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BOOKS | Search engine optimization techniques : SEO audit and follow-up

BOOKS | Search engine optimization techniques : SEO audit and follow-up

Short Description : Alexandra Martin & Mathieu Chartier


Discover web SEO techniques: SEO audit and monitoring, a complete guide to mastering web SEO.

Long Description : Alexandra Martin & Mathieu Chartier


Web SEO techniques: SEO audit and monitoring written by Mathieu Chartier and Alexandra Martin is a complete guide to optimize the positioning of a site on the web. Essential for SEOs, web project managers and developers, it addresses crucial topics for mastering SEO.

Web SEO techniques: SEO audit and monitoring

Today, professionals face a perpetual challenge: adapting to the ever-changing algorithms of search engines.

In view of this complexity, the book “Web SEO Techniques: SEO Audit and Monitoring” is essential for successfully evolving in the SEO landscape. Written by Alexandra Martin and Mathieu Chartier, it is a complete technical guide to guarantee the visibility and optimal ranking of sites in search results.

In this article, we’ll explore the key learnings from this book in detail and discover how it meets the pressing needs of SEO professionals.

Presentation of Web SEO Techniques: SEO Audit and Monitoring

The book “Web SEO Techniques: SEO Audit and Monitoring”, written by Alexandra Martin and Mathieu Chartier, constitutes an exhaustive technical work intended for SEO experts, web project managers and developers.

First published on April 5, 2018, it responds to a need for technical resources in the French-speaking SEO world, according to Olivier Andrieu, preface and SEO expert.

Divided into several sections, it covers different aspects of web SEO, from introduction to advanced techniques and includes on-page, off-page and technical SEO.

It focuses on SEO auditing to identify and resolve issues affecting search engine rankings. Heprioritize also SEO tracking to evaluate the progress and effectiveness of SEO efforts.

Its fourth edition, enriched with new examples and sections on topics such as mobile app optimization, security and local SEO, stays up to date with the latest algorithms from Google, Bing and Yandex.

This book stands out for its technical approach, providing detailed information on creating Sitemaps, robots.txt files and other technical aspects, making it an indispensable manual for SEOs.

Themes concerned by Web SEO techniques: SEO audit and monitoring

History of Google and Bing

The history of Google and Bing is marked by major innovations that have shaped SEO. Google, launched in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, introduced updates such as Panda (2011) and Penguin (2012) to improve the relevance of results.

For its part, Bing is the successor to MSN Search, Windows Live Search and Live Search, launched in 2009 by Microsoft. It brought advances such as integrating social media into results and visual search.

These search engines continue to evolve to provide quality results, and their history is essential to understanding the evolution of SEO.

Programming for SEO

It allows the use of search engine APIs to obtain ranking and keyword data. Scripts can automate tasks like creating sitemaps.

Code optimization through HTML tags and loading speed impacts SEO. Finally, programming allows you to analyze SEO data, like that of Google Analytics, for valuable insights.

Master indexing techniques

Indexing is essential in SEO to describe a document using representations of its concepts. While robots.txt files guide robots to allowed pages, Sitemaps help engines crawl the site efficiently.

Meta tags allow search engines to have information about the content of the page. Search engine APIs, on the other hand, offer ranking and keyword data. Automation via scripts therefore makes tasks like creating sitemaps easier.

Optimize positioning through technique

This section of the book explores optimizing your positioning in search results.

Indeed, keywords are carefully integrated into the content as well as meta tags and URLs. Thanks to good site architecture, navigation is smoother and search engines understand the site better.

In addition, it emphasizes quality content through keywords, uniqueness and relevance. Technical optimization therefore includes loading speed, images and the robots.txt file. Finally, it addresses the link building strategy which aims to obtain quality links while avoiding penalized practices.

Blocking factors and Google penalties

Blocking factors and Google penalties are crucial in SEO. The book explores these aspects in detail and identifies the technical factors that hinder SEO. These are in fact bad tag configurations and unoptimized URLs.

It also highlights the different penalties that Google can impose, whether manual or algorithm-related. These sanctions directly affect the positioning and visibility of a website.

SEO monitoring

SEO tracking plays a key role in evaluating the effectiveness of SEO strategies. He understands :

  • The use of Google Analytics to analyze traffic;
  • Interpreting SEO data to detect the best performing keywords;
  • Necessary adjustments;
  • And the development of a monitoring dashboard to monitor KPIs and adjust the strategy accordingly.

L’audit SEO

An SEO audit evaluates a site’s search engine optimization, identifying errors and opportunities.

Google Search Console and Semrush are key tools for analyzing technical health, traffic and backlinks. He recommends using Google Search Console to check page indexing and reasons for problems.

Other themes of web referencing techniques: SEO audit and monitoring

Reminder of the fundamentals

This section introduces the basics of SEO, such as:

  • How search engines work;
  • The importance of keywords;
  • The structure of a website;
  • Etc.

Manage .htaccess files and Apache servers

This part of the book explains how to manage .htaccess files, which are used to configure Apache server settings. It covers topics like URL redirection, configuring 404 errors, protecting against brute force attacks, and more.

Mobile SEO Optimization

Here, Web SEO techniques: SEO audit and monitoringoffer tips for optimizing mobile SEO. It covers responsive design, loading speed optimization, and improving the mobile user experience.

Security and SEO

Web SEO techniques: SEO audit and monitoring addresses in this section the importance of security in SEO. It explains how to secure your site using HTTPS, protecting against brute force attacks, and securing your site against hacking.

SEO local

For local businesses, local SEO is crucial. This section of the book provides tips on how to optimize your site for local SEO such as:

  • The importance of local opinions;
  • Use of Google My Business;
  • And optimization for local searches.

In summary

The book “Web SEO Techniques: SEO Audit and Monitoring” provides industry professionals with a complete technical approach to SEO. It stays up to date with the latest algorithms and covers fundamental aspects such as:

  • The history of search engines
  • Programming ;
  • L’indexation ;
  • Optimization of positioning;
  • Blocking factors;
  • Google penalties;
  • As well as SEO monitoring and auditing.

It remains an essential reference for those seeking to excel in web SEO and highlights the importance of auditing and monitoring for an effective SEO strategy.

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Presentation : Alexandra Martin & Mathieu Chartier


Alexandra Martin AndMatthew Chartier are two emblematic figures of French-speaking SEO, co-authors of the book “Web SEO Techniques: SEO Audit and Monitoring”.

Alexandra, known under the pseudonym Miss SEO Girl, is a passionate self-taught specialist in natural referencing. She shares her expertise through her blog, where she addresses various topics related to web marketing and SEO.

Mathieu Chartier, for his part, has an atypical background that combines archeology and information-communication. He quickly specialized in the web and offers his services as a consultant and trainer.

His professional blog, blog, is a mine of information on natural referencing and social networks. Mathieu is also the author of several works in the field.

Together, they created a practical and technical guide for web professionals. Their book, prefaced by Olivier Andrieu, SEO expert, is an essential resource for those seeking to master the intricacies of SEO.

Their collaboration combines Mathieu’s cutting-edge technique with Alexandra’s strategic approach and thus offers a complete vision of modern web SEO.

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