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Short Description : Blog Alyze

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Want to understand SEO tools? Discover all the information relating to the Alyze blog and the various tools available on the site.

Long Description : Blog Alyze

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The Alyze website is a simple and practical platform that allows visitors to learn about SEO. They can also perform a semantic analysis of their website to improve its SEO score. The blog is rich in information of all kinds, but especially in those related to SEO. These help Internet users to learn about the different practices in this area.

Blog de Alyze

To optimize a website, you must first be able to determine what is missing and where it needs to be improved. This is where the semantic analysis of web pages comes in.

This practice generally makes it possible to obtain information relating to the page in question. This is in order to better optimize it so that it is present in the first search results in the engines.

Thewebsite de Alyze is precisely one of the SEO platforms that help to carry out a semantic analysis of websites. So let’s find out without further ado, how this blog works.

Presentation of Alyze’s blog

The Alyze website was created in the year 2008. It is a powerful free SEO audit tool that allows you to analyze websites in order to identify the best way to optimize them.

Since its creation to date, the platform has provided all these users with several SEO support tools. These are popular with everyone because of their effectiveness.

The Alyze blog is also rich in informative content. It offers different content on the operation of the tools offered by Alyze.

In addition, it allows you to discover different online solutions that companies can use to improve the SEO of a website.

Besides all this, it should be noted that Alyze is a rather special website. Indeed, it was created and is managed by a single person, the creator of the site himself: Alexandre Tourette.

It alone is responsible for publishing content of all kinds as well as managing and maintaining the platform. There is therefore no other author or contributor on the site apart from its designer.

Alyze’s blog metrics

Website authority score: 38

Average length of visit: 04:41

Average bounce rate:11,97 %

Volume of monthly organic traffic:9,6 K

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different categories of Alyze’s blog

Search Engine Optimization is a vast field. The blogs which are therefore dedicated to this subject are generally subdivided into several sections. The goal here is to achieve some efficiency and to simplify understanding for readers.

However, all of Alyze’s blog posts are grouped together in the blog section. However, they can be classified according to the following categories.


Note that most of the articles on Alyze’s blog relate to SEO in general. They present tips and strategies to improve the SEO score of websites.

Site tools

Users of the Alyze site can access various tools present on the platform. These tools are quite varied and can be somewhat complicated for those unfamiliar with the field.

There are therefore articles on the platform intended to present the various services of the site and how they are used.


There are a multitude of articles on the Alyze blog that relate to the new features available on the site. Indeed, with each improvement or update of a tool on the site, users are notified by a blog article specially devoted to this novelty.

Other resources on the site

The SEO blog is not the only resource available to the Alyze site. Indeed, the platform has become known thanks to the effectiveness of its various SEO audit tools.

Analyse SEO

This is both the first and the main tool of the Alyze site. Indeed, it allows you to perform an SEO analysis of the site in order to determine both its strengths and its various weaknesses.

SERP analysis

The Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is the results page that Google displays for a search following a query.

This tool makes it possible to analyze this data (in particular the results page as well as the other pages displayed there) to allow users to improve their pages.

SEO comparison

As its name suggests, this tool allows you to compare SEO pages and the different elements they have in common.

It also helps you see the similarities between pages, the differences, the methods used for SEO and what you can improve on your web page.

Crawler SEO

Improved version of the page analyzer, the crawler is a tool capable of analyzing both the site and all the links it contains.

It thus makes it possible to detect all the internal and external pages of the site, its SEO weaknesses, the various technical problems as well as any duplicate content.

Suggested keywords

Keywords are very important in the SEO world. They have a huge influence on the SEO score of content on the web.

Alyze’s keyword suggestion tool allows you to generate a free lexical field of keywords that will optimize your content for search engines.


This tool allows you to have excellent quality backlinks. It performs an analysis of the sites with the most visibility on Google and similar to yours in order to provide you with the best possible blacklists.


Most of the site’s tools are available for free. However, their functionality is limited under this option. For example, one cannot analyze PDF and Excel crawls with the free version of the page analyzer while they can with a subscription.

In addition, the free version allows ads, which is not the case with the paid version. The offers are therefore subscriptions allowing access to additional functionalities of the site’s tools.

Does it accept guest posts?

Like most websites, Alyze’s blog accepts guest posts. This is indeed a good way for the platform to improve its visibility.

However, it should be noted that the site does not accept just any article. Only those related to the SEO domain, and which are relevant, are accepted on the site.

In summary

Over the years and optimizations, Alyze has been able to establish itself as a benchmark for SEO auditing in the SEO community.

The platform has a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use interface for everyone. Alyze’s blog has everything necessary to satisfy the curiosity and meet the needs of various Internet users.

In addition, they can use the various analysis tools on the site free of charge.

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Presentation : Blog Alyze

blog alyze logo

Alyze is one of the first French brands of natural referencing services. It was founded in 2008 along with the blog by Alexandre Tourette.

The latter is a former jurist and doctor of law. He is also a teacher in the Faculty and in an engineering school. Also, he is an entrepreneur.

He differs from most software or mobile application developers in that he is not totally passionate about computer technologies. On the other hand, he is an avid hiker.

This does not prevent him from providing advice and tips related to web development and natural referencing on his twitter. To get to know Alexandre Tourette better, who knows how to separate the personal from the professional, go to these two twitter accounts. The personal account is:@atourette. The professional one is:@Alyzeseo.

Finally, Alexandre Tourette is the typical example of versatility, especially since he knows two sectors that have nothing in common, strictly speaking: law and computer programming.

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