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Book | Optimize your WordPress SEO – 3ᵉ edition : Référencement naturel (SEO)

Discover Optimizing your WordPress SEO – 3rd edition: Natural referencing (SEO), a book to learn SEO and optimization of web pages.

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Youtube channels | Backlinko

DiscoverBacklinko, the YouTube channel that offers practical advice and innovative strategies in SEO and digital marketing.

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BOOKS | What Google wants…: Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Discover “What Google wants…: Understanding natural referencing”, a book which allows you to understand SEO and how Google works.

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BOOKS | Search engine optimization techniques : SEO audit and follow-up

Discover web SEO techniques: SEO audit and monitoring, a complete guide to mastering web SEO.

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BOOKS | Réussir son référencement web – Edition 2018-2019 : SEO strategies and techniques

Discover Succeeding in your web referencing, the white paper that allows you to improve the visibility of your website.

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