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Do you want to deepen your knowledge of website creation and Google referencing? Check out Orson’s guides and blog posts.

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Meta description : Do you want to deepen your knowledge of website creation and Google referencing? Check out Orson’s guides and blog posts.

Orson’s Blog

The Orson blog is a valuable source of information for SEO specialists and web design enthusiasts. Through the latter, you have practical advice, complete guides and informative articles on these two industries and related topics, including: social networks, web design or web marketing.

Description of Orson’s blog

Whether it is for promoting your business, selling your products and services or simply sharing ideas, having a website is essential. Indeed, its main objective is to get your hands on a wider audience and develop your e-reputation.

However, creating a website can seem intimidating for newbies because of the technical terms and the choices to be made. The free and accessible solution for the latter remains the search for information, advice, tips and guides in certain blogs. One of them that will be the subject of our article is the Orson blog.

Presentation of the Orson blog

Theblog Orson represents a necessary resource dedicated to the creation of websites and natural referencing. On the latter, the contributors, all experts in theirdomain, propose regularly informative articles and valuable tips to achieve a single goal. This goal is to help professionals and individuals to create their website with ease.

The articles offered cover a variety of topics ranging from website design to promotion and SEO. In this way, whether you are a beginner in the field or a confirmed specialist, you have material for a friendly, attractive and effective website.

But does the Orson blog have good visibility in Google’s SERP? What is his authority score? And what is the habit of visitors to the website? The concrete answers to these questions are in figures in the next section.

Main Orson blog metrics

The ratings obtained by this blog remain these:

    • Authority Score: 36
  • Monthly organic traffic:23,4 k
  • Duration of visit:01 minutes 47 secondson average
  • Average Bounce Rate:36, 97 %

It’s time to remember that these notes were provided by the SEOquake add-on. It should also be noted that we took them while we were working on writing this description. These data are variable therefore the present notes remain approximate.

In addition, this French blog has several categories in which are grouped the articles, advice and guides proposed by the contributors. Let’s examine these.

Orson blog categories 

Below, we have listed all the categories in which the various contents are gathered. It is :

Creation of websites

If you tell us that you are not necessarily looking for a responsive, mobile friendly and efficient website for the development of your online activities, we will honestly have a hard time believing you. Since such a website remains the basis for any self-respecting brand that wishes to make a good turnover.

So, within this category of Orson blog, you have at your disposal informative and remarkably detailed articles on how to create one. The experts on this blog also share some guides on the subject.

Advice and tips are also included in the content gathered in the section. The name of the category represents the central theme of the blog.


This category of articles brings together valuable tips, practical advice, ideas and guides that revolve around entrepreneurship. In this way, if you want to start in this sector or learn more, really consider reading the informative articles grouped in the category.

Indeed, entrepreneurship requires some work and sometimes remains complicated because we manage ourselves. Moreover, entrepreneurship remains a nebulous subject.

So, to get by, you need to learn from the experience of others and cultivate patience. Within the category, Orson’s experts show you the effective maneuver that you can decide whether or not to follow.

The best items 

Interesting as a category name, isn’t it? Well, this name lives up to the articles gathered within it. However, we would like to point out that these best articles are mainly about creating websites. Here are some topics from the category.

  • How to create an online sales site?
  • How to create an effective TPE website?
  • Website Builder Software: Our 2022 Ranking

As you will have observed, these topics are guides. What’s more, complete and useful guides since many professionals ask themselves these questions. So, if any of them appeal to you, just explore the category and you will be satisfied.

Our SaaS friends

Another category with an original name. In it, you can find SaaS tools and software tests to significantly increase the growth of your business.

More precisely, the category brings together the various tests and opinions of the Orson team on many tools around:

  • The creation of websites;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Le marketing;
  • And THAT ;
  • Managing your business…

Thus, the category comes in handy if you already use tools in one of these sectors, but want to find another alternative.

Google SEO

In this section, the experts at Orson give you the best practices and tips for the SEO of your website. In addition, they provide remarkable SEO advice when creating, redesigning or optimizing your website.

In addition, many guides remain available to guide you in your SEO strategies or approaches. Indeed, natural referencing is another of the key themes of this blog. As such, do not be at all surprised to see several articles that discuss it in detail.

Social networks 

In this category, the Orson team only talks about social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. In short, the same social networks what!

In this way, you will get to know them better, manage them and exploit their potential to make you a good turnover from the design of your website. Tips and advice around the subject remain collected in the category.

Indeed, improving your visibility on social networks, focusing on the relevance of your posts and understanding how these media work is the key to getting traffic on a website.

Web design 

No wonder to see such a category especially since the name remains a key segment of the creation of websites. Indeed, for this category, Orson’s team of experts has offered several technical web design articles to make your website a powerful tool for your activities.

In addition, you have at your disposal tips and practical guides to improve the entire design of your website.

Web marketing 

In this category of the blog, you are delivered the techniques of web marketing as well as SEO to generate visitors and facilitate their conversion into customers. In addition to these, several other tips and practical advice await you.

Indeed, web marketing has one main goal: to obtain leads and convert them into customers. Sometimes long to reach, it takes a certain base and that’s what this section of the Orson blog is all about.

When it comes to the categories on this blog, here’s what to remember about it. Moreover, did you know that besides the blog, other resources are still available on Orson’s website?

AT About other website resources besides the Orson blog

You should know that the other resources that remain available on the Orson platform are software for creating websites.

More precisely, this is a list of completely free software that you can use apart from ORSON.IO to put together an effective professional website.

Does the Orson blog allow guest posting? 

The answer to this question is favourable. In other words, the Orson blog allows the publication of guest posts. She also offers an article that explains and advises how to practice guest blogging.

To get an idea of ​​how the Orson blog team treats guest posts, we advise you to contact them directly by sending them an email.

Also, if you want to get an idea of ​​other blogs that accept guest posts, our agency has made a special resource available to you. This brings together a series of English and French blogs that accept guest posts. To view these blogs, click here:+1156 Blogs to Publish your guest articles [FR/EN].

In summary 

The Orson blog brings together very interesting categories of articles that mainly address website creation and SEO. Whether you are a beginner or a professional in one of these industries, you will be happy to see that this blog remains essential.

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Presentation : Orson

Blog Orson Logo

Orson is a young company made up of four shareholders with diverse backgrounds but sharing the same vision of internet distribution.

The president, Stanislas Almeida, specializes in social networks, while Tsi Fei Chan, 25, a certified Google expert, graduated from BEM in 2012.

Thierry Charbonnel, 45, is the company’s IT development and architecture expert, and François Mathieu, 52, specializes in marketing and business development.

Orson’s partners have known each other for a long time and have learned to appreciate the complementarity of their skills and strengths.

Their goal is to make it easier for any user to access and use their tool. This blog is therefore a way to provide subscribers with quality information to easily create their website.

You have the possibility to join one of the team members on their different following social networks:

LinkedIn : Francois Mathieu :

Above Orson

Social Network : Orson

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