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Event | Engage Conference

Event | Engage Conference

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Participate in the Engage Marketing conference to grow your business from digital marketing.

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TheSEMpdx is among the first recognized non-profit organizations in the United States looking to support the digital marketing community. In one year, he organizes a certain number of conferences in the USA, including the Engage Marketing Conference.

For next year, he plans to organize a new digital marketing conference to help marketers grow their business.

The new edition of the Engage Marketing Conference will be done with monthly educational events and people passionate about digital marketing.

Let’s discover together the Engage Marketing Conference organized bySEMpdx which will be effective in 2023 for a new edition.

Engage Marketing Conference: What is it?

The Engage Marketing Conference is an event organized with the aim of supporting the digital marketing community in the realization of their marketing strategy.

The next edition will take place on August 11, 2023 in Portland in the United States from 9 a.m. and will end around 5 p.m.

During this event, speakerspropose and develop educational tracks, training workshops and round tables on strategies and technological advances.

And this in the field of SEO, advertisements, social media, etc. They are also going to show the importance of SEOs in businesses looking to increase their revenue.

Engage Marketing Conference: Who is it for?

Engage Marketing 2023 is for anyone with an interest in digital marketing.

Otherwise said, it is aimed at business owners, marketers, students, and even those who work in an agency as volunteers.

Engage Marketing Conference: What are the benefits?

The Engage Marketing conference enabled the organizationSEMpdx to create the type of digital marketing event you dream of. It thus allows the participants of the event to have the necessary resources to improve the performance of their company.

This conference actually offers a lot of benefits such as:

  • The development of ideas in the field of digital marketing;
  • Participation in digital training workshops;
  • The meeting of exceptional speakers;
  • Participation in round tables with the best experts in the digital sector;
  • Taking note of quality advice.

These advantages that the conference offers to the participants constitute a valid reason to take part in it. This allows them to improve their marketing strategies in the digital field and to be able to increase the visibility of their company.

In addition to these benefits, the Engage Marketing conference also benefits you in other ways.

Friendly collaboration

This event is organized in a pleasant atmosphere to facilitate exchanges between participants. The marketers present present the best techniques to put in place to solve the challenges of digital marketing.

American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting

For the first time in the history of digital conferences, the Engage Marketing conference has decided to provide attendees with ASL interpreters free of charge.

Therefore, anyone from any region can attend the conference without any difficulty.

Answers to participants’ questions

The Engage Marketing conference sets aside time to ask questions at the level of each session. This means that participants can lead debates on relevant topics related to digital.

Reasonable price

The ticket for the Engage conference is really affordable and is accessible to everyone. In fact, the price of the conference is perfect for business, as it is much lower than the price of other quality conferences.

With this single ticket, the participant can book a hotel room, a flight to Portland and attend the conference, hence the interest in purchasing the ticket.

Engage Marketing Conference: Speakers

The Engage conference is often led by digital marketing experts. There are eight of them, so it is very likely that these speakers will be the speakers for the next edition.

  • Amanda Jordan: SEO Analyst at a Locomotive agency;
  • Amy Bishop: Digital marketing consultant and responsible for setting up digital strategies for numerous agencies;
  • Arsen Rabinovitch: Founder of TopHatRank and SEO consultant;
  • Ashley Segura: Director of Global Operations at TopHatRank, an agency that does social marketing;
  • Carri Bugbee: Marketing and Public Relations Consultant;
  • Jamie Alberico: SEO consultant and assistance in the creation and management of online trademarks;
  • Leslie To : SEO Guideline 3Q Digital, an independent digital marketing company in the world;
  • Marcus Tober: Founder of Searchmetrics, an SEO and digital marketing company.

Engage Marketing Conference: Who are the sponsors?

Engage conference sponsors are the people or organizations that fund the event on a regular, monthly basis.

Since the first edition, the organizing committeeSEMpdx in charge of conference sponsorships has often met with sponsors to carry out its activities.

In summary

The 2023 Engage Marketing Conference seeks to help marketers and agencies grow their business from digital marketing.

That said, if you want to increase the visibility of your business, all you have to do is book your ticket for this conference.

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SEMpdx for Search Engine Marketing Professionals of Portland is a non-profit organization founded in 2006. It hosts an annual event that provides training and networking opportunities for specialists in the field of search engine marketing and search engines in the Oregon.

It is a structure that organizes workshops and conferences like Engage Marketing to accompany, or if you want, help the members of this organization to stay abreast of the latest trends and marketing practices.

The current chair of the organization of this event is Trish Carey. This behind is indeed responsible for the SEO unit at GSI which is a digital intelligence consulting firm working with large companies.

Prior to being president of SEMpdx, she was chief marketing officer at Seller Engine Software, a software and services company whose idea is to make Amazon sellers successful.

In addition, she worked as Associate Director of Digital Strategy for the Center for Executive and Professional Education at the University of Portland. Added to this experience is that of marketing director at GTS Services, another software company located in Portland.

She is a veteran who has at least a decade of experience in a variety of specialties all related to the digital marketing industry. She is passionate about SEO, project management, analytics and social media. Here is his LinkedIn:Trish Carey.

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