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Blog | Neocamino

Short Description : Neocamino

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Neocamino the blog is to be discovered if you want to have valuable advice and tips on sales prospecting, digital marketing and SEO.

Long Description : Neocamino

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The Neocamino blog is an online portal that offers enriching content related to SEO, social media, sales prospecting and marketing. The content provides valuable advice, guides and interesting tips on these different themes. Finally, it is a website that offers many interesting resources such as Guides, Templates and Checklists in SEO and Marketing.

Description of Neocamino’s blog

Do you want to learn more about commercial prospecting? Would you like to improve your Facebook management? Does entrepreneurship connect you?

If you want to have well-explained answers for these questions or for any other of the kind, a channel is recommended: the blog. By reading blogs that exclusively address these topics, you will quickly become seasoned. One of them is the French blog Neocamino.

Presentation of the Neocamino blog

Theneocamino’s blog is based on online marketing and commercial prospecting. By exploring the latter, you will be entitled to multiple articles that address topics in the digital world. Topics like:

  • Online marketing in all its forms;
  • Natural referencing;
  • SEO and marketing strategies;
  • Entrepreneurship…

By regularly providing informative articles, tips, practical advice and interesting techniques, the team of experts behind the Neocamino blog has a goal. This is to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketing professionals make their online presence more effective.

It is therefore a valuable resource to be used wisely for the development of your online business. However, is it a blog that counts visitors? If you are curious, the figures below should satisfy you and allow you to form your opinion.

Main Neocamino blog metrics

Here are the numbers we were telling you about earlier:

    • Site Authority Score: 39
  • Monthly organic traffic:33,6 k
  • Duration of visit:25 minutes 44 secondson average
  • Average Bounce Rate:95,27 %

It should be noted that these figures were collected during our description. To do this, we used the SEOquake add-on. These are reliable data, but they remain approximate. At any time, they can change value.

Another aspect that we necessarily have to take into account for the purposes of writing, well, it is about categories. Except that the blog team did not group the articles into categories, but rather into Themes.

Main topics covered by the Neocamino blog

This blog organizes these articles around the following topics:

Communications & marketing strategy

Do you believe that we can approach marketing and communication without talking about strategy? We think that’s unlikely. At least it is, if you want to make a name for yourself in both areas. And this is what the Neocamino blog has understood.

So, for thistheme, the team behind the blog has offered informative articles relating to the strategic approaches to adopt in communication and marketing. It also provides techniques and advice so that you can develop the right strategy if you are managing a brand.

In addition to all this, there are some practical guides that will show you the steps to follow for good marketing approaches.

Social networks

The themeNeocamino blog social networks brings together several articles that currently address the social network Facebook. By the way, as a reminder, did you know that 2.963 billion people actively use Facebook per month.

So, if you are looking to make better use of this social media in order to make good numbers, you must read the advice gathered around this theme. There are also tips for better managing your Facebook community. Also learn through guides how to sell effectively with Facebook.

SEO referencing

Another interesting topic from the Neocamino blog isSEO referencing. By exploring the articles that are gathered around this theme, you will discover certain elements of SEO. Notably :

  • Opinions and reviews on SEO tools
  • Excellent information on SEO audits.

This seems to be the essence of the content around this theme.

Website and blog

Logically, if you have a blog, you manage a website. The two are therefore intrinsically linked. For thistheme, you have many interesting articles and valuable tips for:

  • Getting started in website and blog management;
  • Avoid online scams when choosing the host for your site;
  • Knowing how much a professional site costs precisely…

Apart from these tips provided on the blog, there are also guides that detail all the steps for the creation, management and success of your website.

Business development

If you’re having trouble finding customers, that’s okay. No big deal, because there is a reason for that. Maybe it’s your business prospecting. Think about it, think about it. But after all that, do not forget that you have the power to succeed in your commercial prospecting.

Indeed, the Neocamino blog brings together for thistheme informative articles that cover almost all the basics of sales prospecting. Guides and practical advice are also available to help you gain more knowledge about this sector.

Finally, there are techniques and approaches that are offered to you by the team so that you can sell effectively on the web.


Thelast theme addressed at the time of the Neocamino blog description is entrepreneurship. Around this theme, you have relevant information about entrepreneurship.

With the articles grouped around this theme, not only will you understand the basics of entrepreneurship, you will have the maneuver to be more efficient in order to generate revenue. Practical advice, guides and tips, here is a bit of what awaits you as you explore the articles gathered for this theme.

Finally, there are techniques and approaches to be more productive or to understand all the most crucial aspects of entrepreneurship.

These are some of the themes that revolve around Neocamino’s blog. But apart from the blog, other resources are available and we will tell you about them right after.

Other resources available on the Neocamino blog 

The other resources available on the Neocamino blog are free. Here is a brief description of each of them:

Guides, templates and checklists

Thisresource brings together several guides that address commercial prospecting on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Also discover guides to easily find your customers on the Internet.

In addition, by exploiting this resource, you can also download checklists and templates for your various marketing and SEO approaches. Even if the download is free, you must enter your email address.

Webinars et Replay 

In an effort to help creatives, the Neocamino blog frequently hosts completely free webinars. Topics covered are typically:

  • The strategy ;
  • And THAT ;
  • E-advertising;
  • The creation of websites…

These are accessible in replay withinthis resource. By viewing them, you will be able to gain expertise in the digital world.


This resource gives you the opportunity to receive free advice in your email inbox every Tuesday on:

  • La communication ;
  • The sale ;
  • Le marketing digital…

Also receive case studies from the Neocamino blog team on a Tuesday, interviews or replays of their webinars on another Tuesday…

These are pretty much the other resources that you definitely need to tap into to improve your current talent or skills. The question that comes to mind right after presenting these resources is whether the blog accepts guest posting.

Neocamino blog and guest blogging

The French blog Neocamino does not allow the publication of guest content on its website. We hope that soon they will start accepting them. However, the team behind the blog shared qualitative information in an understandable style in the following article:Guest blogging: a strategy to adopt?

So you can know what ways to guest blog or if you already know it, all you have to do is find blogs that do it. We have a platform for that:+1156 Blogs to Publish your guest articles [FR/EN].

In summary

The Neocamino blog has several informative and interesting articles that web professionals can take inspiration from. These articles revolve around the following topics:

  • Communications & marketing strategy
  • Social networks
  • SEO referencing
  • Website and blog
  • Business development
  • Entrepreneurship

No doubt, it is to be favored especially when you see the other resources available outside the blog.

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Presentation : Neocamino

Blog Neocamino Logo

Founded on February 14, 2012 byAdrian Measures, Camille Blaise AndJean-Baptiste Goulain, the Neocamino blog was born from a great love story for entrepreneurship.

The three of them created Neocamino with the aim ofmake life easier for entrepreneurs and SME managers by providing them with essential information in the use of digital marketing as the basis of their activity.

Adrian Measures, Camille Blaise AndJean-Baptiste Goulainthen decided to share their expertise with theprospects, their readers or subscribers through a blog about the Neocamino denriching content relating to:

  • Au SEO;
  • Au social media;
  • Commercial prospecting;
  • Au marketing digital. 

The content provided is valuable advice, guides and interesting tips on these different themes.

These lovers of webmarketing also haveshare on the site many interesting resources such as models and Checklists in SEO and digital marketing.

It is therefore a valuable resource to be used wisely for the development of your online business. For more information, please contact one of the agency’s founders onLinkedIn : 

Adrian Measures :  

Camille Blaise : 

Jean-Baptiste Goulain:

Above Neocamino

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