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Blog | Blog Du Modérateur

Blog | Blog Du Modérateur

Short Description : Blog Du Modérateur

Blog du modérateur Mise en avant

Keep up to date with all the latest digital and web news by visiting the moderator’s blog.

Long Description : Blog Du Modérateur

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Whether it’s the web, digital marketing, social networks, technology and SEO tools, you will find various articles on the moderator’s blog that talk about it.

You can consult them to find the information you need to learn more about these different sectors.

Description of the moderator’s blog

The moderator’s blog presents itself as the media for SEO professionals. It is actually a website that offers several resources in various categories in the form of articles and training.

These resources address several popular topics such as e-commerce, SEO, cybersecurity, personal data, digital strategy, etc.

Who can view the moderator’s blog? 

In view of the themes that are covered on the moderator’s blog, there is no doubt that it will be useful to all those who plan to consult it.

The latter will be able, whatever the field, to access articles that can help them better understand the news in their field.

Lare the moderator’s blog metrics?

The analysis of the moderator’s blog data on December 14, 2022 provides the following information:

  • Organic traffic: 3.18 million;
  • Authority score: 67;
  • Average visit time: 07 minutes 10 seconds;
  • Bounce rate: 78.87%.

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

As we can see, with these different figures, the blogfrom the moderator is a site that records great performance.

Apart from this, it should be noted that the moderator’s blog has other advantages beyond the figures such as:

The presence of a newsletter which allows visitors who so wish to register and be informed by email every morning or weekly every Friday.

With the many articles that are published and the many topics covered, the moderator’s blog has a search bar. This gives everyone the opportunity to quickly find what they came for.

What will you discover on the moderator’s blog?

Once on the moderator’s blog, you will find that most of the articles published there are grouped into five main categories, namely:

The Web : In this category, you will have access to various news concerning the web, start-ups, GAFAM and studies to decipher uses and interviews to understand trends. This category includes sub-categories such as google, productivity, design and training

Marketing : subdivided into categories such as digital strategy, business, e-commerce and training, the articles presented in this category allow you to have access to the various news, decryptions, guides and advice relating to digital marketing. All this allows professionals to have the necessary resources to improve your results in this sector.

the social : This category of article allows you to have access to all the news of social networks and tips for their proper use; you will know more about community management, but also about the use of platforms such as twitter, instagram, facebook, etc.

The Tech : On this part of the blog you will find information relating to the main tech news for those who design the web: developers, designers, product owners, scrum masters… there are subcategories relating to apple products, development, training and studies.

Les Tools : In this category, the blog invites you to discover more than 1183 articles to improve your productivity, manage your social networks, the development and design of your applications, design and more.

Beyond the moderator’s blog

Beyond the publication of articles that are written and published regularly on the site, the moderator’s blog makes a number of services available to the public. This is how he offers software publishers to help them find qualified leads.

It also offers other professionals and companies services consisting of giving them more visibility or becoming partners. For any of these services, simply fill out the form provided to you to make an appointment.

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Presentation : Blog Du Modérateur

Blog du modérateur Logo

The Moderator’s Blog abbreviated as BDM is a web platform known as the media for digital professionals. It has been published by Hello Work since 2007.

This web platform was founded byFlavien Chantrel. He is also the editorial director of the HelloWork website. It is also a key player in employment and recruitment in France.

He edited several other web platforms like RegionsJobs. Moreover, on this platform it has played several functions such as:

  • Social Media Manager;
  • Social Media Manager ;
  • Community Manager…

He has been interested in digital innovations and Human Resources for a decade now. Here is his LinkedIn profile:Flavien Chantrel. The one on his twitter is as follows:@moderator.

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