to enter a field quite separate from her true passion.

She then ventured into the tobacco industry, an environment that required creativity due to the Evin law. After seven years of good and loyal service, Estelle moved to the agency side and joined Ogilvy.

Driven by a desire to immerse herself in e-commerce, Estelle accidentally started her first company and experienced a dynamic interplay between entrepreneurship and traditional employment, including a two-year stint at Microsoft. .

In 2019, she launched Podcast Marketing, where she gives valuable advice to her audience. The podcast is a great platform to educate and empower its listeners.

You can contact Estelle Ballot on LinkedIn here

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