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Want to discover a blog addressing the most crucial aspects of WordPress, SEO or e-commerce? Here, Creanico blog, one that allows you.

Long Description : Creanico

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Creanico blog is a space for sharing if you want to move quickly in the following industries: SEO, E-commerce (PrestaShop and Woocommerce), WordPress. To this end, you will discover by searching this blog heaps of informative articles on these industries. Learn how to evolve quickly in these industries through the many practical tips, useful guides and valuable tips shared by Nicolas Mercatili.

Description de Creanico blog

Some blogs specialize in publishing content for WordPress, SEO, or eCommerce. On the Internet you will find several of these spaces and believe us, they remain reliable and very informative.

This is the same way you will find some that are not worth opening. Between the unreliability and the loading of the pages of these blogs, it is better not to venture there.

Aware of all this, we have selected a blog for you today, that of Creanico. The latter offers advice, guides, tips and interesting ideas on WordPress, SEO and e-commerce. In the following, all the important details about it await you. Good reading !

Introducing Creanico blog

Creanico blog represents a personal website animated mainly by Nicolas Mercatili, an expert in the French and international digital world recognized in 3 areas which are:

  • L’optimisation SEO de PrestaShop ;
  • WordPress SEO optimization and
  • Netlinking strategies

Thus, on the blog of his personal site, he regularly publishes informative articles covering many of the key aspects of these industries. Through this blog, he intends on the one hand to demonstrate to visitors to his site the full extent of his expertise.

On the other hand, it seeks to support beginners as well as professionals to better exploit their skills and their creativity. To do this, he shares practical advice, engaging guides, new ideas and tips so that they are easily imposed.

But by analyzing the articles, it must be realized that the number of comments at the bottom of a maximum of content is zero. Can we then say that the blog has an authority score that leaves something to be desired? Do visitors deliberately not comment? If you’ve seen what we’ve seen, then let’s see the metrics about it together.

Creanico Blog Core Metrics

For metrics on this blog, here’s what you need to know:

    • Authority Score: 28
  • Monthly organic traffic:3,24 k
  • Duration of visit: —
  • Average Bounce Rate: —

However, it is still important to know that these figures have been provided with the help of the SEOquake add-on. In addition, the data presented was noted at the time of writing said content. They remain credible, but summary since the day after these values ​​can either increase or decrease.

Let’s move on in writing this description by now addressing the presentation of the categories or sections in which Nicolas and his blog contributors have classified the articles.

What are the sections of Creanico blog?

The sections of this blog make up the list we have made about it. These are the following:


The articles grouped within this category address the entrepreneurial world, but above all a good number of subjects related to freelancing. So, if you are one of these web microservices providers (freelancer), consider considering the valuable tips and tricks shared by Creanico.

In this way, you will learn new entrepreneurial strategies to attract and manage your customers. Besides this, you have several essential guides and ideas to evolve quickly in these two parallel universes: entrepreneurship and freelancing.


WordPress is not one, but the content management system. Why the ? Indeed, on the web, nearly half of the millions of websites come from this CMS. So let us qualify it as the CMS. But should we still know how to use it to its full extent?

In this category, it is mainly SEO and WordPress. As you explore the section, you will learn the basics and most important aspects of WordPress. From the creation of a site under this CMS, to its management and SEO through its security, you have all the ingredients to cook your website and manage it effectively like an ace.


If you are in the category of e-commerce x WordPress professionals, know that this section of the blog will allow you to become a must. Indeed, you have several informative articles about the Woocommerce e-commerce extension.

Apart from these articles, you have a number of how-to guides that will orient you if you are new to these two industries. Above all, you will learn all the possibilities and features that the Woocommerce add-on can offer you. Thus, managing and making a good turnover in e-commerce becomes easy and fun.


In the e-commerce environment, there is not only Amazon, there is also Shopify, but also PrestaShop. In this category, all the articles revolve around the latter. Learn through the multiple contents how to start, manage and evolve with this open source CMS.

Apart from these articles, Creanico regularly shares highly engaging PrestaShop tips and guides. But also the latest news of the moment concerning this CMS or its products.

So, if you doubt in the use of PrestaShop, this category represents the temple that will take you away from your hesitations. There is enough to master and manipulate this CMS as you wish.


You will find in this section of Creanico blog, several articles that address some important topics such as:

  • Google ;
  • With SEO local ;
  • Link building strategies…

You will discover many other contents with other themes as important as the previous ones. In addition, there are also contents that discuss SEO tools, their features and some important notices about these tools.

Talk about SEO without sharing valuable advice and the healthy habits to have to break through effectively remain unlikely. If you want to know these tips and have an idea of ​​these habits, take the time to drag your eyes well in the category.

On the spot, you will also discover useful guides, procedures and new approaches in terms of SEO. In short, search properly in this category, zero disappointment, that’s what awaits you.

Above are the categories of Creanico blog. Perhaps, you wondered if Nicolas Mercatili would accept the promotion of guest content on his website. If so, our next section will provide you with a specific answer.

Does Nicolas Mercatili allow guest posts on his blog? 

The blog maintained by Mercatili is personal. It only publishes content that goes in the direction of the services it offers. As such, it is part of the category of French blogs that do not allow guest posts.

However, if you are looking for some that accept such publications in both French and English, consider browsing one of ourresources. This includes a myriad of blogs that accept guest posting in multiple industries.

In summary

Creanico blog is an informative resource that guarantees you a good command of certain interactive web industries. As it happens :

  • And THAT ;
  • e-commerce and
  • And freelancing.

By reading the articles shared on the blog, you will find enough elements to get by calmly and effectively in the web marketing society.

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Nicolas Mercatili is the founder of the web agencyCreanicAndSEMJuice. – SEO services to give you more visibility on Google.

He discovered the world of web creation at the very beginning of the 2000s. After several years of experience and upgrading, he started in 2010 on his own account to offer SEO services to help companies to be visible on Google.

Passionate about everything that revolves around a website and its positioning on the web,Nicolas Mercatilithen specialized in the optimization of WordPress, WooCommerce and PrestaShop solutions, of which he is the ambassador in Montpellier.

This is how he made a name for himself and knew how to conquer theheart of several clients with whom he has improved over the years to become an expert in his field today.

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