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YOUTUBE channelS | Nathan Gotch

YOUTUBE channelS | Nathan Gotch

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Do you want to learn SEO skills? Discover Nathan Gotch’s YouTube channel and his many videos.

Long Description : Nathan Gotch


Nathan Gotch’s YouTube channel is a goldmine for anyone looking to improve their SEO skills and grow their online business. With over 170 videos, Nathan shares his knowledge on proven organic SEO techniques, strategic use of content marketing, and building powerful links.

Description of Nathan Gotch’s YouTube channel

Do you want to train and acquire new skills? Forget the idea that YouTube is just an entertainment platform.

This gold mine is full of educational content that will allow you to learn and improve in many areas.

For example, if you want to learn SEO or develop a business on the web, Nathan Gotch’s YouTube channel is a resource from which you will learn many things on his subjects.

Through this article, discover this channel and the themes it covers.

Presentation of Nathan Gotch’s YouTube channel

With more than 93k subscribers, this channel already has more than 217 videos focused on transferring SEO and digital marketing skills.

The content creator across the channel wants to help their subscribers achieve better rankings, increased organic traffic, and an expanded customer base from search engines.

The advice in the channel’s videos comes directly from Nathan Gotch’s own entrepreneurial endeavors.  You will discover podcasts and videos organized by playlist.

Themes covered on Nathan Gotch’s YouTube channel

Among the many subjects, we can cite:

Advanced Organic SEO Techniques

Nathan’s videos cover a range of SEO topics, from the basics to the more sophisticated methods used by professionals.

For example, he frequently addresses the following themes:

Nathan explains how to quickly identify and fix errors that could negatively affect a site’s ranking. These errors include incorrect redirects, poorly configured canonical tags or duplicate content.

In this category of videos, Nathan presents best practices for optimizing the content and HTML structure of a web page to improve its positioning in the SERPs.

These good habits include writing compelling titles and metadata, adding relevant tags, and creating logical and explicit URLs.

  •     Building powerful links

Nathan also provides valuable advice regarding backlink generation quality to your website.

He particularly emphasizes the importance of building authentic relationships with key influencers in your field, rather than focusing solely on the quantity of inbound links.

Strategic Content Marketing

As a recognized expert in digital marketing, Nathan does not limit his interventions exclusively to pure SEO.

It also regularly offers content dedicated to content marketing, paying particular attention to the following points:

  •     Effective editorial strategies

Nathan shares his personal experience in developing successful editorial calendars that not only attract substantial traffic, but also convert said traffic into qualified leads.

  •     Compelling writing

Nathan Gotch constantly highlights the crucial impact of persuasive writing on target audience engagement and potential conversion into customers.

To this end, he provides various tips relating to writing impactful calls-to-action, optimizing texts for natural referencing and mastering different narrative styles adapted to each media format used (articles, infographics, podcasts). …).

  •     Smart Content Promotion

To maximize the reach of a given post, Nathan recommends judicious multi-channel promotion via social media, topical forums and other appropriate community platforms.

It also encourages active identification of opportunities to discreetly insert your content into existing discussions, thus promoting spontaneous viral diffusion.

Communication style and engagement with the public

The educational approach adopted by Nathan Gotch is characterized above all by its simplicity and transparency.

Without ever falling into superfluous tech jargon, he takes care to clearly explain each concept discussed. He systematically accompanies his diagnoses and recommendations with solid arguments supported by concrete examples from real cases previously treated.

This clear desire to make complex concepts accessible is undoubtedly an integral part of the success achieved by his YouTube channel.

Nathan maintains constant contact with his loyal community of followers, regularly taking the time to personally respond to questions asked in the comments associated with each of his publications.

This exceptional level of direct interaction significantly reinforces the credibility of its expertise and further establishes its legitimacy as a recognized authority in the highly competitive SEO environment.

Popular YouTube channel videos

Complete On-Page SEO Checklist (Works in 2024)

It presents a comprehensive checklist for optimizing on-page SEO, used to significantly increase organic traffic to web pages.

The author explains each step in detail, from installing SSL certificates to optimizing title tags, URL structure, keyword usage and the importance of backlinks.

He emphasizes the need to measure SEO performance with tools like Google Analytics and recommends monitoring page indexing via Google.

The video also covers the creation of relevant and unique content, the importance of optimized images and videos, as well as the use of structured data.


In this video, the author explains how to actually learn SEO. It emphasizes the importance of acting on information learned, focusing on high-impact actions such as creating keyword-targeted content and link building, and optimizing the experience user.

He also recommends creating your own project to put the acquired knowledge into practice.

Among the highlights of this video are:

  • Learning SEO is not just about acquiring information, but acting on that information;
  • High-impact actions in SEO include creating keyword-targeted content and link building;
  • Optimizing the user experience is also crucial in SEO;
  • Converting visitors into prospects and customers is essential and requires conversion rate optimization;
  • It is recommended to create your own project to put the acquired knowledge into practice.

How ChatGPT Will Kill SEO

This video explains that:

  • ChatGPT is a language model for dialogue that provides precise answers to questions;
  • ChatGPT results are more direct and easier to understand compared to Google;
  • Generic information queries are not effective in SEO, you must focus on the value and depth of the content;
  • ChatGPT may provide clear answers for specific questions, while Google may provide poor results;
  • Questions about current news are not yet well handled by ChatGPT.

The Only SEO Strategy You Need

This video talks about the four-pillar SEO strategy, which involves focusing on user experience, improving site loading speed, making the site mobile-friendly, and developing effective site architecture.

He mentions points such as:

  • User experience is essential for SEO;
  • Increasing site loading speed can increase conversions;
  • Sites need to be mobile-friendly due to increasing traffic from mobile devices;
  • A well-structured site architecture can improve user experience and site authority;
  • Fixing broken links and 404 errors is important to maintaining a strong site.

Other resources from Nathan Gotch


It is an SEO tool, designed by expert Nathan Gotch. It offers an intuitive platform for creating content that resonates with Google algorithms.

With advanced keyword research and on-page optimization features, it guides users towards better online visibility.

Rankability is more than software, it’s a digital mentor that equips content creators with proven SEO strategies to turn websites into magnets for qualified traffic.

Gotch SEO Academy

It is an advanced SEO training program that promises SEO entrepreneurs to transform their agency into a thriving business.

With ranking success rates of 90%, an increase in customer retention of at least 25%, and an influx of quality leads ready to invest, this program is a springboard to financial and time freedom according to Nathan.

Gotch SEO Academy’s proven methods are designed to achieve consistent, reliable results, making its graduates go-to SEO experts

The SEO Entrepreneur book

Written by Nathan Gotch, this book offers a step-by-step action plan for becoming a self-employed SEO entrepreneur. He reveals how to attract clients willing to pay for quality services, and how to run an agency with minimal support.

It’s a must-have for those who want to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality, using SEO as a growth lever.

In summary

Nathan Gotch’s YouTube channel is undoubtedly one of the best channels to follow for learning SEO and digital marketing.

With his ten years of experience and his countless achievements in different competitive fields, Nathan Gotch provides sound advice and efficient strategies to raise your website to the top of search results.




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Nathan Gotch

Nathan Gotch is an SEO expert and successful digital entrepreneur. He founded Gotch SEO Academy, where he provides comprehensive and detailed training on natural SEO, as well as his own agency specializing in the same field, Gotch SEO.

Additionally, Nathan regularly delivers talks and workshops at major industry events such as MozCon and SearchLove.

His popularity has been built on his unquestionable ability to achieve tangible results for his clients and students, while maintaining an unwavering commitment to honesty and integrity in all his endeavors.

Nathan Gotch’s SEO expertise is highlighted in various prestigious media outlets, including Semrush, Ahrefs, Search Engine Journal and HubSpot.

In addition to his role as a distinguished instructor, he published a flagship book called “The SEO Entrepreneur”, which quickly became a bestseller. As an indication, its educational content available on the Internet attracts more than two million organic views each year.

Former students are full of praise for Nathan Gotch and his academy, praising the information density and considerable added value of the courses provided.

From SEO consultants to agency owners, many report enjoying a dramatic jump in their respective rankings after adopting the methods Nathan recommends.


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