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Blog | Visibilité référencement

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The articles, tips and tricks of the SEO Visibility blog allow you to improve your visibility in the SERPs. Want to discover this blog?

Long Description : Visibilité référencement

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SEO visibility blog

The SEO Visibility blog is a personal website that addresses a multitude of SEO and content marketing issues. You will find on this personal site advice, guides, tips, but also tutorials and interviews with big names in SEO. The author’s goal is to help visitors gain good visibility from SEO and all this for free.

SEO Visibility Blog Description

If you are new to SEO or seem to have difficulty in this industry, the content grouped within certain blogs can allow you to get by easily.

One of these famous blogs is SEO Visibility. This online portal allows you to better understand SEO and all the important segments that revolve around it.

What are the subjects or themes he addresses? Is it reliable? If you continue reading, you will have all your answers.

Presentation of the SEO visibility blog

The SEO Visibility blog is the personal website of the SEO consultant whose article signature name is RaphSEO. The articles he publishes are mainly focused on:

  • SEO and
  • Le Content Marketing.

Many of these articles are informative and provide engaging tips to improve your visibility in the SERPs. You will also find tips, tutorials and ideas to deepen your SEO knowledge.

To these are added guides and current news relating to the most crucial aspects of a content marketing strategy.

But maybe you would like to know if this blog is credible and really visited? Maybe you want to know if he has a good authority rating? Whether it’s one of these questions or it’s both, the metrics we’ve collected will serve you well.

Top Blog Metrics SEO Visibility

The measurements that we are going to present just below were taken with the SEOquake add-on. It is :

    • Authority Score: 18 
  • Monthly organic traffic volume: —
  • Duration of visits: —
  • Average Bounce Rate: —

As a side note, these metrics have been listed as of writing. Therefore, they can change at any time. So think of them as summary measures. Would you now like to know what the categories of this blog are? If so, here’s what you need to know about them.

Blog Categories SEO Visibility

The categories of this blog are exactly 6 in number. Here is a brief presentation of it and which provides information on the subjects and themes covered.

1. News

The categoryNews of the SEO Visibility blog brings together, as the name suggests, the latest news of the moment concerning:

  • And THAT ;
  • Le SMO ;
  • SEA and
  • CMSs.

So, if you want to be up to date with news and trends in these pillars of content marketing, you should consider reading the articles in this category.

2. Boutique SEO 

The author of the SEO Visibility blog to propose thissection to certainly share with visitors to his site the SEO tools and resources he uses for these audits.

By exploring the section, you can read his opinions and learn how to exploit certain software as well as the SEO resources he recommends.

3. Virtual SEO Conference

This presentscategory brings together informative and discursive articles about the Visibility Live Camp conference organized by the author of the blog.

It also includes the minutes of these online conferences that you can use if you did not participate.

4. Info and Rant 

A rant from the author of the blog and valuable information about the SEO industry, this is a bit of what awaits you after exploring thiscategory.

More precisely, the articles gathered within it are for the greatest number of valuable tips and mistakes to avoid in terms of SEO practices.

5. SEO Tools 

SEO tools abound day by day on the market. Thus, to meet the needs of customers, professionals opt for tools that they consider better than others.

But very often, between the pricing plans and the performance of these tools, some are mistaken in their choice. The blog author understood this. This is why he groups together in thiscategory, opinions, reviews and comparisons on many of them.

Also discover in this category advice and guides for the long-term use of certain tools that will allow you to improve your ranking.

6. SEO

In thiscategory, you have practical advice at your disposal to improve your SEO efforts. You can also read techniques and discover great tips and ideas to increase your SEO.

In addition, in the category, you will discover tutorials and news concerning the world of SEO and content marketing.

The SEO visibility blog has apart from its informative articles, advice, guides and tutorials, other resources. We thought these might be of interest to you. As a result, we have presented them in the same way as the categories of the blog.

Other resources available on the SEO Visibility blog

The other resources that make the SEO Visibility blog more or less complete are three in number. It is :

  • Competition ;
  • In my Cellar;
  • SEO Infographic.

What do you need to know about each of these resources? Here is their brief presentation.

1. Competition

The next resource is a set of SEO contests organized by the blog author whose username is RaphSEO. More precisely, the latter launches contests to allow its customers or visitors to its website to win valuable prizes. These lots can be:

  • Free training;
  • White papers that address SEO;
  • SEO tools..

Thus, it is a valuable resource insofar as feedback with it can give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of SEO through the lots offered.

2. In my basement

In my cellar is a resource just as interesting as the previous one. Since the present resource gathers the interviews between the author of the blog and some SEO experts.

These exchanges rich in experiences and SEO ideas can inspire you or make you take a new approach because of what you have heard. And the experts always have plenty of tips, advice, and techniques to share.

3. Infographics

This resource is a list of infographics that brings together in images + texts and figures interesting information that covers some valuable aspects of SEO including:

  • Audit SEO ;
  • Content and SEO ;
  • Google Panda…

To access all the infographics grouped in this resource, you can already click on this link:All SEO infographics.

Now that you have read about the other resources available on the blog, you might want to know if this blog accepts guest posting. To have a clear answer to this question, the following is probably the information you are looking for.

Does the SEO Visibility blog do guest blogging? 

To say that the SEO Visibility blog agrees to publish guest content would be false information. Indeed, the blog is a personal website and all articles published on the blog are signed by RaphSEO. You will not see any content with another signature other than this one.

Therefore, the RaphSEO SEO Visibility blog would not accept guest posting on its website. Nevertheless, if you are looking for other blogs that are open to guest posts in both English and French, you should check out ourplatform

In summary

What more can we say except that this blog is very rich in content. It deals only with SEO and offers several informative articles, tips, guides as well as tricks. The exploration of this blog by professionals or beginners will undoubtedly be very beneficial to them.

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Presentation : Visibilité référencement

Blog Visibilité Référencement Logo

Created in 2017, the blogSEO visibilityis the property of RaphaelDOUCET, SEO consultant for about 10 years. Initially set up, for the service proposal, the founder ofSEO visibility couples the site with a blog in order to share content around SEO.

He owns many sites that he uses to make a living and do tests. The web and SEO evolve every day with the changes made by Google. It is therefore necessary to keep constantly informed. Test, test and retest, that’s all that works.

The blogSEO visibilityis therefore an ideal resource to learn about new SEO features and methods to use as they change

Whether you are a beginner, a professional, or a business, you can collect plenty of informative articles that provide engaging advice to improve your visibility in the SERPs. You will also find tips, tutorials and ideas to deepen your SEO knowledge.

You can reach RaphaëlDOUCET on Facebook and Twitter as follows:

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