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Podcast | Marketing 301

Podcast | Marketing 301

Short Description : Johan Letrouit

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Do you have a PrestaShop store? Find out how to improve your SEO and your sales with the MARKETING 301 podcast.

Long Description : Johan Letrouit

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This podcast is a wealth of information for entrepreneurs and marketers who wish to acquire new knowledge in digital marketing and more particularly in e-commerce. Hosted by Johan Letrouit, this program is an opportunity to stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in the sector.

General description

Marketing 301 is a podcast focused on optimizing online sales and discovering today’s most effective marketing strategies.

The show is aimed at a wide audience, whether you work for a web agency or run your own e-commerce site. By listening to Marketing 301, you will not only be able to improve your online sales, but also gain in-depth knowledge in the field of digital marketing from quality guests.

Presentation of the Facilitator

The host of the MARKETING 301 podcast is Johan Letrouit, a 36-year-old entrepreneur specializing in e-commerce. He now runs the web agency DIGIACTIF, which he founded in 2017 after buying an online coffee ordering company.

For a marketing specialist, Johan has a rather atypical background. He was first a sports college graduate before training himself in web programming. Very quickly, he became interested in the CMS for creating PrestaShop e-commerce sites, in which he is now an expert.

Recognized for his educational approach and his deliberately offbeat tone, Johan Letrouit strives to make complex subjects accessible and digestible through his show. His experience and mastery of digital marketing issues make him a popular presenter among listeners.

Frequency and Format

The podcast does not follow a specific frequency, but several issues can be published per month.

MARKETING 301 episodes generally last between 45 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes, a length that facilitates advanced analyzes on the themes covered.

To maintain listeners’ attention throughout the show, topics are addressed concisely, with concrete examples and practical advice. Episodes are also often divided into separate sections to make sessions more digestible.

Accessibility and Subscription

The MARKETING 301 podcast is available on several platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer. It is also available in video format on YouTube.

To not miss any new publications, you can subscribe to the podcast on one of these platforms.

What are the themes covered?

Here are the main topics that are often covered on MARKETING 301:


E-commerce has become a sector with lots of potential in the world of entrepreneurship. Even for a physical store, e-commerce allows you to sell more products online with an audience accessible 24 hours a day.

Through e-commerce, businesses can increase their visibility and awareness, while reducing distribution and supply costs. E-commerce also offers great flexibility. It allows consumers to choose their products and order them anytime and anywhere.

Unlike traditional commerce, e-commerce also makes it possible to use customer data to improve the company’s services.

SEO PrestaShop

E-commerce SEO requires certain specificities, especially when it comes to a CMS. URL optimization methods can, for example, vary from one management system to another.

The host of MARKETING 301 is a specialist in PrestaShop SEO. In each session of his podcast, he provides tips for optimizing the SEO of PrestaShop stores.

With frequent listening, listeners can learn how to improve the visibility and positioning of PrestaShop sites on search engines for more traffic and conversions. The podcast is therefore valuable support for taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by SEO in the world of online commerce.

Relation client

In e-commerce, customer relations are of paramount importance to build customer loyalty and guarantee the success of online businesses.

To do this, there are tools to analyze interactions with customers and readjust marketing and loyalty strategies.

Some recent episodes

Here are some examples of episodes recently published by MARKETING 301:

« Abandoning your studies to start using electronic cigarettes »

The guest of this episode is Ahmed Jones who talks about his journey. The young man abandoned his studies to enter the electronic cigarette industry.

He shares his personal experience and lessons learned from this transition, including the need to launch with confidence, accept risks and continually educate yourself.

He also highlights the importance of finding a balance between personal and professional life, as well as the need to focus on long-term goals.

« Sell ​​and buy a site that is already generating turnover »

This episode highlights the interview with Kevin Jourdan, an expert in the sale and purchase of websites already generating turnover. Kevin shares his experience and advice for successfully completing this type of operation.

It explains the importance of correctly assessing the value of a site, analyzing in detail its performance, traffic, revenue sources and costs. It also underlines the need to clearly define the objectives of the purchase, whether to develop the site or to resell it in the long term with a capital gain.

The guest also emphasizes the legal and financial aspects to take into account, such as drafting a solid sales contract. It also addresses other aspects such as the state of the financial health of the site or the management of the transfer of ownership and the change of operator.

You will also discover advice on the transition phase after purchase, to ensure business continuity and quickly implement improvements.

This is an episode that can be useful for any entrepreneur or investor who wishes to embark on the acquisition of an existing e-commerce site.

In summary

The episodes of MARKETING 301 address essential themes, such as natural referencing (SEO) on the PrestaShop platform or customer relationship management in e-commerce.

Thanks to this diversity of topics covered, listeners of this program can have a better understanding of digital marketing, particularly e-commerce.

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Presentation : Johan Letrouit

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Presentation of the animator

Johan LETROUIT currently held the position of director at the DIGICATIVE web agency, which he created in 2017 after the acquisition of an e-commerce company for the sale of coffee.

His professional career is distinguished by his fairly particular character for a marketing expert. Initially graduated in sports sciences, he then trained in a self -taught manner in web programming. His passion quickly turned him to the Prestashop CMS for the design of e-commerce sites, where he acquired expertise.

After collaborating in a communications agency as head of the web department, Johan Letrouit became an independent entrepreneur in 2011 as a entrepreneur. Its current objective is to support e-commerce actors towards success by developing tailor-made strategies to help them stand out and prosper.

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