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Short Description : Blog SEMrush

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Do you want to start a profitable business on the internet and learn the right marketing strategies? Check out the SEMrush blog.

Long Description : Blog SEMrush

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The SEMrush blog is an online site that will help you learn and master online marketing, paid advertising, e-commerce, social networks (YouTube, in particular), Amazon as well as the analysis of a market.

It is made up of several resources, qualitative blog articles, but also case studies on a multitude of themes whose mastery will allow you to significantly increase your turnover.

Blog the SEMrush

If your wish is to launch or develop an online business, you must know and apply good practices in SEO, digital marketing, market analysis and online advertising.

In addition to these key areas, it is important to know how to use social networks well to achieve your goals, to set up a profitable business on Amazon or to sell better on a website.

The good news is that SEMrush provides you with a multitude of qualitative, fluid and well-illustrated content through its blog. This description will show you:

  • The SEMrush blog;
  • Its metrics;
  • Its various categories within which are stored content with high added value.

Then continue reading this page for more details!

Introducing the SEMrush Blog

The SEMrush blog is an online platform that helps Internet users, individuals and businesses to make good use of the various existing strategies so that they can achieve better results on the web.

It is subdivided into six main sections or categories accessible in the main menu on the right when you are on mobile.

  • The first called “SEO” has six parts: the basics of SEO, advanced SEO, technical SEO, local SEO, Link Building and keyword research;
  • The “Content Marketing” category;
  • The third section called “Marketing” has four sub-sections: Amazon, Market Analysis, E-commerce and YouTube;
  • The “Paid Advertising” category;
  • The “Social Networks” section;
  • The “News” category, divided into six sub-sections: Industry news, SEMrush news, Data studies, Games and quizzes, then, Events.

SEMrush blog metrics

The SEMrush blog shows relatively good metrics as follows:

       Website authority score : 81

       Average length of visit : 12 min 56 s

       Average bounce rate : 42,54 %

       Monthly organic traffic volume : 11,7 M

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the various sections of the SEMrush blog

In each section or category of this blog are stored hundreds of blog posts.

SEO Category

In the SEO section, you will learn the right techniques, methods and tips that will allow you to climb your website in the first positions of Google. Thanks to its contents, you will know how to write on the web to optimize your online visibility, sell better on the internet, improve the quality of your web pages for Google.

They give you all the keys to write your meta title tags, meta description, Hx tags as well as the title of your pages in order to attract the maximum number of qualified visitors to your website.

Check out this category if you’re looking for tools to use to improve your SEO strategy, or advanced SEO techniques to apply for better SEO results.

After reading the content presented in this category, you will also know how to optimize the loading speed of your website, improve your local visibility, and search for the right keywords related to your sector of activity.

You will know everything you need to do to eliminate technical problems that may hinder the SEO referencing of the content of your website. You will be able to write excellent sales pages that convert their visitors.

In short, all the notions relating to SEO natural referencing are in this category.

Content Marketing Category

The notion of Content Marketing is enormously broad, because it is a somewhat delicate area. This is why many companies prefer to entrust their content marketing strategy to specialized companies. SEMrush is aware of this aspect of the matter. This is why he has put quality content online in order to allow everyone to take control of their content marketing with greater simplicity.

By consulting the blog articles that make up this section, you will be able, among other things, to:

  • Write effective, convincing and relevant website presentation pages or sales pages;
  • Carry out the content audit of your website and improve the funnel of your content;
  • Design a content calendar and plan it to better achieve your SEO goals;
  • Write qualitative content on the web and choose an ideal tone each time in order to better captivate your readers;
  • Write your FAQ page and infographics that engage Internet users;
  • Know how to protect your content in order to generate more qualified customers;
  • Look for effective images to illustrate your blog articles;
  • Find the best blog topics to tackle to enrich your website;
  • Know, apply and know how to automate the best content marketing strategies on the market to develop your online business or to retain your customers;
  • Determine your “Minimum Viable Content Marketing”, in order to achieve better results with a low investment.

Marketing Category

The contents of this section encompass all the knowledge, strategies and tools to use to make your online marketing campaign a success and to build your customer journey.

By reading them, you will know how to do a competitive analysis, perform market research, use the RCS, automate your marketing process, optimize your Personal Branding and position your brand.

You will discover the tips to implement to better prospect via e-mail, generate leads, accelerate your SEO referencing thanks to influence marketing and how you can use Semrush to achieve your sales objectives.

It also contains resources that will allow you to set your brand tone, avoid recurring errors during your Facebook Ads campaign, use augmented reality to increase your income and master all the subtleties of Storytelling.

Apart from the notions of marketing, this section highlights the essentials to know to succeed on YouTube as well as on Amazon. You will know all the tips for creating your channel on the YouTube social network or your e-commerce account on Amazon, and be able to optimize it from A to Z in order to generate recurring revenue.

Paid Advertising Category

The contents of this section cover the concepts of Google Adwords (Google Advertising), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPC (Cost per Click). They will help you succeed in your paid advertising campaigns, but also to avoid losses and optimize your R.O.I.

This section also has comprehensive blog posts that will allow you to detect your competitors’ ad strategies with the SEMrush tool so that you can better compete.

Category dedicated to social networks

As you can already imagine, the resources of the “Social Networks” category will allow you to be successful on social networks with or without investment.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Contact influencers;
  • Establish a good plan or editorial calendar;
  • Increase your sales;
  • Create video ads that engage your targets;
  • Design and deploy an effective content strategy.

Category News

This is the section you should consult if you are looking for information on the SEMrush brand, SEMrush news and events organized by the brand.

It also includes case studies rich in lessons, in particular on the concepts of SEO natural referencing.

The various authors and contributors who publish articles on SEMrush

The SEMrush blog is frequently populated by a multitude of authors and contributors. The most famous are: Olivier AMICI, Brian DEAN, Alexandre SANTONI, Erika VARAGOULI, Kévin JOURDAN and Connor LAHEY.

Other resources from the SEMrush blog

Apart from the previously presented topics, this blog offers six other resources that you will discover in this part.


Within this resource, you will find the multiple services offered by the SEMrush company to help you meet your challenges.

Here are the most popular of them: keyword research, competitive analysis, content marketing, rank tracking, local SEO, link building, website monetization, market analysis, content optimization, creation and distribution of contents.


This resource is the one that describes the SEMrush business in great detail.

It has nine pages: “About us”; “Newsroom”; “Careers” ; “Success Stories”; “Data studies” ; “Affiliate Program”; “For investors”; “Contacts” and “SEMrush in numbers”.

The page “About us reports the story of SEMrush and the reasons for its creation, while “Newsroom » presents the company’s news, new offers, plans, services and products.

The page “Careers or Recruitment is the one by which you must apply to become an employee of the SEMrush company.

The page “Success Stories » is the one that provides information on the opinions of customers, individuals and companies who have used SEMrush in the past.

The page “Contact is the one on which you can contact the brand if necessary to ask your questions or to offer your suggestions for improving the site.

App Center

This resource includes all the tools and applications you should use when setting up your marketing campaigns, creating your online content or selling on Amazon through your Amazon seller account.

Here you will not only find free applications, but also paid tools with their respective amounts.


This resource presents the prices of the different plans, subscriptions or packages that SEMrush offers with a section devoted to their comparison between them.

There are three of them, namely: the Pro plan at $119 per month, the Guru plan at $229.95 per month and the Business subscription at $449.95 per month.


It is divided into eight pages, the details of which are briefly provided below.

Blog : where are all the blog posts that are uploaded to the platform.

Help Center : this is the page you should go to find answers to all your concerns.

What’s new : this page presents all the articles related to the novelties of the sectors of marketing, SEO referencing and optimization of the online sales process.

Webinars : this is the page that presents the online conferences organized and carried out by the company SEMrush.

Ebooks : This page lists free downloadable white papers that you should read to enrich your knowledge in the various areas covered throughout this description.

Podcasts : This page presents all the podcasts (audio recordings) made by the SEMrush company via Spotify, Overcast, iTunes and Stitcher.

Academy : this is the page where are collected the best online courses of some experts in digital marketing namely Brian Dean, Nathan Gotch and Andy Crestodina.

Acceptance or rejection of guest articles

The SEMrush blog accepts guest posts. Clearly, on SEMrush, you have the possibility of proposing for publication blog articles or infographics provided that these are unique and that they respect the editorial charter of the site.

In summary

By way of conclusion, it should be noted that the SEMrush blog is quite qualitative, practical, ergonomic and rich in content. It is recommended to all those who wish to discover or evolve in the fields of marketing, e-commerce, SEO referencing, online sales and paid advertising on the internet. SEMrush is known around the world and remains a benchmark in the market. So why not take a look at their website today?

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Presentation : Blog SEMrush

Blog SEMrush Logo

Semrush is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company founded in 2008 byOleg Shchegolev andDmitry Melnikov. It is headquartered in Boston.

Whether Oleg or Dmitri, these two childhood friends who are based in Boston were initially simple lovers of natural referencing and who are very curious about developments in the industry as well as new technologies.

The content and resources shared on their blog prove for the rest that they have a good command of the SEO sector and are real enthusiasts.

In addition, it should be noted that Oleg Shchegolev, the CEO of Semrush holds a postgraduate degree from Peter The Great St Petersburg Polytechnic University. For his part, Dmitri Melnikov has very good project management skills and a strong ability to effectively explore data.

For Oleg, here is his LinkedIn profile:Oleg Shchegolevand the name@aramisguru is that of his Twitter profile.

As for Dmitri, here is how his LinkedIn profile looks likeDmitry Melnikov.

Their wish is to develop a tool that can detect market trends as well as best practices in the SEO industry. It is therefore the fusion of the skills of these two friends that gave birth to Semrush which goes beyond a simple tool.

Now it’s a world-class company recognized in the SEO and web marketing industry, with at least 650 employees who work in several other offices. Notably in Philadelphia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic and Russia.

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