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Podcast | Digital Revolution

Podcast | Digital Revolution

Short Description : Révolution digitale

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Want to listen to inspiring success stories in the entrepreneurial world? Discover the Digital Revolution podcast series.

Long Description : Révolution digitale

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The Digital Revolution Podcast represents an online audio library that takes you to the heart of the digital evolution. It brings together a large number of audio contents that address the most important aspects of entrepreneurship, online business and digital evolution. For inspirational and moral stories related to web marketing, this podcast will come in handy.

Description of the Digital Revolution Podcast

If you are a digital marketing professional or an entrepreneur in its infancy, you know that it is mandatory to be curious, to learn more about current trends. Several channels can allow you this: blogs or audiovisual content for example.

However, Podcasts can also allow this. Another of their functions remains inspiration. Indeed, listening to the stories of those who have succeeded despite the difficulties can allow newcomers to be motivated and even to use the method to experiment with it. One of these podcasts is Revolution Digitale. Discover the themes it addresses and its categories. Good reading !

Presentation of the Digital Revolution Podcast

Thefrench digital revolution podcast was launched in 2017 by François Paul Lambert and Hélène Baron. Through this series of audio content, some entrepreneurs from all over the world recount their obstacle course. They also depict the steps that allowed them to succeed in their business.

In fact, it is an interview between the main host of the podcast, François Lambert and these entrepreneurs, the famous guests of honor. Relaxed interview, but which focuses on the essentials and which lasts only about thirty minutes.

The objective behind this podcast remains to spur the entrepreneurial spirit of the actors of the digital world in order to help them to embark serenely on the entrepreneurial adventure without fear. This podcast is therefore logically aimed at:

  • Entrepreneurs ;
  • Apprentice entrepreneurs;
  • Curious minds.

At the time of publication of the description of the Podcast, Révolution Digitale has already posted the first two seasons of its series.

On which platforms can you find Digital Revolution Podcasts?

All two seasons of the digital revolution new entrepreneurs podcast remain available on several platforms. Here is the list :

  • Apple Podcasts ;
  • Google Podcasts ;
  • Castbox ;
  • engraver ;
  • Spotify; 
  • Deezer ;
  • Soundcloud et
  • PodMust.

You can access these platforms directly on your handheld terminal or on your Computer. The audio series is totally free. So good listening! You might want to get an idea of ​​the topics covered in this Podcast. Let’s explore these together.

Main topics covered by the Digital Revolution Podcast

Digital Revolution centers its series of Podcasts around a few key themes, the most recurring of which are:


This theme is mainly encountered in this audio series. Moreover, it is around this subject that the podcast was set up. Discover by listening to the series how to start, what tools and resources to use to achieve your entrepreneurial goals. You will also find exciting stories of some young people from whom you can draw inspiration to improve your entrepreneurial approaches.


Apart from the previous theme, this can be considered the second most discussed theme in this digital series. You will discover how to start a business, develop it little by little and generate a good turnover over time.


Who speaks of entrepreneurship speaks of career and business. In the podcast, several contents also address this theme. Find out how some employees became entrepreneurs and the reasons that led them to do so.

The episodes that make use of this theme focus on the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who share their entrepreneurial successes. You will therefore discover useful advice to get started and forget your fears.


Another theme that is also often noticed in the first two seasons of Digital Revolution. If you do not know or if you struggle to combine your family life and your professional life, you must dig deep into the episodes of the season. Concrete cases of success of this combination await you there.

Technological innovation

The episodes that address this theme emphasize the discovery and deciphering of innovation trends. Thus, the speakers highlight the technological advances and the new opportunities they create.

Whether in the European or global context, they explore the many facets of technological innovation to inspire you and help you stay informed of current digital trends.

Productivity and time management

Episodes that address this topic provide practical advice for:

  • Increase professional efficiency;
  • Manage your personal and professional life intelligently;
  • Reach your goals faster…

To this end, if you are struggling to be more productive, the experts’ explanations and their inspiring stories featuring this theme will help you easily overcome the difficulties related to time management.

Now that I have briefly described to you the elements, questions and topics covered by the themes of this podcast, I invite you to have an idea of ​​its recent episodes.

What are the recent episodes of the Digital Revolution podcast?

I would like to note before describing these episodes to you that the episodes in question were those available at the time of my writing. Over time, these may change.

Saison 3 : Teaser (on arrive, on arrive) 

This episode is like an introduction to season 3 of the podcast. It discusses the adventures of two female entrepreneurs in Australia, notably Marion Vigot and Nathalie Taquet. Indeed, the first launched a startup, the first Australian rye straws, totally local.

The second meanwhile, well, it created two startups in the field of wine and IoT. During this episode announcing season 3 of the Digital Revolution podcast, these two entrepreneurs shared their experience on:

  • Starting a business abroad
  • Motivation
  • Taking action…

The episode lasted 43 minutes and remains very interesting.

109. BONUS #5: Chris Ducker ( The world needs you!

In this episode, Paul and Hélène invited the famous Chris Ducker, serial entrepreneur and founder of During the episode, you will learn the defining role of personal branding for a business. You will have valuable advice and tips for managing and maintaining your personal branding. Thus, in the episode which lasted 42 minutes, you have all the useful information to work on your online marketing.

108. Véronique Redon (Business Affluent): Finding her zone of genius

How to determine your zone of genius? How to live from your passion and many other relevant questions were addressed during this episode. The guest was Véronique Redon, French entrepreneur and actress, founder of Business Affluent. In this episode, she answered all these questions. She also offered interesting ideas, tips and tricks to succeed effectively when starting a business.

The Digital Revolution podcast has particularly classified these episodes into several categories. I talked about it right after.

Categories and Structure of the Digital Revolution Podcast Series

The Digital Revolution podcast has exactly 4 categories on its platform. It is :

  • Africa;
  • Americas;
  • Europe and
  • World

Note that each of these categories represents the name of a continent except of course the World category. This makes the site special. Indeed, for each continent, you have a series of podcasts in which the guests who intervene are from the continent.

In the world category, we see the intervention of guests who are not from the three continents considered to be the categories of the podcast. But who come from everywhere.

Also, at the end of each podcast, you may notice the following points:

  • the report of the episode;
  • points to remember;
  • the tools mentioned by the speakers.

This way, you already have a brief idea of ​​what the podcast was about. In addition, you can use the points to remember and the tools mentioned by the guests.

In summary

The Digital Revolution Podcast brings together a myriad of very inspiring audio content for new players in the entrepreneurial world. By listening to this content, you will discover the fascinating stories of certain entrepreneurs. Also several important aspects of creating and developing a profitable business were discussed. If you want to quickly make a name for yourself in this universe, this Podcast is to be kept in your favorites.

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Presentation : Révolution digitale

Révolution digitale Podcast Logo

FrancisP. LAMBERT and Hélène BARON, respectively Belgian and French, are nomads at heart and both have been passionate about entrepreneurship for several years. They are especially fascinated by those who have achieved their dreams and want to share them.

François is the voicefrom the Revolution Podcast Digital. It is alsolegal consultant in aerospace and high technologies. 

Today, he chats with successful entrepreneurs andshare  their experience with the Digital Tribe, the community at the heart of the movement.

As for Hélène, she has had a fairly rewarding career with more than 10 years of experience in European affairs and lobbying, in France, Belgium and then Ireland.

Helenlance then in 2017 with his partner François, Révolution Digitale, a podcast intended to promote French-speaking entrepreneurship.

She is now focusing, from Australia, on creating an international platform forssupport for entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs.

François and Hélène can be contacted through their various social networks:

Twitter : Francois Paul

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