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Short Description : Blog Ahrefs

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Check out the Ahrefs blog for free resources to understand SEO from the ground up.

Long Description : Blog Ahrefs

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Ahrefs Blog is the portal where the famous site shares SEO and marketing knowledge like comprehensive guides, case studies, data, and more. The site also publishes on this blog articles on the tool of the same name, Ahrefs, in order to help its users to take it in hand.

Description Ahrefs Blog

In our digital economy, SEO becomes essential for all companies seeking to make themselves known on the Web.

In order to help companies better develop their strategy to improve their visibility, many sites share articles on SEO and marketing.

This is the case of Ahrefs who regularly publishes high quality content on their blog on how to optimize your site for search engines and gain traffic.

Through this description, you discover the Ahrefs blog with the other resources that the site makes available to people who aspire to rank their site on Google in the best possible way.

Introducing the Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs is an online platform that offers a toolkit for SEO and content marketing. The site shares resources on its blog that can help anyone develop their knowledge.

Founded by Dmitry Gerasimenko, the Ahrefs blog shares SEO and marketing knowledge through in-depth tutorials and case studies.

You will discover articles written by experts from all walks of life such as:

  • Sam Oh, Vice President of Marketing at Ahrefs;
  • Tim Soulo, Marketing Director of Ahrefs;
  • Si Quan, a marketing specialist.

The content that Ahrefs offers to its users covers all aspects of SEO and marketing, so you will be able to get anything you want in these two areas on the Ahrefs blog.

In addition, Ahrefs also publishes explanatory content on its blog on its toolkit for SEO and for ranking monitoring.

Ahrefs blog metrics with SEOquake

The Ahrefs blog is characterized by the following metrics:

Website authority score : 76

Average length of visit : 16 min 11 s

Average bounce rate : 42,43 %

Monthly organic traffic volume : 8,27 M

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different categories of the Ahrefs blog

The various posts on the ahrefs blog are organized into several categories, including:

Ahrefs Blog SEO Category

This category is especially for those who want to rank in search engines. His resources will teach you how to get more organic traffic to your website.

The Ahrefs blog shares through this category articles about all aspects of SEO. That said, you will discover content on keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO.

Since backlinks are a huge factor in site rankings, the Ahrefs blog also offers content on legal and effective ways to get those backlinks.

You can also browse fairly detailed articles on how to optimize the technical aspect of your site so that your visitors have a better experience.

And that’s not all ! In order to help its users to better position themselves for local search, the Ahrefs blog also shares resources on local SEO.

You will discover all the tactics allowing you to optimize your site so that Internet users in your area can find it when they do an online search.

The Marketing category of the Ahrefs blog

This is the category to check out to improve your marketing knowledge and create effective marketing campaigns.

For ages, marketing has been essential to make its offers known and to sell them. It is a process of creating awareness, interest and desire for a product or service.

If it is essential for any business, it is even more so for companies looking to develop their visibility on the internet and sell.

In this category of the Ahrefs blog, you discover quite rich resources on different kinds of marketing. Indeed, the blog organizes articles related to marketing in several sections.

Thus, you will be able to browse only the resources related to content marketing, affiliate marketing or paid marketing.

As videos become more and more popular online, this blog also offers content on video marketing.

The Data and Studies category of the Ahrefs blog

Online research is a very dynamic field. Only studies and data-driven insights are essential to understanding this research landscape as well as the strategies that really work.

Ahrefs has a research and data section on its blog for this purpose that provides in-depth articles to enhance your SEO knowledge with unique data and insights.

Other resources on the Ahrefs site

On Ahrefs, you will also discover other resources to learn SEO and put it into practice.

Ahrefs Help Center

The Ahrefs team answers user questions in this portal through well-detailed content. These are often well-illustrated articles on the tools offered by this site.

You have a total collection of 22 articles that you can browse if you are a beginner on Ahrefs tools and you get lost in their many features.

Guide to getting started with SEO

Ahrefs offers a comprehensive and fairly detailed guide for beginners. The advantage of this guide is that it is organized into 7 chapters.

These six chapters include everything you need to build a solid foundation of knowledge in terms of search engine optimization and how to rank higher in Google.

Chapter 1 – How Search Engines Work : It immerses you in how search engines work so you get an idea of ​​what SEO is really about.

Chapter 2 – SEO Basics : You will learn how to set up your site to be successful online, especially in search results. You will also discover the main facets of SEO.

Chapter 3 – Keyword Research : This will be what your target customers are looking for and the terms they are searching with to include these terms in your content.

Chapter 4 – SEO Content : Here you will learn how to create content that ranks in search engines.

Chapter 5 – On-page SEO: This is how to optimize your pages in order to allow search engines to understand your pages and their content.

Chapter 6 – Link Building : It is thanks to the links that search engines discover new pages and judge their “authority”. This chapter shows you how to create backlinks that can help your site rank.

Chapter 7 – Technical SEO : You also need to make sure that there are no technical missteps that prevent search engines from accessing and understanding your site. This chapter shows you how to support the technical aspect of your site so that it is both easily navigable to search engines and visitors.

Apart from these chapters, Ahrefs offers you an SEO glossary that includes some terms and concepts you need to know when it comes to SEO.

Ahrefs Academy

Through its academy, Ahrefs offers comprehensive courses on its toolkit, SEO tools, and SEO in general. Among the trainings you can follow in the Ahrefs academy, we have:

How to use Ahrefs : You will learn how to use Ahrefs tools and reports to improve SEO.

About the course: 47 lessons – 1 hr 4 min

Ahrefs Certification Courses : You can take this course which is still in its beta version. All certification course materials are available to Ahrefs users and they will be required to complete a certification exam.

About the course: 55 lessons – 7 hrs 4 mins

SEO courses for beginners : Even if you know nothing about SEO, at the end of this training, you will be able to apply the basic principles of SEO, namely:

  • Keyword research;
  • And On-page SEO ;
  • Building links;
  • Etc.

This will help you get a better ranking for your site to get organic traffic and drive visitors to your sales funnel.

About the course: 14 lessons – 2 hours

Blogging for business : Using this course, you will be able to grow your blog to over 100,000 monthly visitors. Even better, you can turn those readers into potential buyers.

About the course: 40 lessons – 4 hrs 50 mins

Advanced link building : You will learn in this training how to obtain backlinks on a large scale without resorting to traditional means of link building.

About the course: 14 lessons – 1 hr 48 min

Accept guest articles or not

The Ahrefs site does not accept guest posts and you will not get a response if you try by any means to submit a guest post.

But if you are looking for an authority site capable of accepting the guest, Twaino helps you find the ideal platform for you thanks to a selection of more than 1156 blogs that accept the post.

Just enter a key term and industry to find a blog and its main metrics.


Keep in mind that the Ahrefs blog is packed full of resources produced by SEO and marketers to help you get SEO right and rank your site.

The content available on this blog is intended for people who are new to SEO and online marketing as well as experienced people.

They include guides, case studies, and even training you can take for free to become an SEO expert.

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Presentation : Blog Ahrefs

Blog Ahrefs Logo

Dmitry Gerasimenko is the initiator and founder of Ahrefs which he created in 2007 in Singapore.For a long time, he has always been interested in research. Thus, he launched his first web project at school. It was a documentation search engine for:

  • programming languages;
  • networks;
  • databases…

It was then that he began to earn money little by little by selling ebooks until the server and his achievements were lost. Ten years later, after graduating from Kyiv Polytechnic University, he returned to the research sector.

Indeed, Gerasimenko got his start working as a C# and PHP developer at a web design studio in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv. In terms of experience, he also freelanced for a while for a company in the United States as a programmer and digital project manager.

After that, he became an entrepreneur. EtcIt is his experiences and skills that allow him and his team to feed the Ahrefs blog. Here is his twitter profile:@botsbreeder

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