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Would you like to know more about SEO? If so, check out the Dibz blog to exploit the articles that are made available to you for this purpose.

Long Description : DIBZ

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Thedibz’s blog offers you through various articles to learn even more about SEO, digital marketing and many other topics related to the SEO sector.

Description of dibz’s blog

It is actually a platform developed by “four dots”. A New York-based SEO agency with the goal of helping businesses maximize their online presence to attract more audiences.

The Dibz platform is a tool designed specifically for link prospecting. It has a blog on which we find articles classified in different categories.

Who can consult the dibz blog? 

Like most SEO blogs, the one that offersdibs can be consulted by all those who are interested in the topics of SEO and digital marketing. With the topics that are developed there, visitors can consult and exploit the articles to learn more about SEO and digital marketing.

The dibz blog metrics? 

The analysis of the web page traffic of the Dibz blog, shows the following results as of December 14, 2022:

  • Authority score: 38;
  • The number of monthly visits is 661;
  • The bounce rate: 71.58%;
  • Average visit time: 00 minutes 13 seconds.

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Apart from these different performances, note that the Dibz blog is a recent blog, which justifies the low number of articles found on the blog page.

The Dibz blog has other features, including:

  • The search bar on the page which allows you to search and find information precisely;
  • The possibility of displaying the most recent articles as well as the oldest.

What will you discover on the dibz site?

The articles offered on this site can be found in the following categories:

  • Marketing d’affiliation : This category currently contains only one article. This is intended to show Internet users how they can use affiliate marketing and influencers to increase their sales;
  • Company News : Composed of only 7 articles, this category of the Dibz blog allows you to have access to news on the tools and various functionalities offered by the Dibz site;
  • Content : We find here two articles that show users of the Dbiz blog tips to enable them to create quality content;
  • Industry News : If you want to get information about the SEO industry, just go to this category of the blog. you will find information there for example on “the greatest challenges of link building” or even the 5 painful SEO mistakes that are killing your business “;
  • Link building : This part introduces you to tips and other information on how to set up an effective method of link building;
  • Link Prospecting : Here you will find information that allows you to have the necessary skills to determine the value of a link
  • THIS: As you can imagine, the articles presented here address SEO and these aspects. Most of it is tips and tricks;
  • Social media : This part of the Dibz blog introduces you to content relating to social media. At present there is only one article presenting the advantages of working with influencers on social media;

There is also another category of articles devoted exclusively to learning SEO. We therefore find articles that relate to SEO. These articles not only focus on SEO, but also on the use of certain software.

Beyond the dibz blog

Beyond the articles on his blog, dibz offers you his expertise in the field of link prospecting. This will allow you later to find the necessary means to identify good opportunities for link creation.

It makes available to those who may be interested services such as:

  • Search and filter;
  • Measure spam;
  • Manage data intuitively;
  • Proposes an idea for content;
  • Collect contacts from prospects.

Most of these features can be customized. Likewise, their cost is affordable.

The use of these different functionalities requires that you are registered on the site. If you’re not interested, you have the option of taking advantage of the 15-day trial version.

It does not require a use of your credit card and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

That’s all you need to enjoy the benefits of the Dibz blog.

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Blog Dibz Logo

Radomir Basta, author ofblog Dibz, is an SEO and user acquisition professional. In his thirties, he has been working in this sector for almost ten years now.

During his career, he has followed the latest SEO trends and worked with many companies to improve their online visibility.

Since 2012, Basta has been a regular lecturer at the Institute of Digital Communications in Belgrade. He collaborates with various professionals in the digital marketing industry in Serbia.

He is also one of the founders of, one of the leading entertainment sites in the Balkans.

In 2013, Basta co-founded Four Dots, a full-service inbound marketing agency that today operates in Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Along with Basta, Four Dots co-founders Milica Dobrenov, Goran Bogunović and Nataša Bajić conceptualized and launched three next-generation SEO tools:

  • (link prospecting),
  • (link management system)
  • (dashboard-based automated KPI tracking and reporting software).

You can reach the CEO of Four Dots via his networksFacebook, Instagram, LinkedIn AndTwitter.

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