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Event | SEO Awards by SEO Camp

Event | SEO Awards by SEO Camp

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Attend the awards ceremony for the best SEOs of the year by following the SEO Awards ceremony.

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Event Description SEO Awards by SEO Camp

On Thursday September 22, 2022, the SEO Camp associationorganizedfor the very first time an award ceremony for SEOs as part of the eventSEO Camp’us Paris 2022

The goal is to highlight and reward SEO projects and SEO tools. This ceremony, which took place at the Palais des Congrès in Versailles, was attended by several professionals from the digital world.

Let’s discover together this SEO Awards by SEO Camp ceremony and the categories of awarded projects.

What can we know about the SEO Awards?

The SEO Award Eastorganized byPhilippe Yonnet, MorganOn the Net AndChristophe Vidal,  members of the board of directors of the SEO Camp association.

This event completes the vision of the SEO Camp association, which consists in promoting the SEO professions and highlighting projects as well as innovative SEO tools.

The candidates of the SEO Awards ceremony are rewarded in the category ofbest:

  • Campaign in Local SEO ;
  • E-commerce SEO campaign;
  • Technical SEO campaign;
  • International SEO campaign;
  • SEO tool, efficient and innovative;
  • Site with more visibility;
  • Content marketing strategy.

Applicants must present projects related to one of these categories. However, it is always possible that they apply for several categories.

Who are the candidates for this SEO Awards ceremony?

The candidates for the event are SEO agencies, freelancers, companies that have an innovative SEO project or tool. Once their project matches these categories, they can submit their file.

Each file is studied by a jury made up of experts in the sector and supervised by the Organizing Committee of the Awards.

Who are the members of the SEO Awards 2022 jury? 

The SEO Camp association brings together a jury of 14 members. The latter are SEO professionals and have made it possible to position the SEO Awards ceremony under the sign of ethics. We can cite:

  • Arnaud Mangasaryan: SEO manager since 2005 and e-commerce on the web. He is the co-founder of Doyouseo, the first French-speaking SEO association;
  • Charlotte Barre : Head of SEO specializing in real estate since 2008 and administrator of the SEO Camp for 3 years. His presence in the jury showed his devotion to making the SEO Camp Awards a successful ceremony;
  • Corinne Poiroud: SEO Manager at SeLoger Group specializing in real estate;
  • Grégoire d’Aboville: Founder of the team of talented entrepreneurs and Country Manager at Join Jump;
  • Grégory Pairin: Experienced in digital and in online commerce for 20 years, he is the co-founder of the watchmaking and online jewelry store Ocarat;
  • Juan Berdah: Chief SEO for 15 years and responsible for the e-commerce sites of the Histoire d’Or jewelry store;
  • Marjolaine Tasset: SEO Writer and Digital Content Manager BNP Paribas Real Estate;
  • Nicolas Audemar: SEO expert, website editor and France Country Manager of the SEO optimization tool, Sistrix
  • Nicolas Gallet-Ducaroy: SEO product manager, he has supported agencies and their clients in creating the Havas Market for e-commerce;
  • Pierre Bruat: SEO Manager ManoMano, an online purchasing agency;
  • Samuel Demonchy: SEO manager of the Leroy Merlin agency and digital marketing manager since 2022;
  • Samuel Schmitt: Creator ofThruuu, a free SEO tool that allows you to write web content briefs and analyze Google SERPs, digital marketing leader for 15 years.
  • Simon Azoulay: SEO manager since 2015 and founder of a galaxy of sites web ; 
  • Souryan Augé: Head of digital marketing and e-commerce, former SEO consultant.

As you can see, these jury members have some SEO experience. Then they are the perfect jury for selecting the winners for the 2022 SEO Awards ceremony.

The guidelines to expect for the next SEO Awards ceremonies

If you are working on projects or SEO tools that you want to present at the next SEO Awards ceremonies and win an award, here are the criteria for which you will need to prepare.

Description of the SEO campaign

In this part of the application file for the SEO Awards, the candidate is supposed to give all the details about his project or his tool.

This is to present the operating mechanism of the campaign, including the people working on the project, the working methods, the difficulties encountered, and many others.

Work objectives and strategies

The candidate gives precisions and details on the objectives defined for his SEO campaign. This part tends to attract the attention of juries, which means that the candidate must show the relevance and clarity of the marketing strategies used.

Project quality

All the information that proves that the project works and brings real added value. The candidate makes screenshots showing the execution of the project and positive feedback proving the performance of his project.

It also addresses project management, namely:

  • The governance ;
  • Planning ;
  • Risk prevention;
  • Etc.

Results obtained from the project

Applicant shows evidence of results achieved with their project over the course of a year. Otherwise, he can easily lose points when the jury notices an inconsistency in these results.

Use of innovative techniques

The candidate also shows that his project is innovative and above all beneficial by highlighting its creative character. All this allows him to have enough points and to be among the winners of the SEO Awards.

You have nothing to fear about the information you provide as part of this ceremony, because the members of the jury have signed a legal agreement that does not allow them to communicate this information.

How to participate in the next SEO Awards?

While waiting for an official note from the organizers of this event, you can take inspiration from how the first edition of the SEO Awards went.

This year, all those who wish to participate in the SEO Awards ceremony must reserve a place on the official website.SEO CAMP’us Paris

The organizers send you your invitation and when you do not receive an invitation, you can follow the event online. 

In summary

Lhe SEO Award by SEO Camp 2022, which brought together SEOs, was a success and rewarded innovative projects and tools.

If you had already participated in the ceremony or if you had the opportunity to submit your file for the SEO Awards, do not hesitate to leave us in comment your experiences.

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Blog SEO Awards by SEO Camp Logo

SEO CAMP is not a company, let alone an agency, but a French association which was founded in 2008 in a rather particular context.

For the record, the SEO CAMP association had its beginnings at the end of 2007. At the time, David Degrelle and Alexandre Villeneuve, both SEO consultants, noticed for several months a lack of events which brings together SEO professionals.

To do this, they decided to organize a “barcamp” in Paris. This SEO workshop allowed a large number of professional SEOs to express their desire and their desire to form a declared association for the promotion of their professions and the organization of meetings.

Thus, on March 1 of the following year, this association was born, which has its headquarters in Paris, Île-de-France. The first president elected at this time was Philippe Yonnet. The latter is none other than the founder and president of Neper, an agency specializing in digital marketing that uses a scientific approach.

After him, 6 other veterans such as Alexandre Villeneuve or Zohra Belmahdi, head of France Textbroker, headed the association. Currently, at the head of the association is Patrick Valibus, SEO consultant in Lyon.

This association brings together many sympathizers and members whose main activity is SEO or SEM. As a mission, SEO CAMP wishes to:

  • improve and enhance the knowledge of Search Marketing in the company and for the general public;
  • organize more meetings, sharing and mutual aid between its members;
  • represent and defend the interests of SEM near institutions and search engines…

Finally, the SEO CAMP association organizes dozens of SEO and Marketing workshops each year in France and elsewhere in the French-speaking world.

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