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Discover the Youdot blog, a space where you will find tutorials on expired domain names and SEO.

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Youdot’s blog is a portal where you will find articles that cover different aspects of SEO, such as backlink analysis, expired domains, SEO trends and SEO improvement techniques.

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Did you know that expired domains have untapped SEO potential? These domains are website names that were used by site owners, but were abandoned or expired for various reasons.

The good news, you can find these expired domains through the Youdot blog. It is possible to buy and use these domains to create a new website or to improve their SEO.

The main advantage of these names is that they maintain their authority and popularity with search engines most of the time.

On the Youdot blog, you will find articles on how to find these kinds of domains and how to improve your SEO. Through this article, we discover this blog as well as its categories.

Youdot blog presentation

The Youdot blog is a site that offers articles on various SEO-related topics and expired domains.

Some of the articles available talk about the use of Google Trends to improve content and SEO strategies or the impact of domain authority on SEO.

You will also find articles about content automation tools as well as different netlinking strategies.

The site also offers information on expired domain names and their potential to improve SEO and increase website traffic.

Youdot blog metrics

The SEOquake tool reveals that the main metrics for this blog are:

Website authority score: 23

Average duration of visit: 12min 13s

Average bounce rate: 73.28%

Monthly organic traffic volume: 1.51k

These metrics show that even though it does not have many visitors, people who come to the blog spend time on this blog.

Youdot blog categories

The Youdot blog is organized into several categories, namely:


In this category, there are several articles related to SEO. Here is a summary of the items available:

Analyzes expired domain name backlinks“: This article explains how to verify the authenticity of link networks when buying expired domain names.

Backlinks with foreign link anchors“: It discusses the importance of analyzing data in order to identify the right areas in a netlinking strategy.

The interest of soliciting an SEO agency“: This article explains the benefit of collaborating with an SEO agency for the referencing of a website.

11 things to know about PBNs “: Here you will find information about Private Blog Networks (PBNs) and some secrets about their use.

5 myths about PBNs (and the reality)“: This article deconstructs some popular ideas about PBNs and presents the reality of their use in SEO.

10 SEO trends you need to know for 2021 : It presents the last five important SEO trends for the year 2021, including the importance of long-form content.

9 techniques to improve your natural referencing with Google Trends“: He reveals nine tips for identifying business opportunities and improving your SEO using Google Trends.

How to increase the turnover of an e-commerce site using SEO” – In this article, Emmanuel de Vauxmoret shares his experience and talks about how he succeeded in increasing the turnover of an e-commerce site thanks to SEO.

Impact of domain authority on SEO” – This article highlights the importance of domain authority in SEO and explains how choosing a domain name impacts the visibility of a website.


This page talks about news related to expired domain names that you can take back and SEO optimization.

You will also find content on online traffic on profitable domain names. The blog also shares news about SEO-related events in Spain, auction updates on the Youdot platform, and more.


The content of the “Domaining” page includes several articles on domain names. Some articles deal with:

  • The number of domain names registered on the Internet;
  • The importance of an effective netlinking campaign;
  • Of the most expensive domains of all time;
  • From the purchase of domain names linked to crypto currencies;
  • From the SEO&LOVE event in Verona;
  • Etc.


The tutorial archive on Youdot blog covers different topics such as how to easily illustrate blog posts, what to check before buying an expired domain name and many more.

Since Youdot specializes in expired domain names, it offers a multitude of tutorials to its visitors to help them easily buy expired domain names with high added value.

You will find, for example, an introductory guide on domain names and on the easy management of domain names on Youdot.

These tutorials can help you better understand these topics related to domain names and optimizing your website.


The articles contained in this category present the latest updates of the Youdot platform.

In addition, you can also discover the Youdot team, composed of Delphine, product manager, as well as Tom, Julien and Yoan, developers working on improving domain name capture.

In other words, articles in this category allow you to learn more about behind the scenes of Youdot and the efforts made to improve the customer experience and offer the best domain names for SEO.

Other Youdot blog resources

Other blog resources you can access include:

The newsletter

If you want to get Youdot articles straight to your inbox, just sign up for the blog’s newsletter. Thus, you will receive the latest updates available on the site.


It is a feature that allows to find the archives of the site by filtering them by a specific month and year. Thus, you will be able to browse the archives of this blog by their publication date.

Does the Youdot blog accept guest posts?

This blog only publishes its own content and does not accept guest posts. However, it is not possible for you to submit your articles to this blog.

However, we offer you a platform that is full of French-speaking sites that accept guest articles. This platform brings together more than 1156 blogs that are favorable to guest blogging.

In summary

The Youdot blog is a blog that discusses issues related to domain names and search engine optimization. You will therefore find articles on how to choose a good domain name and how to improve the referencing of your site.

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Tristan is a computer enthusiast who founded when he was 18 years old. Its award-winning contest site has become the leader in casual gaming in France and has won numerous awards.

After reaching more than 35 million players, Tristan sold to the international group Digital Virgo to embark on other projects.

He created Eefficiency, an investment fund for startups, and invested in successful companies like Linxo in the Fintech sector. Tristan also founded DomRaider, a reference in the field of expired domain name reservations.

Tristan is a member of the board of directors of AFNIC, the official .FR ​​registry, where he brings his expertise. He also initiated the projectTuring22, a modern extension of office and coworking spaces.

His impressive career attests to his entrepreneurial vision and his success in the business world. Tristan is a true leader who continues to innovate and inspire with his bold initiatives.

Tristan Colombet is available on social networks by:

Twitter : Tristan Colombet

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