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Blog SEO | Abondance

Blog SEO | Abondance

Short Description : Blog SEO | Abondance

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The Abondance blog is a site specially dedicated to SEO news and everything related to it directly or indirectly. Here are its features!

Long Description : Blog SEO | Abondance

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The Abundance blog is a website that offers visitors everything there is to know about SEO news around the world. There are also new features in terms of SEO, as well as training courses allowing those who wish to improve their knowledge in this area.

Blog Abundance

With the advent of the internet, all services that were once physical are now digital. themarketing digital was then created with the aim of promoting these offers online.

SEO, which is a key concept in digital marketing, however, remains incomprehensible to some. Since 1998, theAbundance Blog has made it its mission to help those who had difficulty understanding, to better grasp the concept.

This description will allow you to discover in more detail this famous website and all that it offers to Internet users.

Presentation of the Abundance blog

The Abundance blog was created in 1998. Entirely devoted to SEO, the platform has several sections and tools specially intended for this theme. It includes SEO news, SEO videos as well as audit tools and SEO guides.

Any collaborator who works on the website is an expert in his field. Thus, each article published is relevant and completely original. The blog covers all topics related to SEO to allow visitors to satisfy their curiosity.

This content, which is both informative and illustrative, facilitates the understanding of Internet users and helps them to grasp the concepts discussed there more quickly.

Moreover, creating a website is not a simple matter. This is even more true in the case where it is necessary to manage and feed this site frequently after its creation.

Can’t do it alone,Olivier Andrieu, the creator of the blog, has called on several professionals who assist him and who contribute to the proper functioning of the Abondance blog.

Among these contributors, the consultants Aymeric Bouillat, Mathieu Chartier, Daniel Roch and Christophe Deschamps stand out.

In addition to these, we can mention Daniel Diehl (lawyer by profession) and Sylvain Peyronnet (co-founder of the advertising agency “The Machine in The Middle”.

They also contribute to the proper functioning of the platform. It should also be noted to note that these are not the only contributors to the site, but rather the main ones.

Abundance blog metrics

Website authority score: 62

Average length of visit: 02:40

Average bounce rate:70,76 %

Volume of monthly organic traffic:50,1 k

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different categories of the Abundance blog

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) covers a large number of areas that are all different from each other.

The Abundance blog covers two main categories: SEO news and SEO videos. The platform obviously relies on the quality of these and their content rather than quantity.

SEO News

Any good SEO blog must have a section dedicated to SEO news. Indeed, it would be useless to present SEO optimization strategies if, in the end, they are obsolete and of little use.

Being up to date on SEO news, practices and innovations is therefore an obligation for anyone interested in optimization. This section of the site therefore allows you to see all that is new in terms of SEO.

These videos

The Abundance blog is quite unique, as unlike other platforms, it has a category dedicated to SEO videos. If it is true that publishing articles is very useful for visitors, providing them with explanatory videos is even more so.

Other resources on the Abundance website

The Abondance platform is much more than a simple blog dedicated to SEO referencing. Indeed, the site has several other resources intended to help those looking to improve their knowledge of SEO.

Formation SEO

Despite the diversity of articles published on the site and their information-rich content, some visitors still find it difficult to grasp certain SEO concepts.

In order to be able to help them better understand these concepts, the Abondance site has set up a section intended for the SEO training of Internet users. They will therefore have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of optimization.

Audit SEO

The Abundance platform also has a section entirely dedicated to the SEO audit. You will find everything you need to be able to audit your website and determine its weaknesses.

This section allows you to define, with certainty, an effective strategy to improve the optimization of your website.

Guides PDF

As the name suggests, this part of the site has a host of PDF guides for visitors. These documents can help them carry out SEO actions that are difficult to implement or that can normally only be carried out by specialists in the field.


Thejob section of the site is intended for people who are looking for jobs related to SEO. There is a variety of offers, issued by various companies, to which one can freely apply.


Finally, theAbundance website has a free newsletter for anyone who wants to subscribe. This allows you to stay informed each week of SEO news and new features available on the platform.

Does it accept guest posts?

The request rate for guest articles that are accepted on the Abundance blog is very low. This is explained by the fact that the creator of the site is not an amateur of this practice. However, there are rare cases where these items are accepted.

This is the example of relevant articles that are likely to interest Internet users. Guest articles are therefore accepted on the basis of their relevance and not to gain visibility.


The Abundance site is an exceptional blog with a variety of articles. These aim to help the reader deepen their knowledge of SEO.

In addition, the tools available on the platform allow those who wish to train in this area and to be able to audit and optimize their websites independently.

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Presentation : Blog SEO | Abondance

Blog Abondance Logo

Olivier Andrieu, the world-renowned SEO consultant, founded the company Abondance in 1996. Two years later, he set up the which is a web platform that brings together relevant information on all the news of SEO and search engines since 1998.

Based in Heiligenstein, not far from Strasbourg and more precisely between Obernai and Barr, in Bas-Rhin (67) in France,Olivier Andrieuis a product of the world of telematics.

Indeed, in this sector which is a coherent set of techniques which reconcile the means of computing with those of telecommunications, Andrieu is very comfortable in videotex and audiotex.

Since 1993 he has been working on the network of networks. In addition, he is a Supélec engineer, specializing in Telematics and Information Systems from the class of 1986. In other words, he is a veteran in the telematics sector.

Furthermore, before setting up on his own account as an independent SEO consultant on April 1, 1996, he was Internet project manager and in charge of technological monitoring in the field of telecommunications at ADIT (Agence pour la Diffusion de Technological Information) in Strasbourg.

Probably, it is these skills and experiences that have allowed him to establish himself in SEO. Also,author of several books on the Internet, Olivier Andrieu’s activity today revolves mainly around search engines and especially SEO. More concretely, its activity aims to train users:

  • Internet tools and techniques;
  • looking for information on the Internet;
  • website promotion;
  • a mastery of SEO audits;
  • advising companies on their visibility…

Finally, the blog he founded as well as the certifying training courses he offers testify to the reliability of his website. Here is his LinkedIn profile:Olivier Andrieu. And if you are more active on twitter, here is his profile@OlivierAndrieu

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