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Short Description : Slim SEO

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Discover an exclusive presentation of the blog of Slim SEO which is a platform dedicated to the optimization of website data.

Long Description : Slim SEO

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The Slim SEO blog is a platform that explains in detail to Internet users how to boost the web referencing of their website. We also discover how to use the Slim SEO tool, a WordPress plugin designed to help both amateurs and experts optimize their web pages.

Slim SEO blog

Improving the SEO of your website can be a real headache for some Internet users. Indeed, this universe is a very vast field, quite difficult to understand and master at your fingertips.

Moreover, it continues to evolve day by day and the truths of yesterday quickly become obsolete. Several blogs then emerged with the aim of helping Internet users to better understand the various concepts relating to SEO.

TheSlim SEO’s blog is one of theseand put available to visitors, a multitude of resources intended to support them in their optimization adventure. Discover it through our description of its components and metrics.

Introducing the Slim SEO Blog

The Slim SEO blog was designed by the company eLightUp to help website owners to reference their web pages. The platform allows users to automate, to a certain extent, the process of optimizing their web pages.

There is a multitude of content on the site, mainly articles, which present in detail concepts relating to search engine optimization..

Also, we learn various web referencing strategies, how to analyze a website as well as SEO news.

As for the contribution, there are a large number of articles published on the Slim SEO site. Plus, they all deal with different topics. 

However, contrary to what one might think, all these articles were written by the company that created the site itself. There are no other contributors or authors on the Slim SEO blog.

Slim SEO blog metrics

The different Slim SEO blog metrics are as follows:

Website authority score: 97

Average length of visit:33 :48

Average bounce rate:67,80 %

Volume of monthly organic traffic: 9,6 K

What are the different categories of the Slim SEO blog?

The Slim SEO blog is not split into multiple sections like most SEO-related blogs are. However, this also does not mean that the articles present on the site are totally confused without any means of distinguishing them from each other.

Indeed, each article has its own category assigned to it and which can be seen at the top of the title as soon as you click on the link of the article in question. In a way, this allows articles to be grouped into separate categories.


Like most sites dedicated to optimization, the Slim SEO blog has a category dedicated to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The articles in this section are those that distinctly discuss SEO and everything closely related to it.

There are guides and advice on how to improve the SEO score of your site as well as the various tools that allow you to effortlessly increase this score.


The articles marked Updates are those relating to the various important updates. These have to do with on-page optimization.

You will find, for example, articles that provide information on the various updates of the Slim SEO tool. It is the online software intended to help novices improve the SEO score of their website.


It is a system open to all. It allows Internet users to create websites with ease and simplicity. Nearly half of the websites on the web are managed by this system.

It is therefore an important tool and it is for this reason that Slim SEO blog articles are devoted to it. These contents allow you to discover WordPress in more detail as well as how this open source system is used.


When looking to improve the SEO of your site, it is important to know the different optimization strategies. They can be both the most effective and those that have become obsolete.

This section brings together articles talking about the news regarding the referencing of pages on the various search engines.

The other resources of the Slim SEO site

The Slim SEO blog does not have many resources.

Tool Slim SEO

Slim SEO is the main tool present on the site. It is a lightweight and powerful WordPress plugin that automates part of the SEO work for sites hosted on this WordPress system. Also, it has the following features:

  • Meta Tags Optimization: allows you to automatically generate titles, meta descriptions, graphics, etc.
  • Autoredirection : helps to automatically redirect empty pages to the home page.
  • XML Sitemap : is used to automatically generate XML sitemaps to submit to search engines.
  • Schema (Structured data) : allows you to automatically generate structures for your page or content.
  • Image Alt Text : is used to automatically add Alt tags to your images when there are none.
  • Breadcrumbs : allowing you to display a ranking of your content using breadcrumbs.

La solution Slim SEO Link Manager

This site resource allows users to effectively manage the links that appear on their web pages. They can also scan them, assess them and even repair them if they are broken.

Finally, Slim SEO Link Manager allows them to have good reports in real time. These documents cover both outgoing and incoming links.

Slim SEO Scheme

This plugin helps WordPress users get the best structures for their data. They can, at the same time, boost their SEO in order to better position themselves in the SERP rankings.


The documentation is a page of the site presenting in detail the tools of Slim SEO and their use. This is really a “documentation” of everything there is to know about these solutions and how they work down to the smallest detail.

Does it accept guest posts?

Slim SEO is a blog with a fairly high reputation on the web. As a result, the site quite often receives requests for guest articles from other web pages wishing to use their platform to gain visibility.

Guest articles can be accepted on the site as long as they are well written and related to the topics discussed on the platform.

In conclusion

Slim SEO is a platform that allows SEO novices as well as experts in the field to automate certain processes for optimizing their website.

The main tool of the site is a simple and easy to use WordPress plugin available for free download. However, you find others. The blog makes it possible to accompany and guide those who have decided to optimize their web page throughout their journey.

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Presentation : Slim SEO

Blog SlimSEO Logo

Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh is a WordPress developer from Hanoi, Vietnam.

After training in web development and WordPress, he ended up creating his very first blog in 2010, which allowed him to develop his knowledge of English. He also finds freelance jobs at the same time.

In 2016, Tran founded the company eLightUp to help him grow his business. Currently, the company develops and maintains WordPress products. These include in particularSlim SEO, a fast and lightweight SEO plugin for WordPress.

eLightUp has also developed the following tools:

  • Meta Box: A framework for fields and custom post types.
  • Auto Listings: a plugin that is used to create listings for car dealership platforms.
  • GretaThemes: A Collection of Simple and Beautiful WordPress Themes

They also offer custom development service under another TitanWeb brand for both domestic and overseas customers.

The blog that expert Tran has put together has allowed him to connect with several people in the WordPress community.

He then created, with Philip Author Moore, the Hanoi WordPress Meetup, the first dating group in Vietnam. Together, the two men organized the first (and so far only) WordCamp in Vietnam.

Join Anh Tran onWordPress, LinkedIn AndTwitter.

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