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Want to discover a blog that mainly deals with natural referencing? Discover the SEOSLY blog and build your SEO skills.

Long Description : SEOSLY

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The SEOSLY blog is a web platform that brings together relevant articles about SEO. You will also discover mini-guides, complete guides and tips to effectively improve your level in SEO. This web platform offers several interesting categories such as SEO FAQS, SEO Newsletter or Google. In addition, it has a YouTube channel which brings together very interesting video content which is also classified into various categories.

Description du blog SEOSLY

What better way to learn SEO than to identify excellent blogs that exclusively address issues and topics related to this vast sector?

Among the blogs that cover topics related to natural referencing, the SEOSLY blog stands out for the quality of the content it makes available to its users. It offers great practical tips and tricks that can help you whether you are a beginner or a pro.

If you wish to have more details on this blog, its themes, the questions as well as the subjects it deals with, we suggest that you continue reading.

SEOSLY blog presentation

SEOSLY is a blog specialized in natural referencing which approaches SEO in all its aspects.

To this end, if you have no basic knowledge of search engine optimization, then this is the right place to learn SEO.

You will discover several articles as interesting as each other. Most of them are detailed with the utmost precision.

Apart from these famous articles, you will find practical SEO advice,but also SEO newsletters to be received once every two weeks. It is therefore a website not to be overlooked if you really want to increase your skills.

Does the SEOSLY blog have a good reputation? To give you a fair answer, we invite you to discover its metrics. It’s up to you to judge whether its e-reputation is good or can be improved.

Key SEOSLY Blog Metrics

Before providing the blog metrics, it is useful to know that these metrics result from the SEOquake plugin, so they are credible. However, you should know that the metrics were taken at the time we created this content. They are therefore likely to vary afterwards.

  • Authority Score: 30
  • Average length of visit:01 minutes 34 seconds
  • Rmedium bounce:84,15 %
  • Tmonthly organic traffic:51,3. k

This is how the SEOSLY blog metrics look. You are also aware that the vast majority of blogs group the articles they publish into various categories. What about those from the SEOSLY blog? Let’s find this out right away.

SEOSLY blog categories

 The articles that this blog publishes are grouped into several categories and each of them is related to a specific area of ​​SEO. Here are small presentations relating to these categories.

SEO Audits

A crucial step in any strategic SEO approach, the audit contributes to improving the ranking of a website on search engines. Therefore, if you want to get your website listed, you need to learn how to do an SEO audit.

With this category of the SEOSLY blog, you have the ability to achieve this easily. Since you will find practical and complete guides to succeed in your SEO audit.

By exploring the content offered in thisSEO audit category, for sure you will know in which ways:

  • Analyze content quality;
  • Make a technical optimization;
  •  the structure and the backlinks of the site…

The SEO audit consists of a careful analysis of a website to detect the strengths and weaknesses of your SEO. Discover thanks to this category tips and techniques without forgetting the SEO Checklists.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the performance of certain technical tasks that contribute to improving the positioning of your website in the SERPs. By tasks, we refer to:

  • Source code optimization;
  • The configuration of the robots.txt and sitemap.xml files;
  • Improving the UX or even
  • Error handling…

In thissection you blog SEOSLY, you will understand and know how to apply them if you are an SEO beginner. And if you are a professional, you may gain other knowledge.

Indeed, you will find in this category several practical guides and mistakes to avoid. Added to these are easy-to-do tips to become more efficient in Technical SEO.

SEO Tools

Talking about SEO necessarily requires the use of tools and software. Otherwise, developing a good SEO strategy would be futile. But it is still necessary to know how to distinguish the free tools from the paying ones or the most efficient from the less efficient.

This category brings together the analyzes of certain SEO tools that Olga Zarr, the founder of the blog uses on a daily basis. You will also findlists of various types of SEO tools

Aware of the importance of using SEO tools, the founder had to offer reviews on some of them. And soon, she plans to put together a list of the best SEO tools on the market.


Discover in this categoryfrequently asked questions in SEO. This is a section that will be very beneficial to beginners in SEO, but it can also be useful to experienced ones. Here are some of these questions for example.

  • How long does it take to rank first on Google?
  • What are common SEO mistakes?
  • How do I know if Google has indexed my site?

And many other similar questions. Thus, this category is like a guide that shows you what to do if you doubt your SEO skills.


Google is highly exploited by the global community and it is estimated to92.05 its share of the search engine market in 2023. So there is no doubt that if you want to rank well on this search engine, you need to know everything about it.

But unfortunately the search engine does not publicly disclose the factors it evaluates to rank sites. However, SEO professionals and experts makeresearch thorough to understand the search engine and its ranking factors.

Through thisGoogle category, the SEOSLY blog reveals the secrets to unraveling the mystery of Google’s algorithm and becoming number one on this search engine.


Olga Zarr is very passionate about SEO. The good proof, this category that it offers brings together guides that deal with the most useful aspects of SEO. You have access to mini-guides, but also to complete guides.

It is a summary of all the essential elements that will allow you to prosper in SEO. For example, here are some guides:

  • Does changing page title affect SEO?
  • How to exclude a website from Google search?
  • How to use Google Search Console for keyword research?

Other practical guides are available and if you wish to read them, you can consultthe page dedicated to blog guides.

SEO Newsletter

This category gathers the list of emails sent to the 50.k+ subscribers of the SEOSLY blog for now. Specifically, these are newsletter episodes that provide the latest news on SEO news around the world.

Very useful therefore to always be aware of the latest trends in search engine optimization. Thesenewsletters SEO are sent according to the weekly or bi-weekly period.

What you should know about this SEO newsletter is that it is not only about SEO news, but also:

  • SEO resources;
  • SEO advice;
  • SEO broadcasts;
  • And many other things.

These newsletters are completely free and include the most credible information in the sector.


The founder of the SEOSLY blog is a host and speaker. Indeed, apart from SEO advice, guides, techniques and tips, Olga regularly hostsa podcast which addresses SEO.

So, in this category, you have access to a list of SEOSLY podcast episodes. This category allows you to:

  • Stay up to date with what’s happening in the SEO world
  • Use the ideas of great SEOs to make a name for yourself in this sector
  • Orally learn the best SEO practices…

Besides these categories through which the SEOSLY blog offers its content, does it offer other resources? Let’s find out this.

Other resources available on the SEOSLY blog

The other resources available on this blog are for YouTube videos. This resource is the SEOSLY blog channel. It brings together lots of videos which are also classified into categories as in the case of articles. Let’s talk about it quickly.

Interviews with SEO Experts

In thisYouTube channel videos category, you have a set of interviews hosted by Olga Zarr with some SEO experts. SEO experts like David Kaufmann from SEO Crawl or Julia Nesterets.

Live SEO Audits 

This category of videos brings together a list of audiovisual content on how to do an SEO audit. It is therefore a question oflive practical cases of SEO audits

Weekly SEO News

This resource is a collection of videos from the channel that brings together recaps regardingthe main SEO information and news. These videos are available weekly or bi-weekly.

SEO Audit Process

The videos available in this category of the YouTube channel show the different stages of theSEO audit process by Olga Zarr.


This resource from one of the categories of the SEOSLY YouTube channel supports the SEO FAQS category of the blog. Specifically, the resource brings together frequently asked questions about SEO andthe direct and detailed answers of Olga Zarr, the founder of the blog.

SEO Basics 

Sometimes reading text content is boring. But in the world of SEO, reading this content is necessary. It also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t play video content.

In fact, to support your first understanding after reading the text contents, you can seek tovisualize video content. And this resource from the SEOSLY blog brings you relevant video content relating to the basics of SEO.

Concretely, these are videos that will make it easier for you to learn SEO and gain a better understanding.key SEO concepts

Here we are at the end of the other resources available on Olga Zarr’s SEOSLY blog. If you are wondering whether this blog is a guest blogger, you must continue reading.

Does the SEOSLY blog practice guest blogging?

By closely analyzing the articles available on the SEOSLY blog, the only signature that is below the articles is that of Olga Zarr, the founder of the blog. This blog would not practice guest blogging.

On the web platform of the blog, you can see the services it offers to advertisers. Perhaps it is because of these services that she would not accept guest posts.

Anyway, if you want to have an idea of ​​the blogs that accept guest articles in French or in English, you can consult our platformincluding +1156 Blogs to Publish your guest articles.

In summary

The SEOSLY blog is an almost complete blog in terms of SEO. Since you are only confronted with questions and topics related to Google and search engine optimization. No topics related to webmarketing or webdesign. If you are a beginner in the world of SEO, you must consider this English blog.

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Presentation : SEOSLY

Blog Seosly Logo

Olga Zarr is the founder of SEOSLY and the author of the blog of the same name on which she shares her knowledge of natural referencing.

It also offers a series of SEO podcasts and has aYoutube channel where she publishes her videos. With 10 years of experience, Olga has made it her mission to help sites better position themselves in search engines.

As an SEO Consultant, she takes care of all aspects of a site’s SEO, from advanced technical audits to on-site optimization, SEO analysis, and more.

Recall that Olga took SEO courses at the University of California.She has also completed certified training in Google Ads and Google Analytics, as well as the Computer Science 101 course from the Stanford School of Engineering.

In recent years, the SEOSLY consultant has specialized in the SEO sector of lawyers and jurists in the United States.Through her site, she offers a range of services, including SEO audits, advice, and mentoring.

Olgar Zarr is present on social networks:

LinkedIn : Olgar Zarr

Twitter : Olgar Zarr

Mastodon : Olgar Zarr


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