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  Podcast |  Building Online Empires

Short Description :

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Entrepreneur or marketer? With Building Online Empires, discover affiliate marketing, dropshipping, lead generation and more!

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In today’s digital world, online entrepreneurship has become an increasingly accessible path for everyone as long as you have access to the right resources.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or marketer, Building Online Empires is an enriching podcast to learn how to maximize your impact on the web.

General description

Building Online Empires is a podcast that addresses digital marketing, more precisely marketing d’affiliation and the SEO process. As the podcast author says, these are pillars without which most businesses today would collapse.

The goal of the podcast is to teach entrepreneurs how to improve the visibility of different types of websites, including content sites and niche sites.

Each week, the show invites quality guests who use their personal experiences to share strategies and tips for succeeding in online entrepreneurship. It is also thanks to the topics discussed and the quality of the debates that the podcast manages to retain hundreds of listeners.

Each new episode is an opportunity to learn more about digital marketing, but also to develop the mindset necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.

Presentation of the Facilitator

The main host of “Empire Builders Podcast” is Stephen Semple, but he also hosts some episodes with his co-host, Dave Young.

As a podcaster, Stephen Semple stands out above all for his ability to demystify complex strategies into simple, easy-to-apply concepts. Thanks to his remarkable vocal tone and his expertise in the field, he knows how to captivate the attention of listeners throughout each session.

On “Empire Builders Podcast,” Stephen Semple and his co-host take a special interest in business growth.

Frequency and format

If you’re looking to follow this podcast regularly, new episodes are released every week. This is a fairly reasonable frequency that allows you to stay up to date with the latest strategies without being overwhelmed by a constant flow of content.

When it comes to length, episodes of the Building Online Empires podcast typically vary around an hour. An ideal length to explore the topics covered in depth and offer listeners a better understanding.

Whether you’re on your way to work or taking a coffee break, each episode is designed to fit perfectly into different parts of your day.

Accessibility and Subscription

“Building Online Empires” is available to listeners on several popular podcast streaming platforms.

For those who would like to listen and subscribe to this podcast, it is available on iTunes with the ability to receive notifications for each new episode.

Also find all the episodes of the podcast on Spotify and in video format on the Human Proof Designs YouTube channel.

What are the themes covered?

The “Building Online Empires Podcast” addresses several themes centered on the construction and optimization of websites for various online business models. Here are the main themes covered:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a strategy used to improve the visibility of a website in search engine results. By optimizing the content, technical structure and authority of a site, SEO allows it to attract qualified traffic with a greater chance of increasing conversion and sales opportunities.

For businesses, paying attention to SEO is essential to stand out in an increasingly competitive digital environment. This helps strengthen the credibility of their brand and reach their target audience.

SEO Affiliate

Affiliate SEO is crucial for marketers looking to optimize their affiliate websites and increase their revenue. For better visibility on search engines, Affiliate SEO is often combined with SEO techniques. These include on-page optimization, link building and technical SEO.

Acquisition de leads

The podcast also covers strategies for generating leads, which is essential for growing any business venture. Lead generation involves attracting prospects interested in your products or services to convert them into customers.

An effective lead acquisition plan must rely on SEO, content marketing, social networks and targeted advertising campaigns. The objective is to generate qualified traffic from several acquisition sources in order to increase the company’s chances of conversion.

Some episodes of the podcast

On Apple Podcast, here are some latest episodes of the Building Online Empires podcast that have been published:

« 7 Easy and Cheap SEO Tips for Better Rankings »

The episode titled “7 Easy and Cheap SEO Tips for Better Rankings” reveals practical tips for improving a website’s SEO without requiring a significant financial investment.

This episode is particularly useful for website owners and digital marketers looking to efficiently optimize their online presence. The tips presented are designed to be simple to implement, making SEO accessible even to beginners or those with limited budgets.

Each tip is explained in detail, allowing listeners to understand not only how, but why these strategies can improve their search engine rankings.

« Recovering a Neglected Site with Charles Joyner »

The episode “Reclaiming a Neglected Site with Charles Joyner” explores the challenges and strategies associated with revitalizing a website that has been left abandoned.

SEO and digital marketing expert Charles Joyner shares his experiences and practical tips on how to bring a neglected site back to life. During this episode, listeners will learn techniques for analyzing existing issues on an old website. They will discover how to improve SEO, increase traffic and optimize site content to better meet the current expectations of users and search engines.

If you are a website owner, webmaster or marketer, this is an information-packed episode that will be very useful to you.

« The Squiggly Quarry – Podcast »

This edition of the podcast discusses the concept of non-linear careers, which are increasingly common in the modern professional world. It explores how to navigate a career that can take multiple directions, rather than following a traditional, predictable path.

Listeners will learn strategies for adapting to unexpected career changes, making the most of diverse opportunities, and managing career uncertainty. This content is particularly relevant for those seeking to understand and embrace the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of career progression today.

In summary

The Building Online Empires podcast remains one of the go-to resources for those aspiring to build and grow their online business. Through in-depth discussions on affiliate SEO and lead generation, this podcast provides actionable action items and lessons learned from real-world experiences. A must-have for digital entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey.

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Presentation :

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Presentation of the facilitator

Stephen Semple is an influential podcaster and marketing expert, known for his role as host on the “Empire Builders” podcast.

As a Partner and Director of Wizard of Ads Canada, Stephen brings his expertise on building and growing successful businesses.

He is also a speaker and shares his expertise at various events and conferences. His pragmatic approach and sound advice make him a trusted voice for anyone looking to elevate their business.



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