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Short Description : Semji

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Improve your knowledge of SEO and digital marketing by discovering the topics and articles covered in Semji’s blog.

Long Description : Semji

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Semji’s blog

Semji’s blog is an online portal that is mainly intended for SEO, content marketing and web marketing professionals. It brings together on its interface tips, tricks and guides to improve or refresh your knowledge in these three sectors. Also learn through this portal to better use the toolNegotiate. Finally, discover other resources outside of the blog, such as webinars, white papers, events… in order to become a must in digital marketing.

Description of Semji’s blog

How to become a competent SEO or webmarketing specialist? What are the strategies to put in place to get traffic from content marketing? How to manage your e-reputation?

When you are part or when you want to be part of the actors of the digital marketing scene, you often ask yourself these questions. But very often, the answers to these can be found in online resources like the Semji blog.

If you want to have answers from experts, find useful tips and tricks in digital marketing, it would be a good idea to continue reading.

Presentation of Semji’s blog

TheSemji’s blog is a resource bringing together a number of articles that allow SEO and digital marketers to improve their e-visibility. In most of the team’s posts, you’ll find tips and practical advice on various topics such as:

  • And THAT ;
  • Content marketing;
  • Data analysis;
  • Online advertising…

These articles by Semji experts are proof that the information shared on the blog is credible, as it would come from their multiple experiences.

It should be noted that the creation of this blog is mainly intended to help SEO and content marketing professionals better understand current trends and techniques relating to digital marketing.

But is it a blog with a good authority score? Does he have visitors? The answers to these questions can be found in the metrics we picked up while writing this description.

Top Semji Blog Metrics

AT About the main metrics, we would like to inform you that the tool that allowed us to identify them is the SEOquake plugin. Here they are.

    • Authority Score: 43
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:73,7 k
  • Duration of visits:06 minutes 58 secondson average
  • Average Bounce Rate:71,39 %

These measurements may vary at any time. Therefore, remember that these are approximate metrics.

Semji’s blog is categorized like many French blogs. To provide high-value information regarding the blog, we have taken the trouble to present its categories.

Semji Blog: Categories

Below, here are all the categories in which the authors have classified the various articles of the blog.


This category includes within it, all the articles classified in the other categories of the Semji blog. So, if you’re the type who prefers an overview for a better choice of content to exploit, you can lingerhere

Anyway, you will find engaging advice, strategies as well as guides and tips to improve your natural referencing. The articles collected in this overview come from the following categories:

  • Product ;
  • Content Marketing ;
  • SEO and
  • E-reputation.

The short presentation that you have just read regarding the All category of the blog will also be for the other categories. So let’s continue!


Semji benefits from a rather generous toolbox with various very useful options. This condition gives it pleasant and convincing testimonials about its performance from certain SEO experts.

What makes it can be considered a remarkable SEO and content marketing tool.

Like many tools, Semji regularly undergoes updates that include new features. Updates that keep up with industry trends and news.

In this category, you will have at your disposal articles that detail the advantages of exploiting its new features. You will also find concrete cases of using the tool, not to mention practical advice for better use of it.

Content Marketing 

Content marketing undoubtedly allows one:

  • improvement of your brand awareness;
  • obtaining traffic to its website;
  • increased conversion rate;
  • customer loyalty…

However, what is crucial is knowing how to achieve this effectively. If you ask yourself this question, the contents grouped in the Content Marketing category of the Semji blog will help you.

Discover in it useful advice, practical tips and complete guides to understand content marketing as a whole and in its diversity. Also find infographics and other relevant information on this subject.


Natural referencing is the business of all professionals in the digital community. This is why, whenever new trends appear, others are forgotten. New tools are developed and others become obsolete.

All this contributes to a single goal, to have good visibility in the SERP of search engines in order to outperform the competition and establish itself in its sector. However, doing so requires technique, knowledge, and more realistic marketing decision-making.

Within this category, you can read advice and identify good tips to start, improve or deepen your knowledge and skills in SEO. You will also find new strategies that you can try to distinguish yourself.


Infographics, guides, advice, informative articles, here is what awaits you as you explore thecategory. Learn within it, the maintenance of your e-reputation. Also understand its importance and its necessity for your e-business.

Finally, discover techniques as well as practices and strategies to improve the visibility of your brand online.

There is no longer any doubt that you have read the categories of Semji’s blog and have an idea of ​​the topics developed. So it’s time to go beyond the categories of this blog.

What are the aother resources available on the Semji website?

These complementary resources to the blog are as follows.


Are you looking to:

  • deploy your SEO and content marketing potential;
  • make your team’s productivity more efficient or
  • rework the performance of your content?

If so, thisresourceis the key. It brings together the list of Semji’s SEO and content marketing webinars. By watching the replays, you will discover expert advice and methods that answer all your concerns.

ANDstudies and white papers

This resource is aset of white papers and studies done by the Semji team, and which mainly concern SEO and content marketing.

Discover by downloading these white papers relevant information on how to optimize your SEO and improve your content marketing skills.


Aother resource which you should not do without are the guides offered by Semji.

With these, understand and master natural referencing at your fingertips if you are a beginner. In case you are a specialist, refresh your knowledge in this sector through their guides.


Thisresource is divided into two categories. Upcoming events and past events.

This is a grouping of various specialized events on digital marketing and SEO in which the Semji team and their SEO experts participate or have already participated.


Thislatest resource from Semji’s blog is a training for novices who wish to progress in web writing.

Entitled Writing for the WEB, this Semji training aims to teach workshop participants how to write effectively for the web. It covers both the editorial aspect and the SEO aspect. It is however not free.

Does Semji’s blog allow the publication of guest articles?

Although guest blogging is a popular SEO technique, many blogs are hesitant about the practice. This is the case of Semji’s blog, which does not currently accept the publication of guest articles.

Other English and French blogs, however, practice guest blogging. To get an idea of ​​these, you can go to our platform that brings together a list of blogs that allows the publication of guest content.

In summary

Semji’s blog is full of several articles that mainly deal with SEO and content marketing. The articles in question are classified into 4 categories in order to better guide visitors to the site.

This blog is for all SEO specialists who want to refresh or deepen their knowledge. However, beginners can use this resource to quickly become very good at SEO and content marketing.

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Presentation : Semji

Blog Semji Logo

Semji is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that allows you to create andto optimise your content in order to improve the visibility of your content on search engines.

As toSemji’s blog partner, it is addressedparticularly to all SEO specialists who wish to refresh their knowledge or deepen it.

It brings together on its interface tips, tricks and guides to improve or refresh your knowledge in the following four categories:

  • And THAT ;
  • Content marketing;
  • Data analysis;
  • Online advertising…

If you want to have answers from experts, find useful tips and tricks in digital marketing, it would be wise to look into reading the contents of this blog.

These articles by Semji experts are proof that the information shared on the blog is credible, as it would come from their multiple experiences. Also learn through this portal to better use the Semji tool. Contact the Semji agency by:

LinkedIn :

Above Semji

Social Network : Semji

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