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Short Description : Greenlane

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Read rich and diverse content related to the field of digital marketing and SEO in the English blog Greenlane.

Long Description : Greenlane

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Greenlane’s blog brings together actionable articles, guides, tips and tricks to make your digital marketing and SEO skills even better. Explore this blog and become more successful in these two indispensable sectors of the digital world.


Blog Greenlane

do you know that53 % marketers have claimed that blogs are their preference when it comes to content marketing? Eh yes !

This only proves that blogs are essential to increase your online turnover in an environment where competition is comparable to a tough battle in a ring.

Anyway, the specialists who said that are certainly right. This is why some of them have set up teams to create and develop a blog in their image and which brings together valuable content in the field of digital marketing and SEO.

These blogs are quite informative, simple and well provided as in the case of the Greenlane blog whose presentation will bring you important details so that you may start reading it.

Presentation of the Greenlane Blog

The Greelane blog comes to show the competence of the American web marketing agency Greenlane founded in 2012 by Bill Sebald. So this is a blog that covers topics that relate to all aspects of online marketing.

But it’s not just about that, this blog also covers topics related to:

  • SEO Technique ;
  • Content marketing ;
  • Conversion Rate Analysis and Optimization.

The contents published on this blog are quite diverse, but despite this, the blog does not really classify them into different categories like most blogs available on the Internet. What could be the cause?

We quickly give you a small clarification.

The small clarification on the categories of the Greenlane blog

By paying particular attention to this platform, we were able to make a remark. Indeed, it is the services offered by the marketing agency Greenlane that represent the categories of its blog.

In addition, the blog gives you the possibility to filter all the articles that are available on the platform. Thus, to search for articles concerning a specific theme, users can use these filters.

Finally, what makes this blog more interesting is the navigation which is very fluid. You won’t waste time switching from one filter to another and from one article to another. Like many blogs, Greenlane has a few metrics that you should know in order to know if it is well visited or not.

Key Greenlane Blog Metrics

The metrics we are interested in are the following:

  • Website Authority Score: 46
  • Average length of visit:02 minutes 36 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate: 84,65 %
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:5.66k

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Now that you’ve learned about the different blog metrics, let’s talk about the different categories available on the blog.

Presentation of the different categories of the Greenlane blog

Digital marketing is a particularly broad field in that it covers both SEO and content marketing. Both are areas rich in interesting information and resources.

Well aware of this digital reality, the creator of the blog has subdivided the blog articles into 4 main categories which we will give you a short description of right after.

  1. Digital Marketing

An excellent online marketing strategy is to monitor, successfully test and improve your business in order to stand out on the Internet. This is a true fact and no web 2.0 professional or expert can claim otherwise.

This is certainly what the editorial team of the Greenlane blog understood when they proposed their blog. In the Digital Marketing category of his blog, you’ll find loads of articles that talk about:

  • THIS ;
  • PPC ;
  • Displays Ads;
  • Paid Social Ads…

These articles rich in original information are 51 in number and each of them brings you relevant information that can be useful to you if you want to improve your skills even more.

  1. Technical

This category of the blog brings you all the important information on technical SEO. Articles in this category mainly provide information on the following topics:

  • Technical analysis ;
  • Mobile SEO;
  • Technical speed of the site;
  • Structured data;
  • International referencing.

As you know, technical SEO is important if you are a website owner. Not only does it allow an improvement in the architecture of your website, the latter when it is well done ensures you a good ranking in the SERPs of search engines.

  1. Analytics & CRO

In this category, you will find relevant content that deals with everything related to analysis and conversion rate optimization. Content in this category is mostly mini-guides and tips for monetizing your digital marketing campaigns.

  1. Content

This category covers many topics related to the quality of your content and the different strategies you can use to improve your visibility on the first page of search engine results. These articles are tips, recommendations and guides of all kinds.

Now you know what it is really about in the different categories available on the Greenlane blog. Does he have other exploitable resources?

Other resources from the Greenlane blog

Beyond the blog, the website offers resources on its platform that can truly be of use to all its visitors. There are mainly two resources:

  • Case Studies

This resource from the Greenlane blog is proof that Bill and his staff are fighting for an ideal. Certainly, that of providing and leaving their mark in the sphere of digital marketing.

Indeed, Case Studies brings together 15 complete and very informative case studies in which you can find at least one case study related to one of the 4 categories of the blog.

This is proof that the Greenlane agency remains focused on its objective. That of helping companies and individuals to further improve their marketing efforts.

  • Free Tools

Digital marketing like natural referencing is the technique, strategies, but also good tools. If these are free, even better. We think Bill Sebald’s team got it.

The Free Tools resource offers you tools that can support you in both your SEO strategy and digital marketing. These free tools are 5 in number as follows:

Does this American blog usually accept guest posts? This is the question we will answer in a few lines.

Bill Sebald’s Greenlane blog and guest posts

By scanning the blog, we realize that the authors under the published articles are only the collaborators of the blog. There is no content written by collaborators outside the team. So Bill’s Greenlane blog would not be accepting guest posts.

In summary

In conclusion, the American blog Greenlane consists of at least a hundred articles which are mini-guides, tips and informative articles. On this blog, you will have valuable information to improve your SEO and your online marketing efforts. It has two really useful resources which are case studies and free tools that can support you in the quest for excellence.

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Presentation : Greenlane

Blog GreenlaneMarketing Logo

Bill Sebald is the founder of the Greenlane agency. He is a digital marketer based in the Philadelphia area who started as an SEO professional in the year 1996.

Since the year 2005, he has been offering advisory services in the online marketing industry as Greenlane which he formalized in 2012.

Bill has a lot of experience in the field of SEO. Indeed, he led the very first team of SEOs at GSI Commerce in Philadelphia, working with several clients such as NFL, Toys R Us, Calvin Klein, Pet Smart and many others.

He is also a lecturer, but also a writer who speaks on Practical E-commerce and Moz, not to mention Greelane’s blog.

Finally, in these free times, he likes to take photos, record music, but above all work on his Podcast. In fact, he is also a musician, music is one of his passions. This does not prevent it from being remarkable in SEO.

If you want more details about him, you can check out his LinkedIn and Twitter profile. Here is the LinkedIn profile:Bill Sebald. And his twitter is the following:Bill Sebald ™ (@billsebald).


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