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Podcast | Des entrepreneurs

Podcast | Des entrepreneurs

Short Description : Morgane Février

Le Podcast des entrepreneurs Podcast Mise en avant

Would you like to discover practical tips and smart approaches before starting? Listen to The Entrepreneur Podcast.

Long Description : Morgane Février

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The Entrepreneur Podcast is an online audio library of references for all questions related to entrepreneurship and personal development. Within the crowd of episodes already published, you can learn a lot more about leadership, entrepreneurship, personal branding and many other super interesting topics. If you’re not sure what approach to take to get started or if you’re looking for a dose of motivation, you have to listen to this podcast.

Description of The Entrepreneur Podcast

What are the ways to start in entrepreneurship and get out of it? To say that there is a common method would be unlikely. For this reason, the ideal is to draw inspiration from other entrepreneurs, listen to experienced advice and see to what extent you can apply it to yourself.

But even there, there are several challenges to overcome. So, what I recommend is either to read specialized blogs that deal concretely with the issue, or to read audiovisual content that also addresses it. YouTube may allow you the second option.

Another option exists, however, that of purely audio content. You will find plenty of them on the web. However, so as not to think too much about the choice to be made, I suggest you listen to Le Podcast des entrepreneurs. He remains very reliable in the entrepreneurial world, especially if you are a woman.

Introducing The Entrepreneur Podcast

Published every Friday of the week, Le Podcast des entrepreneurs is hosted by Morgane February, an entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience and also a speaker. Within it, they discuss with different experts in their fields issues related to:

  • Female entrepreneurship;
  • The business world;
  • Personal development…

This is a podcast for everyone:

  • Both novice and confirmed entrepreneurs;
  • Team managers and
  • People with a high position of responsibility.

But apart from these, Morgane February’s podcast is mainly aimed at those who wish to live from their passions. Her goal is therefore to help everyone and especially women to become a better version of themselves. To do this, she provides advice, gives valuable tips and steps to support her listeners.

Where to go to subscribe to his podcast, and how are these episodes structured? I have given you answers just below.

Availability and Structures of The Entrepreneur Podcast

You can access this podcast directly on its platform. But if you want to subscribe to be aware of the latest episode releases, find it on iTunes and Google Play thanks to Stitcher Radio.

Moreover, the largest number of episodes are interviews between experts and Morgan February. And those are long playtimes. Long in that the episodes vary from 1:20 to 2:15 minutes.

Also, at the bottom of each episode, the purpose of the encounter is made clear so you know what to expect. I also want to draw your attention to the fact that apart from the clearly stated objective, you have a live participation link. Finally, you may download all episodes of the 7 seasons already released. What about the themes covered by this podcast?

Topics covered by The Entrepreneurs Podcast

Here are the most recurring themes in the myriad episodes of this podcast.


Widely covered in this podcast, the episodes that address this theme are for everyone. They provide helpful tips and information to help entrepreneurs succeed along the way. Several topics are covered in the episodes that talk about the theme. Among others, I quote:

  • The creation and management of his business;
  • Good decision-making;
  • Risk management…

Other topics are still covered. So whether it is for the purpose of improving your skills as an entrepreneur or whether you want to start a business, the episodes that address this theme remain adequate for you.

Advice and coaching 

This theme highlighted in some episodes of the podcast focuses on sharing experiences and practical advice for entrepreneurs. The speakers, experts in their field, provide practical advice that remains applicable to the daily challenges faced by solopreneurs and entrepreneurs alike.

By listening to the audio content that talks about it, you will have at your disposal practical tips and methods for better entrepreneurship. In addition, you will discover effective tools and means to succeed in your projects for an excellent entrepreneurial journey.


Leadership remains a very familiar concept in entrepreneurship, moreover, I can even say that it forms one of these pillars. In the episodes that mention this theme, you will learn more about its usefulness in the field of entrepreneurship. They cover topics that feature:

  • The Leadership skills you need;
  • The management of your team;
  • Conflict resolution within the team;
  • Inspiration, where to find it…

Already the guests who exchange during these episodes are eminent leaders and experts in the field. Thus, they share their knowledge and practical advice to help other entrepreneurs like you to strengthen your leadership skills and be successful in your journey.

I can therefore say without trumpet or drum that the episodes that highlight this theme have a specific purpose. That of equipping you so that you can calmly guide your teams to successfully achieve your business objectives.

Personal Branding 

Doing entrepreneurship necessarily requires taking care of your personal branding, that is to say taking an interest in your personal brand image. In the podcasts that deal with this theme, discover the great usefulness of this brand in the entrepreneurial sphere. As proof of this, the topics that come up very often:

  • Brand image management;
  • The construction of a remarkable professional identity;
  • Presence on social networks;
  • Real and human communication…

Here, the speakers are experts in branding and marketing. This way you have practical proven tips for maintaining your brand. In addition, you will find other approaches and strategies for your personal brand to be strong in order to stand out in the market.

No longer any doubt, the objective of the episodes that involve this theme remains to help you better position yourself as experts. Of course, there is also the fact of attracting the public through a catchy and memorable personal brand.

Female entrepreneurship

Women can be successful in the entrepreneurial world. Quite rightly, there are episodes that address this theme. These highlight the experiences, challenges and successes of female entrepreneurs. They cover inspiring topics:

  • The creation and management of women’s businesses;
  • Women’s management of responsibilities;
  • The balance between personal and professional life;
  • The difficulties and the steps taken to overcome them…

In the episodes that talk about the theme in question, you can listen to very touching and motivating stories as well as the advice of some women who have made a name for themselves in the world of entrepreneurship. These episodes aim to promote female entrepreneurship, emancipation and equality between men and women in the business scene.

Evaluation of products and business ideas

Episodes that speak to the theme focus on various methods and strategies for determining whether a product or idea is viable. And if the latter remains likely to succeed on the market. Podcast episodes explore topics like:

  • Market research;
  • The assessment of the competition;
  • Product testing;
  • The feasibility study;
  • Customer feedback and
  • Performance indicators.

Experts in these episodes share their tips, tricks and experiences to help entrepreneurs evaluate and validate their products and ideas.

News and government aid

This last recurring theme in the podcast focuses on the latest news related to entrepreneurship. Similarly, the episodes also address the measures and aid implemented by the government to support entrepreneurs. So don’t suspect that the topics revolve around:

  • Legislative decision-making;
  • Financial assistance programs;
  • Subsidies ;
  • Government initiatives;
  • Tax credits…

Thus, you are kept informed in these episodes of current trends in entrepreneurship and government administrative affairs.

If you are looking for information on the latest podcasts published on the site, the rest of my writing will inform you about it.

What are the recent audio files of Le Podcast des entrepreneurs?

When I wrote this description, here are the three most recent episodes shared on the podcast.

S07 —EP 235 — How to organize and manage your time especially during holidays as an entrepreneur. e ?

In this episode, Morgane February invited experts who provided practical advice for entrepreneurs. The purpose of this interview remains to help entrepreneurs optimize their time management during the vacation period. They discussed some important aspects of the issue including:

  • Strategies for developing a priority list;
  • Good planning;
  • Delegation of tasks…

Many other aspects were considered in this episode which lasted 1 hour 28 minutes. You will also learn after listening to this one valuable tips for maintaining your productivity while taking the time to recharge your batteries and enjoy the holidays.

S07 —EP 234 — How Do You Stay Motivated?

In this episode, experts discussed the role of motivation for entrepreneurs. By listening carefully to the episode, you will know the different techniques and tactics that will allow you to maintain a high level of motivation over the long term, even in the face of obstacles.

Reading this episode will also provide you with tools and valuable tips to maintain or firmly maintain your motivation in your entrepreneurial journey. Thus, cultivating motivation through setting specific goals or developing a positive mindset will no longer be a secret for you.

I notify that its duration of 1 hour 44 minutes is already proof in itself of what you will learn and understand in terms of motivations.

S07 —EP 233 — How to Feel Legit?

This episode is the continuation of episode 232 entitled “How to beat this famous impostor syndrome?”. You should know that during episode 233, the speakers led a discussion on the doubts and feelings of insecurity that a plethora of entrepreneurs feel. They took the opportunity to provide practical recommendations to help you overcome these challenges. This episode is none other than the one that will allow you to:

  • Strengthen the feeling of self-confidence;
  • See beyond the impostor syndrome;
  • Identify and enhance your skills…

Having lasted 2h 04 minutes, its streaming will help you understand and assimilate the feeling of legitimacy. It will also allow you to acquire ideas to feel emancipated and confident enough in your entrepreneurial journey.

Here is a small overview of the most recent audio contents of this podcast. However, for other equally interesting options, you can see the other seasons of The Entrepreneur Podcast.

In summary

The Entrepreneur Podcast guarantees a useful and enriching experience for all entrepreneurs regardless of gender and level. Its vast selection of episodes, 234 so far, covers various topics related to the world of business and personal development. In addition, it allows listeners to stay informed of the latest news related to entrepreneurship. If you want to jump into this world once and for all, keep this podcast in your favorites.

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Presentation : Morgane Février

Le Podcast des entrepreneurs Podcast Logo

Morgane FEVRIER is an expert in neuromarketing and entrepreneurship. She is a coach and mentor for entrepreneurs. Moragne has set up the Entrepreneur Podcast to help more people find their direction and achieve success.

With over 25 years of experience in the web industry, she has a deep understanding of SEO, SEA, SMO, and project management. In 2012, she founded her first company, Weeshiz, a digital agency for entrepreneurs.

Morgane launched the entrepreneur podcast in 2014 and started organizing events and conferences on digital marketing, entrepreneurship and personal development.

Morgane’s passion for empowering entrepreneurs led her to create two schools in 2022: ABCI (Intuitive Business Coach Academy) and AELA (Atypic Entrepreneur Leaders Academy).

These academies aim to provide comprehensive training and guidance to individuals in the areas of business coaching and entrepreneurial leadership.

Thanks to her great expertise, her deep understanding and her inventive methods, Morgane leaves a remarkable imprint in the field of entrepreneurship.

You can reach MorganeFEBRUARY by:

Above Morgane Février

Social Network : Morgane Février

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