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Discover itBlog We Blog Better and find great content to take blogging and SEO to the next level.

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The We Blog Better blog is an online space that brings together advice, but also reliable tips on how to blog and monetize it. In addition to these tips and tricks, find practical guides on SEO, digital marketing, WordPress CMS and many other things related to the digital world.


Blog We Blog Better 

Being a blogger means demonstrating knowledge, technical skills and originality in the management and monetization of your blog. However, to succeed in excelling in this area, you must also know the best practices in digital marketing and SEO.

This leads to the question of how to improve your overall digital culture. The solution, however, is simple. You just have to always find ways to train yourself again and again.

For this, you must find very good blogs that deal with blogging and web marketing, such as the We Blog Better blog. If you want to have relevant information on this blog, follow us.

Introducing We Blog Better

We Blog Better was founded over 18 years ago byPerola Hammer. His goal in creating this blog is to help anyone who wants to start blogging become an excellent blogger.

More specifically, it is a knowledge web platform that brings together several articles that discuss the creation and management of a blog. You will easily find tips and guides that will allow you to:

  • generate or obtain more traffic to your blog;
  • build a network and a more engaging community;
  • strengthen your reliability and online presence;
  • create better blog posts for internet users;
  • leveraging social media web platforms;
  • monetize your blog…

Beyond these, there are many other essential aspects of the art of blogging that you will encounter on this web platform. So, whether you are a beginner or a professional, you have articles at your disposal to improve yourself.

It is a blog and in this logic, it has metrics that allow its value to be recognized as in the case of other blogs. Let’s talk about it !

Key We Blog Better Metrics

The metrics that we will soon provide you with come from the SEOQuake extension. In this case, it is:

  • Website Authority Score:34
  • Average length of visit: –
  • Average Bounce Rate:100 %
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:923

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

That’s a bit about the measurements of this blog. The latter is an abundant source of articles. This causes it to be subdivided into several sections or categories. Below we have given an overview of the categories that form the blog in question.

We Blog Better Blog Categories

There are several categories on this blog that allow website visitors to quickly find the articles that are grouped in these categories without making too much effort. Here are the categories in question.


In this category of the blog, discover articles that provide you with concrete information on how to have income based on mobile applications. Also learn how to leverage these apps for your business. This link :Apps Archives — We Blog Better refers to articles in this category.


This category includes articles that discuss the art of blogging. As you know, creating and managing your blog well can bring you additional income. It can also be your main source of income.

Train yourself effectively on how to manage a blog via thecontent gathered in this category. Also discover tips, techniques, but also practical guides to improve your knowledge in blogging.

Better still, find well-honed tips to monetize your blog. And if you want to start blogging today, learn relevant information to easily get away with it and become a master.


Here, you are entitled to articles that concern e-commerce and more specifically the Shopify web platform. Tips, comparisons and reliable information for effective management of your online stores.

These are the articles grouped in this category. To have full access to all of these articles, you can redirect here:E-commerce Archives — We Blog Better.


It is grouped in this category of the We Blog Better blog information related to graphics. For example, discover articles on the future of design, an explanatory guide on the importance of a graphic design and many other elements related to graphic design.

These articles deserve your special attention, especially if you want to provide a quality user experience for your website. Start reading by clicking the link:Graphics Archives – We Blog Better.


Miscellaneous Archives is a category that brings together articles of different themes and subjects. In other words, you have there, a mix of several contents, but all related to digital and your business.

More specifically, it is advice, guides, but also techniques to develop your business online.

In this same category, you will find articles, mini-guides and tips on:

  • natural reference ;
  • Web development ;
  • digital marketing…

It is a question here of a real diversity as the name of the blog clearly reveals.


The SEO category brings together a number of articles within it. Most of them are very specific comparisons between SEO practices, but also SEO tools.

Also, find in this category tips and guides to understand the most significant aspects of the world of SEO. Theseguides and tipsare resources that will allow you to evolve more quickly in this sector and become very good at it.

Social Media

If you want to understand the importance of social web platforms in marketing, you must take your time when exploring the articles in this category.

These articles allow you to broaden your perception of a successful marketing approach. In addition to this, impose yourself effectively against your competitors thanks to the articles grouped here.

Above all, find tips, tricks, practical guides and also techniques for using social media in your marketing strategies. All articles are available at this link:Social Media Archives — We Blog Better.

Web Design

When it comes to this We Blog Better blog category, you will come across tips, guides, and valuable tips on web design. This is content that will allow companies to better manage the design of their website.

Because, if done well, not only is the user experience guaranteed, it improves your various web performances. All this contributes to the user-friendliness of your website. So it is important to master this subject and for that click here:Web Design Archives — We Blog Better.


This category has condensed articles ontopics and themes the most important of the WordPress CMS. Notably :

  • WP security;
  • the creation and management of websites under WordPress;
  • WordPress SEO;
  • the personalization of your website under this CMS…

The previous listing is not exhaustive since there are many other WordPress-related segments that have been covered in this category. Many of these articles are guides, tips, and advice for mastering and using WordPress.

Regarding the We Blog Better blog categories, here is a bit of what you need to know. Does the blog accept guest contributions?

The We Blog Better blog and guest posts

Regarding the contribution of guest articles, it should be noted that the blog We Blog Better accepts guest articles. So, if you are interested in sharing an article, promoting a product or evaluating a site, you can use the PerOla Hammar blog.

That said, it only looks for quality content that is somehow adequate for bloggers. However, on July 11, its guest posting guidelines were updated.

How to submit a guest post on the blog?

For the submission of guest articles, there is currently only one option. Indeed, the founder of the blog only accepts guest contributions for a limited number of authors.

However, they must be prepared to strictly adhere to a publication schedule that is either weekly or monthly. When the number of places is filled, no more authors will be added.

As long as you agree to respect your publication frequency and the day of the week in question, you must submit your articles one week before the date of publication on the PerOla Hammar blog.

If you breach this condition or otherwise communicate with PerOla Hammar regardingpossible impediment regarding the submission time, your place will be revoked. Therefore, it will be assigned to another available author.

This is the way of guest post submission on the We Blog Better blog. Now here’s how to apply to be a regular contributor.

How to apply to be a contributor?

To be a regular contributor, there are certain conditions to respect. First, you need to send an email with this note in the subject line: “Regular Contributor Request”. The recipient email

Then, in writing your post, you should include the following:

  • a short biography of yourself with a link to your blog;
  • your Twitter profile or other proof of social media profile;
  • at least 3 links that redirect to proof of your writing skills.

But these elements of your email are not the only ones you should include. You must specify the reasons why the founder of the blog must accept your request. And add 3 article content ideas and sample titles.

Last but not least, you will necessarily have to notify your posting frequency option and the day of the week for the delivery of the guest article. For more details on the terms and guidelines for accepting your guest post, click this link:Contribute – We Blog Better.

In summary

All in all, this blog has several resources to excel at designing, managing, and monetizing a blog. He alone brings together interesting subjects and themes to become a proven digital professional.

By subjects and themes, understand natural referencing, digital marketing, e-commerce… This blog would be very beneficial to players in the digital industry.

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Middle Earth Consulting is a business solutions provider, specializing in web development, programming and social media. The company also deals with graphics, video editing, 3D rendering, purchases and sales in China.

PerOla Hammar is the founder of Middle Earth Consulting. Father of two children and very open-minded, he is a big fan of marketing, sales and the Internet. An online entrepreneur based in Shanghai and Sweden, he seeks to influence brands and people through his work.

Hammar holds a degree in industrial and logistics management from the University of Skövde. It is a program that offers a global vision of the processes allowing companies to work in a smart way.

He describes himself as a great lover of travel, history, writing, photography and graphic design. He claims to enjoy living a creative lifestyle, experimenting and learning new things as he goes.

PerOla Hammal is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals. As a result, it provides them with personalized services.

Of course, these high quality services are tailored to the unique needs of future beneficiaries. Thanks to his extensive experience, he provides innovative solutions that are both practical and effective.

Need to get in touch with him? Join him on his social networksTwitter, Facebook, Instagram and onSound Cloud.

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